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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, I just joined this site after a friend recommended it. Can you help me please? I got a fine from Newham Council for stopping on box junction. I believe you can stop if the lanes in front are clear, as you can see from link below the left one is clear so therefore would I be successful if I appeal? I don’t want to appeal if I will fail and then have to pay the full 150 and not discounted 65 if I pay within 2 weeks. .I would appreciate your advice. Thank you, rai
  2. Hi what a pain. I arrived from Yorkshire early morning to check on my friends house in London, They are on holiday. He left me 30 day passes to park in permitted Zones outside the house street. When I arrived, I stuck one in my car - an one day all zone pass. 7:30am. About an hour later I saw a tow lorry outside about to lift my car. I went outside and said I have a pass and this is the house I'm staying in. Apparently I didnt read a sign they stuck up a few days ago? who knows. It said Parking prohibited on dates 30th april (today) due to footway reconstruction on both sid
  3. Evening, What a quality football! Got a PCN from Newham council / Temple Mill Lane for 'disobeying no entry restriction' (no entry sign). Never happened to me before! Here is the situation: 1) It's a regular two way street with sudden 'no entry' signs for BUSSES AND CYCLES ONLY (pls see attachment from google maps) 2) The driver driven past the sign for about 7-8 meters BUT then put on reverse gear when it was safe to do so and driven back 3) Upon driving backwards the driver noticed an unmarked vehicle parked on double yellow lines with a camera and a grump
  4. Good morning, In need of advice/direction My road has now been converted into residents parking zone Monday - Sunday 8am - 6.30pm----very excessive, but its done so ho home. I have a permit for my road. On the day of the offence yes my vehicle was parked at 9.03am, because i had just returned from dropping my 2 boys to school and had to pick up some pots to drop off to my mother who lives in Grays/Essex...about 20 minutes drive on the A13 from my house. went to my mums but didn't stay long. On the way back home my daughter complained of tummy ache (infact
  5. Hey guys, I was issued a PCN today when I was visiting a customer On First Avenue in Manor Park (Newham Council, London). It appears that they've recently introduced a Residential Parking Zone in July 2013, and as I've previously parked here when there weren't any restrictions, I didn't realise. What made it worse was that there were no road markings (i.e. no bay markings, no single yellow lines etc.), and I had to drive back onto the start of the road to see a small sign indicating the parking zone, and then I realised there were more sign posts on the road. Don't get me wrong,
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-22993060 Disgraceful behaviour by Newham council. They've been caught out using illegal cameras but are refusing to refund drivers who have paid their tickets already. Is it possible to take a council to Small Claims court I wonder? (Haven't been caught out like this myself, just voicing the question)
  7. I posted this same thread on the Parking section this morning. Below I have provided a brief outline of the BBC news article ( you will need to open the link to read the full article). As you will see, Newham Council are admitting that for the past 2 years they have been using cameras to enforce parking contravention without the correct certification. Not surprisingly they have agreed to “write off” all tickets that are at present unpaid but they are refusing to repay anyone who has previously paid. As anyone reading this forum will know ,when a bailiff is instructed the cost of
  8. Hi everyone,I'm a new member and I really need a help with that case,been looking around for any information but cant really sort it my self as it is a bit not that common case Will be very thankful if I can get any opinion as in this case I'm sure I'm absolutely correct and have the right to fight it Lets tell the short story: I did use that day a visitor parking permit to park the car in front of our house,we just had change on the road restrictions and just became a permit zone but we were planning to move out of the area soon because of my son school and I decide not to apply
  9. Tomorrow is the last day to write to them, I really appreciate your help I have received three of these cctv pcn on 10, 11, and 12 /01/ 2013 there is a photo of the location it was oposite 303 romford road. I went to an agency to discuss a house for rent three times and there was other cars tow or more parked there and I thought it was a parking place. I drove up and down the road for a parking space there was none before I fall into this trap and parked here.... there are two hours free parking or something there but they always full... Not being local and only was looking to find a house w
  10. Hi There, I wondered if I could get out of this. I live under Newham council and pay my rent via direct debit each month, I work and have 2 kids under 6 in a 1 bed flat. I couldn’t make the direct debit this month and informed the council before the direct debit was taken, but I informed them that I would pay it all by the end of the financial year, and wanted my direct debit recalculated. The rent is only £441 for the month. I got a mail today to say that a decision has been made to accept direct debit but a Notice of Seeking Possessio
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