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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, I just joined this site after a friend recommended it. Can you help me please? I got a fine from Newham Council for stopping on box junction. I believe you can stop if the lanes in front are clear, as you can see from link below the left one is clear so therefore would I be successful if I appeal? I don’t want to appeal if I will fail and then have to pay the full 150 and not discounted 65 if I pay within 2 weeks. .I would appreciate your advice. Thank you, rai
  2. Hi what a pain. I arrived from Yorkshire early morning to check on my friends house in London, They are on holiday. He left me 30 day passes to park in permitted Zones outside the house street. When I arrived, I stuck one in my car - an one day all zone pass. 7:30am. About an hour later I saw a tow lorry outside about to lift my car. I went outside and said I have a pass and this is the house I'm staying in. Apparently I didnt read a sign they stuck up a few days ago? who knows. It said Parking prohibited on dates 30th april (today) due to footway reconstruction on both sides of road from house number # to # including my mates door number! They said just move your car 2 houses up and you're fine cos you have an all zone permit..but dont forget to pay the fine too:mad2:. My mates car was fined and lifted to a new spot too..i couldnt move his because it wont start..suffice to say they went on a rampage and fined every other car on the street. Can i appeal and what do i write in the letter? Thank you. Jaws
  3. Evening, What a quality football! Got a PCN from Newham council / Temple Mill Lane for 'disobeying no entry restriction' (no entry sign). Never happened to me before! Here is the situation: 1) It's a regular two way street with sudden 'no entry' signs for BUSSES AND CYCLES ONLY (pls see attachment from google maps) 2) The driver driven past the sign for about 7-8 meters BUT then put on reverse gear when it was safe to do so and driven back 3) Upon driving backwards the driver noticed an unmarked vehicle parked on double yellow lines with a camera and a grumpy person inside; obviously filming. 4) Got a PCN. Put together a long appeal and got REJECTION as follows: 1) DRIVER: As can be seen on the video, the driver pulled back when it was safe to do so and to prevent any potential accidents. COUNCIL: We sent you a PCN because our camera evidence shows your vehicle disobeying a 'no entry' restriction. The relevant sign is round, red, and has a horizontal white line across it. 2) DRIVER: There is no prior warning and thus a very strange layout when suddenly the street terminates with 'no entry' signs. COUNCIL: Whilst it is appreciated that sometimes coming up to a no entry restriction can seem sudden to a motorist especially if unfamiliar with the road, it is very clean in this instance that you had lots of time and space to turn around with no other vehicles in site at the time. 3) DRIVER: No safe way to reverse: two way street, cycle lane, busses, and traffic emerging from a car park. Hazardous traffic. COUNCIL: I note you stated there was hazardous traffic, but it should be stated that this does not mean that a motorist can drive through a no entry restriction 4) DRIVER: As per freedom of information act, requested a brakedown on much money they make on that spot, arguing that they prefer to keep it that way to make money rather than put a proper layout in place. COUNCIL: Please direct such requests to the information governance team using the details xxx.... 5) DRIVER: Enforcement officer has been parked on a double yellow line in an unmarked vehicle: does this mean any motorist can park on double yellow lines in the borough? COUNCIL: I note you have stated that the enforcement officers car was parked inappropriately. Please not that whilst our enforcement officers do their best to make sure that there are not causing any inconvenience to others, it can be difficult at times to achieve this to the maximum. However please be assured that our enforcement officers always do their best to avoid any inconvenience whilst enforcing. I disagree with these answers: clearly council is making money here and is not interested in putting things right. And clearly they do this by compromising safety of drivers/pedestrians/cyclists and ignoring the normal rules (unmarked camera vans parked on double yellow lines). Do you think I have good chances of appealing to Parking Adjudicator? How do you suggest to do this? Many thanks PS. On the google screenshot attached another driver is caught with the same 'offence', they are making millions there!!!
  4. Good morning, In need of advice/direction My road has now been converted into residents parking zone Monday - Sunday 8am - 6.30pm----very excessive, but its done so ho home. I have a permit for my road. On the day of the offence yes my vehicle was parked at 9.03am, because i had just returned from dropping my 2 boys to school and had to pick up some pots to drop off to my mother who lives in Grays/Essex...about 20 minutes drive on the A13 from my house. went to my mums but didn't stay long. On the way back home my daughter complained of tummy ache (infact she mentioned it earlier in the morning, but I ignored her she has said it before). I was only about 5 minutes (10.15am) from my home after leaving my mums, and I could smell n awful stench my daughter poo's herself. I drove into my road from the main road and the space I parked in earlier the only closest space i could see, i parked there as I was panicking to get my daughter out of the car to get her soiled self inside to bath to clean her up. Once all done, I came downstairs to take her car seat out to wash it, and noticed I had a ticket. I have attached a copy of the ticket received and the sign, Id be really grateful if i could get some help to articulate a letter to newham council
  5. Hey guys, I was issued a PCN today when I was visiting a customer On First Avenue in Manor Park (Newham Council, London). It appears that they've recently introduced a Residential Parking Zone in July 2013, and as I've previously parked here when there weren't any restrictions, I didn't realise. What made it worse was that there were no road markings (i.e. no bay markings, no single yellow lines etc.), and I had to drive back onto the start of the road to see a small sign indicating the parking zone, and then I realised there were more sign posts on the road. Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to complain about my own fault for not paying more attention, but given my previous visit and no obvious road markings, I just didn't think twice to check parking signs. The photos below make show what I mean. I've also uploaded a copy of the PCN. For all the experts and more knowledgeable people on here, I'm just wondering if there are any grounds for appeal. Thanks for any contributions to this post! Here is the link to Newham Council's website (under Manor Park section) regarding the parking zone. Here is the google maps link of the road. Any advice or guidance would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-22993060 Disgraceful behaviour by Newham council. They've been caught out using illegal cameras but are refusing to refund drivers who have paid their tickets already. Is it possible to take a council to Small Claims court I wonder? (Haven't been caught out like this myself, just voicing the question)
  7. I posted this same thread on the Parking section this morning. Below I have provided a brief outline of the BBC news article ( you will need to open the link to read the full article). As you will see, Newham Council are admitting that for the past 2 years they have been using cameras to enforce parking contravention without the correct certification. Not surprisingly they have agreed to “write off” all tickets that are at present unpaid but they are refusing to repay anyone who has previously paid. As anyone reading this forum will know ,when a bailiff is instructed the cost of an unpaid parking ticket can escalate to around £500-£750 and many times; cars have been removed to the pound and even sold by bailiff companies. There can be no doubt than anyone subject to bailiff enforcement over the past 2 years by a company enforcing a Newham Council parking ticket ought to be refunded. I am sure that there will be more to report on this in the next few weeks. . http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-22993060 Parking tickets were illegally issued by a dozen cameras over at least two years, a London council has admitted - but it refuses to refund fined drivers. Local authorities are only allowed to use cameras authorised by the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). But a Newham Council internal report, obtained by the BBC, shows between 2011 and 2013 it issued 6,840 tickets from unauthorised cameras - making £350,000. The council says previous cases show it does not need to repay drivers. By law, only camera models that have been specifically authorised by the VCA can be used by councils. Otherwise authorities might use cameras that are not of a high enough calibre to be relied upon for evidence. But Newham Council was using cameras that did not have approval. When the problem came to light in February 2013, it commissioned accountancy firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers to carry out an audit of how many unlawful tickets it had issued
  8. Hi everyone,I'm a new member and I really need a help with that case,been looking around for any information but cant really sort it my self as it is a bit not that common case Will be very thankful if I can get any opinion as in this case I'm sure I'm absolutely correct and have the right to fight it Lets tell the short story: I did use that day a visitor parking permit to park the car in front of our house,we just had change on the road restrictions and just became a permit zone but we were planning to move out of the area soon because of my son school and I decide not to apply for resident parking permit and to buy for £5 10 visitor permits and use in case I need for me or any visitors,cause mostly my car was on a way in the restricted hours and I didn't need one.But that day I came back home for 2 hours and I did write by hand the details correct(you can see on the files).When I decide to go back to work I found the ticket on the windscreen so basically I thought may be the warden didn't see the permit and wrote me ticket,so I did write to them next day to explain that and I did send them photos.They reply to me (i can attache the letter in the next post)and said that they are aware of the permit but they are not happy of the way I wrote my VRM so that why I need to pay to them £130.This happen in front of my door,I had permit,I was really mad.I reply to them but the letter may be was more emotional then documentary but in the end I was insisting to go to adjudicator to decide if I'm right or not.I didn't get any answer more then 4-5 months and cause I was really mad to Newham finally we moved to other borough and I really forgot about this matter but one day we went back to look for any letters and I found out that the case escalate and was at adjudicator and been decide to pay the amount in 28 days so this end period was luckily 3 days after I found it.I did call the PTAS to ask what are my options and they advise me to pay the PCN and then write to them and explain everything and that's what I did.I did pay and now is the time to explain,but because I didn't reply on time and the case become more complicated for me then should be I would like to make a really strong representation so I can appeal the ticket.The case its really strange I agree but I see the comments about Newham and their way of work in here:http://www.newhamrecorder.co.uk/news/newham_council_slammed_over_5_700_parking_fine_1_1958415 and I wont let this go easy,so pls help Forgot to say the car been exported and sold 2 months after the ticket is issued that's why I did show it its important in this case to show the real VRM,but will be more careful to hide any personnel and not relevant information in future I do post.I can upload the first letter From Newham council the first answer I got to explain what I've done wrong for them to get a ticket but there is not enough space here to load it,may be there is an option, don't know.Anyway probably is good to do will look for a way,but what is funny in this,I used all 10 permits exactly the same way,written the same way cause I got the answer from my first letter just a week or two before I move out from this address and that's how and when I knew I did overwrite it but I didn't get any other tickets,what is to criteria to decide that this is penalty,you don't write it on desk or machine,you do it in your car,on your knees while sitting in the car,this is really unfair.and if all the rest is correct and I can not find any other grounds to appeal and to the adjudicator the only one question will be to decide that this is overwritten or not,what criteria he will use to decide right. Dont know, that's why I think it is complicated for me.Thanks for any further help to everyone By the way I did pay on time the PCN,and I have been advised from PATAS to do so and that's why I did,and because the appealing period expired not by my fault,I couldn't reply and act on time cause I move out from the address 3-4 months after my last letter to Newham counsil been send and they do not reply to me.I was ensured that I can appeal from PATAS just need to pay on time and explain the delay.I wouldn't pay otherwise.There is few other letters I found after been send to the old address but I cant upload to show.Think I'm still having the option to appeal with adjudicator and I want to use it,I didnt appeal yet and I want to,did try few months to find information on different sites but cant find with this matter exactly that's why came to this point to ask for any opinion.Thank you The question is what I can do and write to appeal this PCN-if this doesn't help me for some other reason like time delay or my fault of writing it that's not a problem cause I already paid and I'm not doing it for money but believe me the try is important,other people like me will see what can be done and will look for advice and this site will help them in their case even when they google it will be easy to find it and find a way to appeal and sick advice from you guys and you will help them to stop the wrong politic of the government regarding this matter cause its getting worst and worst and if you helping to 10 today to appeal the unfair tickets are may be 1000 more then usual so the only one way is to spread this info and give people chance and challenge to fight against it.
  9. Tomorrow is the last day to write to them, I really appreciate your help I have received three of these cctv pcn on 10, 11, and 12 /01/ 2013 there is a photo of the location it was oposite 303 romford road. I went to an agency to discuss a house for rent three times and there was other cars tow or more parked there and I thought it was a parking place. I drove up and down the road for a parking space there was none before I fall into this trap and parked here.... there are two hours free parking or something there but they always full... Not being local and only was looking to find a house which I never got. any advise what shall I write to the council, to be honest I don't have £200, I only stopped for a five minutes or saw to ask the agency on the other side of the road to show me the house, it took them three days to show me the house hence I got three tickets.
  10. Hi There, I wondered if I could get out of this. I live under Newham council and pay my rent via direct debit each month, I work and have 2 kids under 6 in a 1 bed flat. I couldn’t make the direct debit this month and informed the council before the direct debit was taken, but I informed them that I would pay it all by the end of the financial year, and wanted my direct debit recalculated. The rent is only £441 for the month. I got a mail today to say that a decision has been made to accept direct debit but a Notice of Seeking Possession will be served next week which gives me six weeks before legal action commence. However the direct debit will be running on the basis they receive payments no further action will be taken. I understand they have to protect themselves, but I had already said it pay it all back, and I wasn’t even in arrears beforehand . I did the right thing and now getting a slap when there are people owing thousand and on benefits. What can I do, as my rent is always up to date
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