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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys. The other night I had the misfortune to have bailiffs from Marston's attend my property. I was asleep on the sofa my partner went outside to see what the noise was as we live on a partly industrial site and we have locked gates to the shared access. My partner came in frantic and woke me up to tell me that men who identified themselves as Law Enforcement Officers were here to see me.. I went out to greet them and instructed my partner to lock the door behind me. Stupidly neither of us had the good sense to video any of this because if we did then the following events may not have happened. I asked them what their business was they said they were there to exercise a warrant for unpaid fines. I replied that this was fine and I offered myself for arrest as they had led us to believe that they were Court Bailiffs and not Private Bailiffs. Whilst I was talking to them, one of them said they had the power to force entry yet never showed me any warrant.. .whilst I was being distracted by one Bailiff the other opened my rear gate and the next thing I hear is my partner screaming that the other Bailiff is forcing the French Doors open. Anyone that knows French doors will know that unless you have very thick bolts top and bottom that they are fairly easy for a 14 stone thug to push open regardless of how good your Chubb lock is on the handle assembly. Unfortunately I just have 2 little bolt locks at the bottom of the doors and they are only attached by half inch screws. I immediately rang 999 and asked for Police to report a case of breaking and entering.. .but once I told the operator that they were Bailiffs she said there was nothing they could do??? is that the case? All you need to burgle a house is a uniform and a bundle of lies. Now that they are both in the house they start just going through our things saying that they would be taking everything unless they received full payment of £700. To try and settle with them I offered them either of 2 cars, a 1 ounce gold chain or my Rolex watch left to me by my Grandfather.. .and they refused each of them and instead began to dismantle my computer and the 7 year old plasma TV I use as a monitor for it. My partner and I at this stage were terrified as the Police had turned their back on us, the Bailiffs didn't really seem to want to take goods.. .more like create a sense of fear, disruption and panic in our house. I told them I would happily surrender what I owned. ..gold chain, Rolex watch and 2 cars but as it was my partner's rented (furnished) house and not a joint tenancy nearly everything else belonged to either my landlord or my partner and I offered receipts to prove. They then said that they would be taking everything anyway and we could use the receipts that I had just offered to show them to claim what they had taken by applying to the Court. Then we get to the what they really want. .I said I had just given up my job through illness before Christmas and we simply didn't have that kind of money but I could get £300. They said "You must know someone who will lend it to you" and my partner then rang her Mum who paid it on her Credit Card. Now what this fine related to was a car I sold over a year ago to a car dismantler who was supposed to have applied for a new logbook informing the DVLA he was the new keeper but clearly he didn't. Now because the vehicle was neither SORN nor taxed apparently the DVLA can now 'do' you for no insurance. Now here is my guilt...I foolishly ignored their letters thinking that eventually the DVLA would be updated eventually. I then exacerbated things by ignoring the Court letters too. In my defence I suffer from PTSD and other mental health issues not to mention physical ongoing Pancreatic problems so I know it's bad but I do bury my head in the sand and hope everything will all go away. Not the actions of a perfectly mentally sound individual. Now what I have done so far to try and remedy the situation is send the DVLA a copy of the bill of sale for the car.. .and naturally they say it's not their problem now. ..so my next step is to deal with the Court. I also reported it this morning to the Police as a crime and let me tell you that is no easy task as the operator this time said she would pass it along to their crime team who would get back to me within a few days....no crime number or reference of any kind. I fully intend to help my partner's mother instigate a chargeback on her Credit Card although it seems to be ill advised on this site. ..as this payment was obtained solely under duress. Any advice or imput would be gratefully received. Thanks so much in advance
  2. Hi, We employed a builder to convert a brick shed and passageway into a wet room and utility area. Part of the job was to install two external doors (one front, one back), these doors had to be wheelchair suitable. We are now at floor laying stage (tiles) and the doors have been installed too high. Can't get a wheelchair through them. The builder contracted this work out to a local window and door company. We are trying to get the doors lowered but having difficulty in getting them to come and do it. They promised within two weeks but never came. My question is, if I have to take them to court, who is my case with, the builder or the company he contracted to do the work. Thanks
  3. I do not know if this is the right forum but I need some advice. My father has double glazing on his windows and also replaced the front door however the door on the house not what companies called 'standard' sized. When he ordered the door after looking through a brochure, the company he picked measured the previous door for the size however when they came to fit the door they ended up putting a big sort of plastic cast andd then the door. The door is a lot smaller than the previous one which is why they had to fill the space with the plastic. They did not inform my dad that they did not have a door that was similar in size to the previous one and just said that it was a 'standard size' door they fitted. My dad is very unhappy with this and has asked to have it removed as it makes the inside of the house look smaller and blocks out the light. When he asked for it to be removed, the company said that in order to fit a bigger door they would have to cut inside the the wooden door frame, which by the way is where they have placed the plastic cast and it would cost my father more money for this door. They also said that they would lose money as they would have to wait until someone wanted his door and sell it as second hand. As far as I am aware, the company would not lose as my father has already paid for this door and in order to have another one fitted he would have to pay again. The company would have the money for the first door and also the second door and from selling the first door. My father is elderly and I think they are taking advantage of him which I am not very happy with. Any advice on this??
  4. In short The doors were fitted two years ago and they have developed a leak in both doors. Rain water entering through the seal on the outside and through the internal beading onto my floor. All the drain holes are clear and unobstructed, free of dirt etc. I complained to the store I bought them from and they sent the same guy that fitted them originally to repair the said leak. He decided that by drilling further holes in the upvc door to allow the water to drain out would solve the problem. I asked him to stop the water getting in is surely the better way. Then fill it with mastic he cried! Dont think thats the answer, said I. This was four weeks ago and I have phoned the store several times, "we will be in touch" but no one has. There is a five year guarantee/warranty on the doors. What are my options, do I agree to the drilling holes/mastic options or am I entitled to ask for the seals to be replaced? Thanks in advance Brian
  5. Hi, I have recently 3 months ago purchased two new composite front and back doors from a well known local double glazing firm. We have had various problems from leaking letterboxes through to draughts, doors swelling up in the warm weather and not shutting properly through to the doors not locking at all. The locking mechanisms have been changed, the letterbox sealed, other bits adjusted. They have been back at least half a dozen times. The front door is now only locking because it has been drowned in WD40, how long will that last I ask myself. I have been offered no apology from anyone, but am still being invoiced for the half I never payed up front but am now thinking I may refuse to pay in full. Its obvious that there is something not right. We were told these doors are made to slam! After all the convenience I have been put through, and the doors still aren't right. I think I would prefer a refund or atleast a heavy discount for what seems unacceptable quality and workmanship. Any advice gratefully received.
  6. Simple question, has anyone had any bad (or good for that matter) experiences with the guarantees you get with folding or patio doors, i.e. 10year manufacturers guarantee etc??
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