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  1. That is reassuring. I hope they don't. If CLI buy the debt then I guess they can take it further? Thank you for your advice. I will no doubt be receiving more letters so I will update what happens in due course. I am not looking forward to more threats in the post Tarm
  2. Hello! I was just wondering, did CLI actually turn up at the door? And if CLI aren't registered and regulated by the FCA in the UK I wonder how they're taking you to court? I too am receiving letters from them. I had emails last August, September and October. The last email was saying it will be taken further after they threatened doorstep visits. I heard nothing at all until around a month ago where they started sending letters after they found out where I live. I have now been threatened with a doorstep visit in writing. I hope yo
  3. This thread. Seems CLI took it further? Or the client took it further that CLI were working with. I am worried Enagic will do the same. My partner works from home at the moment, I do not. I don't want anyone coming to my door at all
  4. I wonder if they have ever visited someone? And by ignoring them I am assuming then that this will simply "go away"?
  5. Hmm that is interesting! Shall I return their letters as return to sender? Or just totally ignore everything? Also... What will they threaten with after? I am sure there must be a point where they give up or can I expect threatening letters for the long term?
  6. so I am guessing they won't be turning up. They did threaten that before via email before they knew where I actually lived, but now they do I wonder if they will actually turn up. he part about covid-19 makes it seem pretty convincing that they will visit, but I kind of use your advise as a "Dx said not to worry so I won't".
  7. I have now had a letter today of notice of personal visit. I will upload it here.
  8. I paid the loan off for the ads eventually but I had to take out more to pay for time off work due to medical reasons but that wasn't my concern. It was more Enagic that ruined everything for me. My debt wasn't with Facebook though it was just a low APR bank loan. It's just Enagic and CLI that are after me
  9. That's good then. The FB ads wasnt a debt, I paid £1,500 in ads after signing up to Enagic as I was part of this pyramid scheme that said we had to pay ads and then people would sign up to Enagic under me. The FB ads isn't anything to do with the debt I am speaking of. The debt is for the two machines from Enagic totally around £2000. Hopefully CLI will get bored and move on
  10. I am not sure how you'd even look that info up correctly. Is foreign debt wiped after 6 years too? This isn't on my credit rating file either as far as I'm aware.
  11. What about Enagic? Is there a chance that CLI don't own the debt and Enagic will take further action themselves? I have read up about CLI and saw that they operate under the name "Cranford law" as well. I just want it to all go away, will they ever stop? I don't want to keep getting threats even if they are empty ones. I didn't mind the emails so much because it made no impact but opening actual postal letters with threats is not nice and it plays on my mind all day. I want to thank you for your advice because without this forum and tour help I wou
  12. The letter says that they have advised the client (Enagic) that I haven't responded and further action can be taken, and that I have 7 days to get in touch to prevent further action being taken. To me this says they are going to threaten me some more and there is a possibility it will be taken further? Now they have actually written to me rather than just emails which weren't a proper form of communication.
  13. Ive never been threatened to have action taken against me before and I suffer with anxiety so it worries me. So even with the written correspondence, I have absolutely nothing to be concerned about? Nothing at all? Can you honestly say that nothing further will happen?
  14. This is one of two letters. Both identical but with the amount being different as it is two separate amounts. Please advise. Thanks CLI Threat-o-gram.pdf
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