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  1. The debt is still with the DWP though one way or another and i'd still have to pay it off surely? It would have just got passed back to the DWP eventually after weeks/ months of harassment by them wouldn't it? Even though the DCAs cant technically do anything, the DWP can i guess. So in the end id just have to deal with them and pay them either through the PAYe or in installments/in full. I just hate the way the DCA's are so ruthless and contact you so many times. Surely there's some law out there that stops companies being legally able to harass people like this if there's nothing that can really do other than ask for the money?
  2. Hello again everyone... I wanted to update you all on this, Advantis gave up and then I started getting letters through the post from Resolvecall with the same thing. Iv'e had 4 letters and ive been contacted by phone at least once every two days this month , I took out a bank loan to pay off a previous debt I had with amigo loans and I took out extra to pay this debt off too... I owe this debt to the DWP and I am pretty sure that it won't just "go away". At some point, either now or in the future I would have to pay this debt off... I am self-employed but about to change to employment and get a different job, I read that they can take it out of your wages and I would hate for any employer to know that I owe money to the DWP. Not only that, I would be at the mercy of the DWP then who would decide how much I should pay back each month and nobody wants to work to see their wage slip is nothing close to what it should be. I have paid this debt off... I contacted the DWP and no interest etc was added, and I have had confirmation that this debt is now cleared. I know for a fact that this was my mistake, when I was employed at the time for 4 months I just did not know I had to inform them about it, as i was about to stop being a carer for my mum anyway. So i definitely 100% owed this money, I just didn't want to be chased down by DCAs and bailiffs/ go to court over something that could be solved if I just pay it. Im now paying just £30 a month extra on my loan than I would have if I didn't have this DWP debt of £1131. I was harrased by these DCA's and I am extremely unhappy with the way that the DWP dealt with it... is there anything I can do to get some compensation or at least an apology? Is there any advice you can give me at all on this? Many. many thanks for your amazing work and advice... Thank you!
  3. Hello all, So I ignored the letter advantis sent demanding the money in full immediately or if I can't pay then to organise a payment plan after they do their own affordability assessment... I know they will do their best to make me pay the absolute maximum possible so I took people's advice and ignored that letter. This was over 2 weeks ago and I've not heard anything back. Should I contact the DWP or just await a letter from them as I guess the debt will just get passed back to the DWP from advantis? Advantis also stated that they would "take it further" if I didn't reply "immediately" but im aware DCAs can't do a thing based on some great advice on here from some very helpful people... I just don't want to get some bailiffs turning up from the DWP. I'm happy to pay an amount I can afford per month to the DWP themselves but I do not want to deal with advantis at all... What do you think the best course of action is for me? Can the DWP make me pay it back and if so how? Many thanks
  4. Won't that make it easier for them to take me to court? I've not heard anything at all since that last email but I'm guessing now that means CLI have informed Enagic that they were unable to retrieve the money and now Enagic could be preparing to take it further? Or they might leave it?
  5. So all has gone quiet from CLI. No emails in over a week after the last and final reminder... Im guessing they have now told Enagic that they've not been able to recover the money. Now what happens? I'm worried about getting a court letter through the post from Enagic / solicitors.
  6. im not so worried about CLI now but I am worried about the debt itself and Enagic (the company who are trying to get the money off me and who i actually owe the money to). I know that they cant do anything but threaten etc but what happens to the debt now? What happens when I ignore them? will Enagic take it further themselves? Will they give up? this is what i am worried about deep down as I can't imagine this sort of thing just "goes away"...
  7. Appreciate the feedback. The 48 hours they gave before taking legal action ended on Saturday and I was expecting an email today but I didn't get one. Maybe tomorrow... This is the main worry in my life right now above everything and I dont think it's just going to disappear. What happens when CLI don't get any responses from me... What will Enagic do?
  8. DWP are telling me they can't do anything now and I need to speak to Advantis or just pay the DWP in full. Which I can't do. Yeah I am sure the debt amount is correct but don't want to deal with Advantis and would rather not go through them. If DWP don't get the money from me through Advantis what will happen then?
  9. Hello all, I have received a letter from Advantis in regards to an overpayment of carers allowance I received when I got a job whilst I was caring for my mother. I did not know I had to inform them etc. Long story short, I had a compliance phonecall with carers and nothing more was said. I stopped caring for my mum shortly after and cancelled my carers allowance too. I was employed for 4 months at the beginning of 2018. Apparently the DWP and carers have sent letters but I haven't responded so they've gone through Advantis to recover the amount owed. I moved house shortly after cancelling everything and had no contact from them at all. They sent letters to my previous address so they told me that's why it's been passed onto Advantis. Today DWP told me that the only thing they can do is take payment in full, or deal with Advantis to come up with a payment plan. I spoke to Advantis who asked me to pay in full or in two installments, I refused and they then said they've put my account on hold for 30 days whilst I go away and work out my monthly income etc so they can go through an affordability assessment to work out how much I can pay back and how often. What shall I do? DWP tell me there's nothing they can do as it's been passed onto Advantis. Advantis tell me they are working on behalf of the DWP... Nobody will tell me who owns the debt. What shall I do? Thank you all in advance for your amazing help.
  10. Advantis for DWP overpayment of carers allowance. I've only just moved into my own house and they've sent a letter asking for my whereabouts and a business matter that needs my urgent attention. I have found out from the DWP and carers that I owe £1,131 and Advantis want me to go through an affordability assessment. I am not sure who owns the debt, DWP or Advantis and where I stand with this
  11. But what about court etc? What if they sent letters but to an old address ?
  12. They don't but I don't want to ignore something and then get a court letter. I just want to know if I will actually have to pay this and if I can be taken to court by Enagic themselves (the client of CLI).
  13. Enagic Europe GmbH are the client and people chasing me for the money Creditor: Enagic Europe GmbH CLI reference: EB / Debt Amount: GBP 757.24 = ?792.00 (contractual) Interest: GBP 214.14 Compensation: GBP 0.00 Debt Collection Costs: GBP20.00 VAT on Collection Costs: GBP4.00 Balance due: GBP 995.38 ? Following non-payment of your overdue account, we have been instructed by our above client to proceed with formal recovery of the outstanding balance.
  14. Ive now received an email of final notice before proceedings This is part of what they sent me... Following non-payment of your overdue account, we have been instructed by our above client to proceed with formal recovery of the outstanding balance. ? To avoid further action, you must make payment in full or contact us within 48 hours. ? Failure to pay will result in further steps being taken, including legal action via the appropriate Court in your jurisdiction, which may result in: ? - A Judgment being entered against you - Court Fees, Solicitors and Enforcement Costs being added to the debt - Your Credit Rating being affected ? In any case, it is in your interest to contact us. ? Let us remind you of your right to seek free independent legal advice from debt organisations such as the National Debtline, the Stepchange or your local Citizens Advice Bureau. ? Whatever you decide to do, you should know that it is our client?s policy to recover all outstanding debts in full. If there is any reason why you will not be making payment today, do not ignore this letter and contact us immediately. what do I do??? I am worried and it looks like Enagic are going to try to get this money one way or another???? So Enagic won't have anything to do with their debt now and it will just get swept under the carpet? I'm worried about Enagic themselves just as much as CLI.
  15. And if they've written to an old address? Im guessing unless the person's returned to sender, they will have followed the written laws?
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