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  1. So we sent off a defence quite a while ago and now we have a letter of notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track. We need to fill out the small claims directions questionnaire form. What do you guys propose we do now? Thank you
  2. Good evening everyone, My partner works for our local council and was on an official visit to a client who was staying in a hotel at the time. My partner had visited this individual 2 or 3 times and spoken to the receptionist in the hotel in regards to her parking in the car park as she was on official business for the council. She was allowed to park there with no issues. A few weeks later roughly, she parked there again to visit the same client, but the receptionist wasn't present, so she could not inform anyone that she was parking there on a visit. She then got an ANPR parking ticket from Civil Enforcement LTD. She ignored the letters as it was a private car park and the hotel in question knew her registration / have it on record that she had visited several times before. Numerous letters came from CEL, we ignored them all. Today a letter arrived (Claim Form) from the County Court Business Centre in Northampton with particulars about the amount due. It has a claim number, issue date, and several pieces of paper with one of them being a defence and counterclaim form. Obviously we feel this is absolutely ridiculous considering she was there on an official visit representing the local council (I cannot reveal any more information as it's sensitive and confidential) but now we are facing this huge issue and now we do not know where to turn. The issue date was the 26th July (Monday). We want to see if we/she has any leg to stand on and if because she was there for work and nobody was at the desk despite her being there several times before is going to help with the case. We also do not know what to do now and would appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. That is reassuring. I hope they don't. If CLI buy the debt then I guess they can take it further? Thank you for your advice. I will no doubt be receiving more letters so I will update what happens in due course. I am not looking forward to more threats in the post Tarm
  4. Hello! I was just wondering, did CLI actually turn up at the door? And if CLI aren't registered and regulated by the FCA in the UK I wonder how they're taking you to court? I too am receiving letters from them. I had emails last August, September and October. The last email was saying it will be taken further after they threatened doorstep visits. I heard nothing at all until around a month ago where they started sending letters after they found out where I live. I have now been threatened with a doorstep visit in writing. I hope you win the court case and everything goes well. I have my fingers crossed for you, Tarm https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/418171-cli-chasing-enagic-water-purifier-europe-fb-business-ad-i-fell-for/#comments
  5. This thread. Seems CLI took it further? Or the client took it further that CLI were working with. I am worried Enagic will do the same. My partner works from home at the moment, I do not. I don't want anyone coming to my door at all
  6. I wonder if they have ever visited someone? And by ignoring them I am assuming then that this will simply "go away"? I had a quick look over another thread about a guy who ignored these letters from CLI too who was going to work in Australia and is now facing court proceedings of which several of the amazing people on here are helping him with his defence. But, this worries me greatly because I don't want this to end up going to court too eventually!! I know CLI can't do anything themselves, but surely Enagic could take it further if they wanted to? As you might be able to tell, it's 01:55am on a Sunday morning and I'm wide awake worrying about this still (more so after looking at the other threads regarding CLI). Most of them seem like Italian fines but nobody has actually updated with anything which I guess is good news but also we don't know if any further action has been taken? Is there actually ANY chance that either of the two following things will happen... 1. CLI send someone round to knock on the door 2. Enagic will take me to court / further action is taken to recover the debt? Thank you again for your help!
  7. Hmm that is interesting! Shall I return their letters as return to sender? Or just totally ignore everything? Also... What will they threaten with after? I am sure there must be a point where they give up or can I expect threatening letters for the long term?
  8. so I am guessing they won't be turning up. They did threaten that before via email before they knew where I actually lived, but now they do I wonder if they will actually turn up. he part about covid-19 makes it seem pretty convincing that they will visit, but I kind of use your advise as a "Dx said not to worry so I won't".
  9. I have now had a letter today of notice of personal visit. I will upload it here. This is the letter they sent. CLI Doorstep Threat-o-gram.pdf
  10. I paid the loan off for the ads eventually but I had to take out more to pay for time off work due to medical reasons but that wasn't my concern. It was more Enagic that ruined everything for me. My debt wasn't with Facebook though it was just a low APR bank loan. It's just Enagic and CLI that are after me
  11. That's good then. The FB ads wasnt a debt, I paid £1,500 in ads after signing up to Enagic as I was part of this pyramid scheme that said we had to pay ads and then people would sign up to Enagic under me. The FB ads isn't anything to do with the debt I am speaking of. The debt is for the two machines from Enagic totally around £2000. Hopefully CLI will get bored and move on
  12. I am not sure how you'd even look that info up correctly. Is foreign debt wiped after 6 years too? This isn't on my credit rating file either as far as I'm aware.
  13. What about Enagic? Is there a chance that CLI don't own the debt and Enagic will take further action themselves? I have read up about CLI and saw that they operate under the name "Cranford law" as well. I just want it to all go away, will they ever stop? I don't want to keep getting threats even if they are empty ones. I didn't mind the emails so much because it made no impact but opening actual postal letters with threats is not nice and it plays on my mind all day. I want to thank you for your advice because without this forum and tour help I would be going out of my mind with worry and probably took out a loan or something to pay it.
  14. The letter says that they have advised the client (Enagic) that I haven't responded and further action can be taken, and that I have 7 days to get in touch to prevent further action being taken. To me this says they are going to threaten me some more and there is a possibility it will be taken further? Now they have actually written to me rather than just emails which weren't a proper form of communication.
  15. Ive never been threatened to have action taken against me before and I suffer with anxiety so it worries me. So even with the written correspondence, I have absolutely nothing to be concerned about? Nothing at all? Can you honestly say that nothing further will happen?
  16. This is one of two letters. Both identical but with the amount being different as it is two separate amounts. Please advise. Thanks CLI Threat-o-gram.pdf
  17. I have. I've had 2 letters from them now. Before they only emailed me now they are sending letters
  18. Thank you Dx, Although this time they are threatening with written correspondence. Not just email. Also I am worried that Enagic will take me to court. I know DCAs can't do anything but it surely doesn't just end there? I will be receiving another letter soon, what should I do if it is a court letter? I know CLI threatened before but that was only via email but now they are writing to me and confirming that they know I live there. I just want a bit more in depth advise if possible other than to simply ignore as now they are writing rather than email. Does this change anything? What happens to the debt? Just to add also, isn't it strange how in September 2019 they start threatening, and then through October. Then it goes quiet for 12 months and now the letters start in September 2020 and though to October? Is there some kind of pattern with these companies? Also I wonder if Covid has any restrictions on these companies? I am just worried as a whole, Ive always suffered with anxiety especially around money.
  19. Hello all, Today I received a final notice letter from Insurance Collections Bureau. In 2016 I joined a company called Enagic, i was supposed to pay £200 for two machines, but I cancelled my direct debit a month later as I felt I was massively conned into it and my whole financial situation turned upside down. I had no communication from them whatsoever and last August (2019) I received emails from ICB claiming they were going to visit me and that they'd take further action. But after posting on here I was told they can't do anything so I ignored them. Fast forward to now and I received a letter in September from them saying the same thing initially that I had to pay the debt owed to Enagic which amounts to just shy of £2000. I ignored the letters but was slightly concerned that they managed to find my address. They sent another letter today saying they would take further action if I don't reply within 7 days to pay or set up a payment plan. This decision to join Enagic cost me thousands in FB Ads I was duped into paying for as well as having to sell my car and pay off a payday loan for years. This was certainly the worst financial decision of my life and it haunts me to this day. I just got laid off at my job thanks to the pandemic so I am looking for work and I have absolutely no idea what to do. Can ICB do anything? This initially started in March 2016 and I stopped paying shortly after. I have heard absolutely nothing from Enagic themselves, only ICB who clearly failed to intimidate me last August and September, I was wondering why only 12 months later are they trying again but this time writing to me not just via email. In their letter today they said they know I live at my address. What shall I do? Thank you so much in advance for your help. Tarm.
  20. The debt is still with the DWP though one way or another and i'd still have to pay it off surely? It would have just got passed back to the DWP eventually after weeks/ months of harassment by them wouldn't it? Even though the DCAs cant technically do anything, the DWP can i guess. So in the end id just have to deal with them and pay them either through the PAYe or in installments/in full. I just hate the way the DCA's are so ruthless and contact you so many times. Surely there's some law out there that stops companies being legally able to harass people like this if there's nothing that can really do other than ask for the money?
  21. Hello again everyone... I wanted to update you all on this, Advantis gave up and then I started getting letters through the post from Resolvecall with the same thing. Iv'e had 4 letters and ive been contacted by phone at least once every two days this month , I took out a bank loan to pay off a previous debt I had with amigo loans and I took out extra to pay this debt off too... I owe this debt to the DWP and I am pretty sure that it won't just "go away". At some point, either now or in the future I would have to pay this debt off... I am self-employed but about to change to employment and get a different job, I read that they can take it out of your wages and I would hate for any employer to know that I owe money to the DWP. Not only that, I would be at the mercy of the DWP then who would decide how much I should pay back each month and nobody wants to work to see their wage slip is nothing close to what it should be. I have paid this debt off... I contacted the DWP and no interest etc was added, and I have had confirmation that this debt is now cleared. I know for a fact that this was my mistake, when I was employed at the time for 4 months I just did not know I had to inform them about it, as i was about to stop being a carer for my mum anyway. So i definitely 100% owed this money, I just didn't want to be chased down by DCAs and bailiffs/ go to court over something that could be solved if I just pay it. Im now paying just £30 a month extra on my loan than I would have if I didn't have this DWP debt of £1131. I was harrased by these DCA's and I am extremely unhappy with the way that the DWP dealt with it... is there anything I can do to get some compensation or at least an apology? Is there any advice you can give me at all on this? Many. many thanks for your amazing work and advice... Thank you!
  22. Hello all, I ignored the letter advantis sent demanding the money in full immediately or if I can't pay then to organise a payment plan after they do their own affordability assessment... I know they will do their best to make me pay the absolute maximum possible so I took people's advice and ignored that letter. This was over 2 weeks ago and I've not heard anything back. Should I contact the DWP or just await a letter from them as I guess the debt will just get passed back to the DWP from advantis? Advantis also stated that they would "take it further" if I didn't reply "immediately" but im aware DCAs can't do a thing based on some great advice on here from some very helpful people... I just don't want to get some bailiffs turning up from the DWP. I'm happy to pay an amount I can afford per month to the DWP themselves but I do not want to deal with advantis at all... What do you think the best course of action is for me? Can the DWP make me pay it back and if so how? Also to note, I am self employed so I won't ever be involved with PAYE as I don't earn a set wage and I'm not employed. I don't get any benefits either. Not sure if that really makes much of a difference or not but wanted to mention it just in case.
  23. Won't that make it easier for them to take me to court? I've not heard anything at all since that last email but I'm guessing now that means CLI have informed Enagic that they were unable to retrieve the money and now Enagic could be preparing to take it further? Or they might leave it?
  24. So all has gone quiet from CLI. No emails in over a week after the last and final reminder... Im guessing they have now told Enagic that they've not been able to recover the money. Now what happens? I'm worried about getting a court letter through the post from Enagic / solicitors.
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