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  1. Hi, Can anyone enlighten me as to the correct way to calculate PPI redress for a credit card? I complained after the calculation they sent was wrong - so i complained, only to be told there'll be no revised offer. I've now had a letter from RBS stating that they only pay stat int (8% & 15% pre April 1993) on accounts where the balance is positive after PPI payments are refunded. So, simply put (and this is just an example), 12 months of £10 PPI payments, refunded (-£120) against a balance of say £240 would leave the account with an outstanding balance of £
  2. Hi Dx, I know you are v busy but could you give advice on how proceed (or not). Thanks
  3. An OD? Do you mean an overdraft? It wasn't an overdraft it was a credit card. The percentage is an average of the APR over the months where charges were levied.
  4. Had a call Saturday morning from an 'Adviser' at Lloyds asking my wife to call regarding her complaint. My wife called them simple to say that she wont be discussing anything over the phone and instructing Lloyds that she required everything in writing. The 'adviser', who my wife described as slick as an oil spillage, said of course he would write and that he was sure that when she received the letter, should she have any queries about its content he would be happy to speak to her on the phone. That clearly sounds like they expect the letter to be the end of the matter.
  5. Morning all, Another aspect of our ongoing saga with Lloyds TSB. Having been through 29 years worth of statements whilst on the PPI trail, the following list of creditcard charges also caught my eye. I've uploaded a CISheet with the charges listed, the date of each and i've calculated the average APR across the period. Question: What are the chances of success here? I know the charges over £12 were deemed unfair but is this way too far back? Question: Should I go for the full amount or just the balance over £12 (there seems to be differing o
  6. I think you're 100% on the money DX - i've gleaned an enormous amount of help and info from this forum and the brilliant people on here - yourself included. Our claim is pretty big and i've tried to make sure we've covered everything down to the fine details. Lloyds are now trying the slippery route. In writing only going forward - thanks for the advice.
  7. Because my wife doesn't want to discuss it with them - she doesn't really 'get it'. Initially using the template letter and then filling out their questionnaire. But now they want to discuss it with her and she doesn't want to talk to them. Should we just tell them to do it all in writing?
  8. Hi all, Is there anything that says you can't act on another behalf when dealing with banks on matters of PPI/charges etc? My wife does not understand or want to discuss these matters with her bank and so wants to nominate me. The bank (Lloyds) is saying that it can't/wont deal with me. Any ideas on how we can proceed? Many thanks Mike
  9. Thanks DX, That might be worth a shot as i might just have the odd bank statement from the time. Mind you thinking about it - i probably paid by cheque - so that's gonna be really difficult to tie up. I'll have a look. Does any document guidance existing from either FOS or FCA on account reconstruction - not that Lloyds will necessarily need educating on it but it's nice to be in the know - just in case. Thanks for all your help Mike
  10. Hi DX, Sorry should have said - Lloyds TSB trustcard Thanks Mike
  11. Hi all, I have 3 years worth of statements from an old credit card from about 10 years ago. There is the odd missing statement - couple of questions? 1. Am i allowed to 'average' the ppi for the missing months? 2. The very 1st statement i have has a fairly hefty balance on it - is it expected that the bank should 'reconstruct' the account before this 'first' statement using the knowledge of account going forward? If the answer is yes to either of these - is it documented anywhere? FOS, FCA etc. Sorry - should have made clear - i am missing at least 2 year
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