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  1. Wouldn't think for one minute that a site that gives people the advice of hide your car dont let bailiffs in would imply not paying in any way!
  2. And where in the regulations does it state what your saying exactly? It states It can be extended if it is applied for before the current warrant runs out! Where exactly does it state they can let the warrant run out then apply for a new one?
  3. Didnt say it was did I so how about jump down off your high horse when you dont even know the full story! Already said thats a different ongoing matter if you read you will see! So you saying a council is entitled to issue an incorrect Order of Recovery and claim on it when its wrong? Thats the question I was asking!
  4. Overall what I really want answering is are they allowed to keep applying for a warrant every time one runs out? It was my understanding they were allowed to apply for an extension before the warrant ran out but once expired thats it end of it.
  5. 29/09/2015 Understand what you re saying but I been through these stages for the last 2 years with the other companies and they didn't get a thing neither will these guys. As said £75 PCN + £7 court fee on the order does not make a total of £96 which they are trying to claim!
  6. Yes received the first standard letter. They are requesting the original PCN plus their £75 fee! This is now the 3rd order for recovery and a different enforcement agent.
  7. That is my next step. I am trying to gain information on the legalities of it first before I go to them as there does not seem to be much information on-line. What I want to avoid is for me to ask them and them turn round and say 'because we can' without me been able to tell them the exact reason why they cannot. This is what am looking to clarify.
  8. I know its not the same type of thing but once a CCJ has been issued for example a company cannot keep applying for them for the same debt just enforce it.
  9. Hi Ploddertom Thanks for the reply. Yes that's what I was under the impression of including as said above issue County Court proceedings if they choose. I do not understand how they can issue an Order for Recovery each year then re-send to a bailiff company. It is this area I want to clarify. Thanks
  10. The original PCN was back in 2012. I received the first order for recovery back in 2013 and it was then sent to newlyns. After 12 months a 2nd Order for recovery was issued and again sent to Newlyns. The regs had changed and I received the new letters with new charges but they never came and can only assume they returned it to the council as unable to collect. In September I received a 3rd order for recovery and they have now sent it to Jacobs who have since issued the usual standard letters. I have my reasons for not paying and will not deal with the bailiffs only the council but that is a separate matter. I was under the same impression once they had issued the order that was it...up to the bailiffs company to collect and if they do not then the council can take other action such as county court claim etc. What I'm wanting to know is how many times can they keep repeating this process as each time they are re-setting the time frame it lasts for under the new regs are they not? Thanks in advance
  11. How many times can a council take action on a PCN? This will be the 3rd time this particular council has issued an order for recovery proceedings and we are now on the 3rd different bailif - Jacobs! Isn't there a time when they can no longer keep re-issuing it and sending it to bailiffs? Thanks
  12. Yeah thanks for your so helpful comment stella can see why your part of the site team here Should i just put up with people demanding money they have no legal entitlement to and threatening me with defaults on my file when i dont even owe the money? What kind of legal system even allows that? For the rest of you that gave constructive advice thank you!
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