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  1. Hi,


    Did anything else happen in regards to your Credit Limits International: Italian Highway Code Debt post?




    1. Rangi


      Couple of unregistered follow up letters. I just chucked them The offence dates to over five years ago so is unenforceable

  2. Sounds like the same bunch of jokers. I’ll post if they do send someone around and will stick to the useful advice offered on here.
  3. I guess what I’m trying to suss out is... if they have no legal jurisdiction, would it not make sense for me to write to them and inform them of this, plus my unwillingness to pay? I could, say, call their bluff by asking them to pursue legal action? If I don’t respond, they seem to think harassing me in person is acceptable. Who knows how long that could go on for? Oh and, again, thanks for all this advice!
  4. So this has escalated to my receiving a letter notifying me of a doorstep collector visiting in 7 days. Had about five letters in total now. Should I reach out to CAB? Are they still trying to call my bluff?
  5. Thanks for the replies, all. I’ve received another letter today, similar to the previous one, this time headed as a ‘final reminder’. Looks very similar to the same thing others have gone through. I’ll update if anything of interest happens. Sidewinder, sorry to hear about your dad! I can totally appreciate how he got into that situation, mind. I was as clueless when I posted on this forum.
  6. That’s even more depressing. Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep a hold of this letter and update if I receive anything else related. Hopefully this can serve as a warning to anyone else who hears from them.
  7. Heh, well that’s pretty simple Thanks! The tone in the letter did strike me odd - they mention being prepared to accept ‘meaningful’ repayment proposals to recover the money; it comes across as a little like pleading. Why would this have taken almost four years to materialise? And in the form of debt collection? It’s all very weird...
  8. Afternoon all, I’ve received a ‘formal debt recovery notification’ letter from some outfit called Credit Limits International (CLI), asking me to make payment for a debt owed to the ‘Corpo Di Polizia Municipale Di Firenze’, with regards to the Italian Highway Code. I’m unsure as to what the debt is for - I’ve not received any notice prior to this. It does, however, have a ‘Car reference’ that appears to be a number plate. All I can think of is that my wife and I hired a car during the summer of 2015 - when we got married (!) - in Florence, and perhaps it refers to that (the car was returned to the car hire company without an issue, so I can only surmise I must have committed a speed or driving offence without realising). This is the first time I’ve received a debt collection letter and I’m unsure what to do next. If there was a genuine offence then, as annoying as that is, fair enough - but I’m a tad peeved my first notice is a letter that mentions an ‘enforceable order’ in Italy and ‘prosecution in this country’, plus asks me to cover payment of several high costs - not just the ‘infraction amount’, but also interest, legal and collection costs, bringing the total to almost £400. Any next steps would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
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