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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All, Just want some advise on where I stand from a consumer side of things, I purchased a HooverDXCC5962B_BK Washer Dryer in Black from AO on the 01/04/2017 for when we moved into our first home and last week it came up with a heat sensor error code (E11.) It washes but no longer dries (luckily I kept our old dryer in the shed so have been able to dry larger items) I made AO aware about a week ago of the issue and they passed me onto Hoover, so I dealt with Hoover and they sent someone out yesterday to repair the machine. He turned up on time (always nice these days) and replaced the sensor in about 15 minutes, so assuming it was all sorted he left. My partner then put a wash and dry load on before she left the house, on arriving back the error code was still there So back on the phone to AO who this time didn't automatically put me through to Hoover as it was out of their opening hours and I was told I would have to wait for her to call Hoover in the morning to arrange another appointment to have it repaired, I said that's fine and we agreed an appointment. I then asked what happens if this second repair doesn't work where do I stand as I don't want to be waiting days at a time for an appointment as I can't take any time off of work and my partner works shifts so timed / all day appointments can be a bit tricky, I was told that I would have to have Hoover out a "few" times to try and repair it if the previous repairs don't work. In legal / consumer terms what would be considered a "few" times before I can ask them to just replace it as it obviously isn't fit for it's purpose ? It wasn't a cheap machine and I don't want to be passed around in the middle of the two companies trying to get it sorted. Thanks in advance.
  2. I had a free of charge replacement Hoover from Vax which has a 6 year guarantee. I have had it a few years and it has suddenly stopped working I contacted Vax about sending it back and they said they don't have a record of when it was sent to me though I knew it definitely wasn't 6 years ago. They told me I need to attach the receipt from the original one to the email but obviously I don't have that. I know it was October 2013 I received this Hoover as I had posted about it on my Facebook but it's the only thing I have which says when I got it. They should have a record of when they issued the new Hoover to me on their system as they had my details stored on there. So now I don't know what to do as I am within my rights to a foc replacement.
  3. good morning to all slight problem here banging my head on a brick wall with lidle .september 2015 purchased a hoover on offer at lidle only £69.99 .december 2015 the hoover would not suction when used note the brush under the hoover was not spinning around had the purchase receipt so contacted lidle they advised me to contact a company called bevaform.who i understand is the supplier and service agent for lidle.attempts to contact bevaform very difficult as the company is based in austria. so contacted lidle via social media also sent them an e mail lidle are just ignoring the problem.was told before purchasing the hoover it had a 2 year warranty with it supported by lidle.have had to go out and purchase a new hoover from a diffrent outlet.any advice on my rights how to move forward here regards
  4. Hello Everyone Need your Help, really gutted and depressed spent £500 to a buy a new washing machine on 17/06/2014, received it on 21/06/2014. I have discovered that the Washing Machine has the problem. Electric Motor was burnt and with the toddler in the house I found it very dangerous.You won’t expect that from 16 months old machine, when I reported to their customer service people they seems delusional about the seriousness of the problem, I found them very rude and intimidating. Now they want me to pay £119.00 to replace the new motor, I mean you wont expect that to happen with in 16 months of a washing machine, please need advice what to do. Regards
  5. Hi all, I purchased a hoover (a Vax) less than six months ago from ISME catalogue. The hoover was hardly used until recently (I had still been using my old hoover, but had purchased the Vax one as it was a good price and my old one, although stil fine, was showing signs of age. I recently have been using the new, Vax hoover, but it very quickly stopped picking up, and had not been particularly good anyway. My husband has cleaned the filters and so forth, but it still is not picking up adequately and is really not a great hoover. Also, the pipe section of the hoover keeps falling apart and I have to keep pushing it back in. I have contacted Isme and explained that the hoover is not working as it should and I wish to return it. However, they say I must contact their supplier (the manufacturer) and ascertain the cause of the problem before they can accept it back, if at all. I have said that under the Sale of Goods Act the hoover is not fit for purpose and my contract, in effect, is with Isme. However, they argue that is not the case. They say they lack the technical knowledge to deal with the matter direct and if I return the hoover to them, they will return it back to me, and add the postage cost to my account. Are they correct in what they say? Many thanks, Magda
  6. I am furious with hoover candy & the muppets that are working for them, I bought a baumatic dishwasher not too long ago & it has become faulty,S baumatic have been bought out by hoover candy I rang them for assistance & over the phone the lady told me I needed an heating element which was £51 so I purchased it, To my surprise when an engineer turned up at more cost he fitted it to the machine & said it was not the fault & my old heating element worked fine, 3 days later I rang hoover candy to explain the situation & I wanted to return the item under there 14 day return policy & have been told I can,t as it has been used, It has never been used as machine is broke & I,m £51 out of pocket & engineer costs, Hoover candy are saying I should of asked for an engineer call out & they would of fixed it, I would of done if the lady on the phone hadn,t of been flogging an heating element of which I didn,t need, Now they won,t take it back for refund & they are asking for £120 for another engineer callout ,Muppets
  7. Hi All i purchased a new Hoover washing Machine from a local independent electrical retailer in January this year after only 8 weeks the machine broke down so called Hoover who came and repaired it now 2 weeks later it has broken down again and seems to be the same fault, i have now booked an engineer with hoover online as can never get through on phone. 1) So my question is have i done the right thing to let them come and repair it again. 2) If so and it breaks again what would be next step 3) As it is only 3 months old what rights do i have under the sale of goods act now i have let hoover try and fix it. Kind Regards Casper
  8. Hi everyone, This is just some information/advice for any customers who have purchased any parts from the Hoover/Candy group in the UK and are/have experienced any delays on their delivery or installation of the parts. As of earlier this year, re-structuring of the warehouse/distribution centre in the UK has resulted in most parts that are ordered over the phone or via the web being dispatched from Italy. Hence, the delays. From my recent experiences of this problem; and the advice given by a very helpful member of staff (who told me they should not be telling me that the parts now came from Italy as people may be more reluctant to order); it is better and more likely to gain a response by the following means: [*]Telephone 01204556100 and ask for a service manager (cheaper than the 084 numbers) [*]Email the managing director of Hoover UK address available at: 'ceoemail.com' under Hoover UK [*]Write to: Service Manager, Hoover Limited, Breightmet Industrial Estate, Breightmet, Bolton, Lancs. BL2 6PU Whichever method you choose, be direct and ask for specific timescales or a full refund. It worked in my experience. Good luck.
  9. Hi I purchased a Hoover freezer 10 months ago and it stopped working 11 days ago with the loss of all the contents, it is still under the year warranty. I phoned and they sent a repair man out last week who informed me that it was a faulty thermostat and he did not have a replacement. Five days later I am still without a working freezer and shopping on a daily basis for meals. When I phoned about the contents I was advised to use my home insurance!!!!!! Someone please advise as I am getting very frustrated at the runaround I am getting.
  10. Hi, This is my first post, so hopefully I've put it in the right area. We bought a Hoover WDYN854D washing machine last April. I wanted another Bosch, but they didn't have a washer / drier machine with an 8KG capacity . I was aware of the bad reputation Hoover had earned themselves in the past but thought that they must have got their act together, given the length of time they've had to correct issues within the company. The first sign of any problem was when one of the 32 amp ring main circuit breakers would occasionally trip, also taking out the 63 amp RCD. They would reset ok and we wouldn't have any problems for a week or so. Then one Saturday they both tripped again and when reset we noticed that the washing machine was dead, no display, just a fill valve constantly on. My wife called the Hoover Candy service centre and they sent an engineer out a few days later. He found that a ribbon cable in the wiring loom had been rubbing on the machine chassis and had shorted out. As a consequence the complete wiring loom, controller, display and three valves needed to be replaced. There was no charge for parts, as these are under a five year warranty. There was however a call out fee of £120 for the engineers two visits. We paid the engineer when he had finished the repair. I then sent a letter to Hoover Candy outlining the issue and stating that the problem was caused by an incorrectly routed cable during assembly. I also stated, quite rightly, that the wiring loom is not a wear part. I asked for a refund of the £120 along with re assurance that this issue would not re occur. I received a letter back with the usual nonsense about "striving to give utmost reliability", "continuous quality control procedures", etc. In short, ducking the real issue, which was a machine that had been assembled incorrectly at the factory, necessitating the replacement of most of its electrical components..... good job the parts were under warranty. I sent another letter after this one threatening legal action, I then sent another copy of this letter to them via recorded delivery. To date I have received no reply. I am a qualified electronics / controls engineer and I am quite appalled that a small ribbon cable was carrying enough power to trip a 32 amp breaker.... point 1. I also don't expect a wiring loom to have to be replaced, after all, would anyone expect to have a complete wiring loom on a fourteen month old car replaced? Of course not...... point 2. This may have been a Friday afternoon machine or it might be an inherent design fault, and I really don't care in all honesty. I just can't see why I should have to pay for poor workmanship. So, any feedback would be useful here. Is this a matter for the small claims court, or do I have to take a different route? Hoover Candy, never again
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