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Found 10 results

  1. My daughter hit a pothole on Monday evening (early evening) and today (Tuesday) she has noticed damage. Taking it to the tyre shop it appears the alloy wheel is buckled and tyre blown she is having to replace the wheel and the tyre at a cost of around £600. It's a fairly new car hence the expense. She didn't stop at the time because the pothole was on a bend and she didn't want to put herself at risk, went back Tuesday evening with her dad to photograph the hole and measure it, when she got there the hole has been filled in and it's evident the work has just been done. Is anyone able to please say how can she now make a claim against the council? She has hit potholes before that have damaged tyres etc but this is the first time she's wanted to claim simply because of the cost to her. thanks for any advice.
  2. In May 2015 I purchased a Snooper DVR-3HD dashcam from Amazon sold by Amazon in October this year it developed power related faults including turning on, battery holding no charge etc I returned it to Snooper via their technical support who recently emailed back saying that although it was out of the 12 month warranty (I'd owned it 1 year 5 months) it was not a model that they stock anymore and that they do not have spares for the device and therefore cannot repair it. They have therefore offered me a newer model the DVR-4HD at a discounted price of £99.99 instead of the regular RRP of £149.99. However I do feel that although this is an upgraded model I feel it is only giving me the option of paying £99.99 for a replacement direct from Snooper and if I don't, then I am stuck with a faulty dashcam which I have paid £139.99 for and lasted only 17 months. Obviously there is the issue under the Sale of Goods act of arguing that goods must be fit for purpose for up to 6 years and I would consider a dashcam of that price to be more towards the higher end of the dashcam market compared to many other cheaper models and therefore expect it to last longer than 17 months before being faulty and then unable to be repaired. The SOGA also says that the claim should be against the retailer (Amazon in this case) but it is Snooper who have dealt with the repair via their technical support and have not exactly told me what the fault was yet. Should I be directing my claim towards Amazon instead and should I be requesting either a replacement or at least a partial refund from them seeing as it can't be repaired? Or is it fair to consider that a £139.99 dashcam can be classed as "dead" after just 17 months (i.e. only expected to last that long), or that £99.99 is a reasonable price to pay for a replacement model which now retails at near enough the same price as the old one when effectively the only main difference between the two is that the new one would be at the start of a new 12 month warranty?
  3. Hi All I purchased a C8 in May this year, from around June the car has been back to the garage with the same issues, Diagnostics showed rail pressure sensor, fuel pressure sensor, or even both everytime they plugged it in and reset the the fault code, last time it was in the garage (just 2 weeks ago) they changed the map sensor. and and we are still having power issues as well as EML coming on, Well today the car ended up being bought home on the back of a truck and the diagnostics the mechanic did before he picked car up showed same faults again... Can I just reject this car now or do I have to give them another chance to fix it please help many thanks Lets
  4. I apologise if this is going to be a bit lengthy: thank you so much for reading this and I appreciate any advice I can have on my situation. I hired a car for a week before Christmas from LHR. I live in the middle east. Within one hour of collection, a flying stone on the motorway had caused a middle to driver side windscreen chip, about the size of a two pound coin. Upon arriving at my destination, I called teh accident hotline they supplied to ask for the chip to be examined and repaired because i was not sure that the car was roadworthy. They took details and promised to send someone out. Three phone calls and 24 hours later I was still waiting and asked for a new vehicle. At this point I was told to speak to Sixt!!?! (I thought that I was but it turns out I was speaking to Auto Fleet Solutions!). One call to customer services and they agreed that I could organise the repair myself since I had been waiting so long and I confirmed that I would not have to pay again. Within a couple of hours the chip was repaired by Autoglass, with guarantee. When I returned the vehicle I explained all that had occurred, produced a receipt for the repair and it was returned as "no new damage" Roll on two months and I have an invoice for £750++ for a replacement windscreen. I should state that this is not an insured amount for reasons that are not interesting (I thought that it was, but I was mistaken). It seems to me that the invoice and some other correspondence received at the time of hire is all generated from the Auto Fleet Solutions bunch, who despite being by telephone call that I was given permission to make the repair directly don't seem to have registered this in any of their correspondence. Anyhow, I want to know what I should do. - just pay - no chance of fighting this. - I live overseas, can i just ignore it? The rental was a debit card transaction not credit card. - agree a settlement whereby I deduct lost retail time and money already paid for repair. - refuse to pay on the basis that I already paid for the repair, which was all that was required according to Autoglass. If I take this last route, which I am most inclined to, what should I say or not say. Are there any relevant consumer protections which I should be aware of? Many thanks in anticipation
  5. I was involved in an accident two months ago, I was the passenger in my car but was not the driver. The other party admitted full liability and the police are taking action against him. I suffered injuries for which I am still receiving treatment. My car which was only 6 months old would not start at the scene, the insurer arranged for its removal by recovery services and told us since the air bags had been deployed the car was likely a right off. I believed this was to be the case. It is a very long story but at no point did the insurance company contact me in the aftermath other than to offer me money for injuries. I eventually discovered by default that my car had been taken to the third party insurers approved repairers. I withheld consent for them to undertake repairs. My model specific finance company said they were not approved repairers and wanted the car taken to a model specific repair centre, I insisted this happen and was refused.. I have discovered there was a repair limit to my car which the insurers repairer has come in at just under the threshold. I am convinced if my car had gone to the repairer of my choice it would have been written off. At every opportunity I have withheld consent in writing and verbally to both parties. It now appears that on taking my car to the dealer to have the ECU system cleared they have picked up that the seat belts were broken in the accident and need replacing, this is despite the fact that the repairer insisted my car repairs were complete. I dread to think what might have happened. It has now been two months and my car has still not been sorted. The insurer offered an engineers report, however after speaking to the engineer it appears they cannot definitely say whether there has been any structural damage without stripping the car back which they cannot do now that repairs have been done. The work undertaken only carries a 12 month warranty and is not transferable, thereby affecting residual values. To be frank its a mess and is really affecting my recovery. What are my rights? I have no faith in the repairer and do not want my car back. I am convinced that had I been allowed to use the repairer of my choice the car would have been a cat d or c write off. It also now seems the repairer did not have the necessary equipment to properly assess my car, if they had the fault codes for the seat belts would have been apparent.
  6. Hi GUys, I wonder if I can ask for your expert advice. Three years ago my cousin bought a washing machine (washer/drier) and 5 year extended warranty from an online website. In December 2014 the washing machine stopped working correctly (kept filling with water nothing else) so the warranty company was called and an engineer came out. On the first visit the engineer didn't seem very professional and actually flooded the kitchen and some water went into the lounger - didn't clean it up properly either. He stated he would need to order some parts which would take some time but they would make another appointment when they arrive. After about 3 weeks just before Christmas the warranty company called, parts have been received and to make another appointment. A different engineer came out, fitted some parts and tested the machine - same as before keeps filling with water. The engineer didn't seem very professional either as he spent a long time on the phone asking someone what he needs to do and it seems like he (they) checked everything in the machine. He stated they need to order some more parts which would take 14 working days as they are coming from China! Once they arrive they would phone to make an appointment. Towards the end of January they chased the warranty company and were passed around a few people. The person who they spoke to stated that the parts had been received but, the engineer who had them (who visited last) had left the company/run off with them!!! So the parts would have to be re-ordered from China which will take another 14 working days to arrive they would phone to make an appointment. My cousin had a bit of a rant at them that they have been without a washing machine since the start of December and they are a family of 4 and need to do washing 3-4 times a week and having to go to the laundrette and spending about £8 each time on washing and drying. The warranty company person didn't seem too distraught and stated that they would refund the cost of having to use the laundrette. But I then added what about the fuel cost of getting there and the time it takes - they just apologised and said that's all they can do. It is now 2.5 months since the washing machine stopped working and almost 3 weeks since the last contact with the warranty company - not heard anything further and the water is still in the washing machine since the last engineers visit. My cousins wife is at her wits end as she has now done around 74 trips (37 return) to the laundrette, spending over £275 on washing & drying + cost of fuel and time, as each trip takes half an hour - she has tried to combine it with other chores (school run/shopping/going to church) where possible, but when drying has had to wait or come back - additional trips & time. SO, can you guys advise what is the best course of action to take? Are there any rules/benchmarks for expected service under extended warranties? Will they really refund just the washing/drying costs of £275 so far? Is there an ombudsman who this can be taken to? Thanks, Mark.
  7. Did you by a accident damaged vehicle Cat C Or Cat D ? Have you had it repaired ? Have you put it through a mot ? If you have your fine. If you haven't you will be stuck big time. I have been helping somebody out with this. They bought a Cat D insurance write off and repaired the damage which was a wing rad wing mirror and bonnet. The existing mot was till June next year. They were involved in a no fault accident. Both their and the other insurance company have turned around and asked them for proof of repair from the previous accident. He has had to provide invoices etc. to prove the damage has been repaired. This has been going on for 3 months or so. However if he had done a mot then no questions would have been raised about it.
  8. **** UPDATE **** I have just heard back from the Garage that made the initial repair, and they have told me that they cannot do anything (though they are going to get back to me, I do not know when or why??) Because the car was taken to a different garage, and this garage carried out the repair (although we did not realise that it was the original part, that was at fault), then we have broken our guarantee rules... The only reason that we took the car to the garage, was because we feared for our own safety and the well being of the car, and did not think that it was anything to do with the original repair. To make matters worse, the mechanic found a spanner wedged under the engine mount, that was left there when the part was installed, and he believes that this may have contributed to the fault. Also, the engine mount, upon inspection, was found to be loose. Now we can not prove this, as no photographs were taken unfortunately. I feel really annoyed, that the Official BMW Mini garage are wiping there hands clean of this matter! They haven't even asked for the parts to investigate! (although I have offered twice and they have declined..) What can I do??? Good Evening, I am new to this forum, and I am hoping that someone will be able to help me. In May this year, we took our Mini Cooper S to a Registered Dealer to replace an Engine Mount that had started to leak oil. This was replaced and we paid for parts and labour, this came with a 12 month guarantee on parts and labour. Last week, whilst driving the Mini, there was a terrible grinding noise eminating from the front of the car, and it was getting progressively worse. Not knowing what it was, and becoming considerably worried, I stopped driving the car and asked my local garage to have a look at it and repair it if it was not too an expensive job. (I know the mechanic, and have used him many times, he is a family friend, so trusted him to do the right thing!). Anyway, the car was returned to me today, and I was told that the problem was a sheared bolt on the front O/S engine mount, which had now become damaged because of this. I was shocked, as I realised that this was the same engine mount that had recently been replaced. Unfortunately, the mechanic had carried out the repair, because it was a not too an expensive job. When I told him that this repair had already been carried out, in May, he said that we should contact the garage and attempt to recover the cost of the repair. My Question is: Because I never knew what the problem was, and that it has now been repaired, can I claim the cost of the repair from the garage that originally carried out the initial repair? I have all of the original parts, I have the receipt from the garage that carried out the second repair, and the mechanic will also give me a statement to prove what he has done. Thank you for your help in advance, it is appreciated. Matt
  9. Hi I wonder if some kind soul can provide me with some advice... Comet and their awful delivery company, DPD have been messing me around something chronic over the last few days - I sent my wife's laptop back to be fixed under the accidental damage extended warranty that I purchased with it. They have apparently now fixed it and are sending it back. It should have been delivered to my work address on Friday, but they attempted instead to deliver it to my home address (I don't know if this is DPD's fault or Comet's). They attempted to redeliver yesterday to my work address, but when the driver couldn't find the address, he turned round and went back, rather than ringing me to find out where it is. I only found this out at 5.40 yesterday (as I had no way of ringing whilst at work), about 10 minutes after DPD closed, so Comet had no way of contacting them until this morning. This morning, I asked them to ensure it was delivered today, to which the answer was "we will try, but we are not DPD, we can only request it" (err - who is the delivery company's customer?!). Fast forward from this morning to just now, when I rang to chase the situation and the conversation goes like this: Him: "I've spoken to my colleague Phil, who you spoke to this morning and he emailed them and is waiting for an answer back." Me: "Can you chase it please?" Him: "That's what I've just done by speaking to my colleague." Me: "No, please can you chase the courier company." Him: "No, I'm afraid we need to wait for the message back from them to see what the information is." Me: "What if there is no message back?" Him: "Well there should be." Me: "So there's no way of chasing your supplier for information that you've requested?" Him: "I'm afraid not, no." Please can someone advise me: what's the best way to fast track this complaint? My wife needs the laptop back to write essays, as she is a student nurse. Many thanks Chris
  10. Hi Santander added default to my credit file although they only sent my ex a notice of default. When pointed out to them, they admitted in writing it was entirely their fault and removed my default marker. Problem is the other account holder, whos default Santander insist has to stay, is dragging down my credit file. Worse my mortgagor has revoked the portability of my mortgage as my ex is still on it.I regard this as obscenely unfair as had I been served a notice I`d have paid up and none of this would be on my file. Santander don`t want to know, none of the CRAs will dissasociate me from my ex (whom I get on well with and is actively helping me). The Default has 3.5 years to go,I`ve contacted the Ombudsman, just wondered if there`s any other levers I can pull or if I`m just wasting my time. Thx for any advice
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