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  1. The supplier is SuperFi, to clarify it's only the 2 leads (QED Reference)at £90- each, but QED has recalled this HDMI lead on a quality issue. Therefore I wouldn't want to find this lead elsewhere, as the fault apparently is present in all stock. I have said I'm prepared to accept a different brand of HDMI lead, at £35, but due to a change in my system setup I only require one. So basically, I want the alternative branded lead, & a £145.00 refund. Hitachi are the Finance Provider. Superfi are saying they can't accomodate this, & mentioned "pulling the order back from you" - This entail
  2. I placed an order in early December 2018 for a surround-sound speaker system, along with HDMI leads. The items mostly turned up on time, but the HDMI leads were "awaiting stock from the manufacturer". I have since had a to-&-fro via email with the online supplier (a well-established UK company, who also has several physical stores in the UK). I have now been told via Phone that the leads have been cancelled/recalled by the manufacturer due to a quality issue, & cannot be supplied. This leaves me out-of-pocket by just under £200.00. The phone-discussion I've had with the online re
  3. I think that what's cheeky, in this situation, is for a Manufacturer to Kick & Scream about a 20-year average lifespan on their appliance, whilst quietly cutting the warranty period in half from 10 to 5 years. For their own employee to state this is due to the high volume of warranty claims they get. (Anybody who happens across this thread, considering the purchase of a Miele applience, you should definitely think on that). 20 years is clearly far more than they're prepared to underwrite. Just to be clear, in this complaint, I certainly don't feel as
  4. BazzaS, maybe you're a bit confused, I'm after both. Why all this talk about "kicking & screaming", &"kicking off"? I don't know how old you are, in your head, but there won't be any "kicking off" here sunshine. I've taken preliminary legal advice, & as unclebulgaria67 mentioned, the payment has no legal basis. Please, no more terrace-talk, I've lost faith in the product, I want a decent length of Warranty on the replacement, & I want my money back, which was taken under financial duress - is that ok with you? Or, do you want to "
  5. I've just called the warranty line & had the replacement registered for 5 years, there's no "kicking & screaming" going on here, I wouldn't bother getting stressed over this - I do want my £180.00 back, because I feel I've had it taken from me under duress, due to the fact I was unable to use my old appliance. The Warranty team have advised that for an extra £149, they can extend the warranty from 5 years to 10. I'm going to offer 2 outcomes, either they extend the warranty FOC, or refund my £180.00. I would prefer the extended warranty, as my faith
  6. Their own website claims they build the machines to last 20 years. Miele Quality For more than 100 years it has been a proven adage that you can trust Miele and rely on our appliances. We are the only manufacturer in our branch of industry to test products such as our washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and ovens to the equivalent of 20 years' use. Once a Miele, always a Miele: Miele customers around the world remain loyal to Miele and recommend Miele to others. Looking to the future, we promise not to entertain any compromises when it comes to the dependability and durabil
  7. BazzaS I can see how this seems like a good deal, however the machines are supposed to last 20 years on average, so I'd feel pretty slighted to get only 12 years from 2 machines - especially given the low usage (one cycle per week). To get only 7 years from the replacement, would be the end of me as a customer for Miele. I had a chat with their team on Friday, & made them aware I would pay the £180.00, however the complaint was not closed, & I wasn't happy with this. I've just made the payment, & the New machine is due next Wednesday. unclebulgaria67, my Kitchen has 9m2
  8. Once it was established that I wouldn't accept damage to my flooring, their next step was trying to find alternative premises - they have none. Nowhere in the UK apparently. In the past, this was possible, due to agreements they had with local appliance repair companies, to borrow the space in their premises. This has been ruled out, hence the offer of replacement, however it's not my faault they aren't able to repair, therefore the only option they have is to replace - This is essentially why I'm not happy about the charge, because there's no other option. I'm unclear about the warranty
  9. I Bought a Miele washing Machine in 2010 with a 10-year Parts & Labour waranty. A month ago, it began clunking during the rinse cycle. I called Miele, to book an engineer, & was told by the advisor, "if we can't repair it, we'll replace it." An engineer arrived last week, diagnosing a broken drum. The machine has only performed 1,000 hours use in 7 years, which is extremely low. I have Polished stone on the kitchen floor, & the engineer advised that despite laying protective coverings, the floor would likely be damaged during the repair, due to the weight of the drum assembly.
  10. I've had a look around the forums & found some cases where people have used the small claims court to settle disputes relating to motor vehicles - if anybody can point me in the direction of either experts in this area, or other sources of information, I'd be extremely appreciative of this
  11. I bought the car 2nd-hand privately, nearly 2 years ago - it's always been looked-after, never thrashed, always dealer service. The guy who owned it, prior to me, kept it in fantastic condition, I really don't believe he'd ever treated the car badly. (& I had 3 viewings before I bought it, repeatedly questioned him on various details, & everything checked out.) Audi UK are calling me back tommorow to discuss the issue, but I've had dealings with them before, (with warranty issues with other cars) as well as a lot of anecdotal ta
  12. I have an A5 with an S-Tronic gearbox fault. The oil cooler has failed allowing engine coolant to flow through the gearbox, which has killed it. Diagnosed at my local Audi center last week, the car is a 12-Plate & Dealer service from New The cost of a replacement box is £12k with the car's value at about £14k The 3-year warranty expired in June 2015, however Audi still treat the car as "young", as it's less than 5 years old. Audi are saying they won't contribute towards the cost of this repair, I've raised it with Audi UK (callback tommorow.) I fully exp
  13. Can anybody provide any help with this? Is discussing Bitcoin not permitted on CAG? Lots & lots of views of this thread, & not a single chime from anyone
  14. I have a personal account with the coop bank, which I've been using to trade Bitcoins on localbitcoins.com. I recently had a trade of £1250, for about 7BTC. The buyer paid into my coop bank account, & the escrow was released for the bitcoins. A few days later I received an email from the coop's fraud department, saying the buyer's bank had claimed that the buyer hadn't received their Bitcoins, & they wanted the payment reversed. The coop froze my account (which had a balance of £250) & requested "proof of entitlement". I obtained screen-shots of the trade, proving the
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