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  1. HI last week I had a fire at home that started within 10mins of plugging in my washing machine, I was upstairs when the electricity tripped went in the kitchen to check and the plug was on fire, it was plugged into extension cable on the floor. I phoned fire brigade and got out of house along with daughter and dog, the fire took hold and destroyed my fridge, microwave, tumble dryer and severely smoke damaged my walls and Kitchen cabinets that I had fitted last week. I phoned Beko who sent out an engineer took photos of damage and washing machine, he stated to me he could not say whether the plug had or had not caused the fire as the plug was not there to examine, I honestly dont know what happened to it it was just a blob of plastic with everything getting thrown out in the garden I dont know where it was, he didnt even cut the cable from the machine to check that. Friday I got an email to say that after their visual inspection their machine was not to blame, and thats the end of that. I was told I could discard the machine the scrap man has taken it now I dont know which way to turn, I am not insured after saving up for 2 years for my new kitchen its totally ruined, well the doors are. I would be grateful of any advice what to do next, after I received the email on Friday I did get a little angry and emailed back I would be taking them to small claims, just wondering if this is an option?
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