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Found 17 results

  1. Just wanted a bit of help with an old company pension plan. Owned a Ltd company but it was dissolved ages ago. Had set up an executive pension plan. The company was just me - so I was only going to be the sole beneficiary upon retirement. Now as the Company is dissolved there is effectively no-one to sign any retirement claim documents. The pension firm says I need to apply to be the new plan trustee - and it will then give me powers restricted to paying the benefits from this plan. But the appointment only lasts for 9 months - and the benefits will need
  2. I had a limited company which was disolved in March 2018. This morning, i received a court claim from a firm of solicitors acting on behalf of a debtor claiming £400. The claim is in the format: My Name Disolved Company name my address (not listed on any companuy form as ive moved) Can a debtor issue a court claim against a disolved company? this is all new to me. Im gonna be honest here and just say the company just "fell off the shelf" and i didnt do anything with it so CH disolved it. Thanks UKD
  3. I had a restriction of sale placed on the Land Registry title of my house for approx. £1000 in 2013 by Sigma SPV1 Limited while I was out of the country and did not receive notice of a small debt (which snowballed with penalties and interest) after I moved abroad. I am now about to sell the property and checked the title and found this restriction from 2013. I searched for the company, Sigma SPV1 limited and see that they were dissolved last year. How do I go about removing this restriction as quickly as possible? I'm happy to pay the amount if that's the quickest way, b
  4. (Hopefully this is the right place for this) I am a landlord. I had a managing agent (the Estate Agent). I am on a Guaranteed Rent scheme if you will but that't not the matter in hand. I usually get paid on the 5th of every month but I didn't this year and I thought like even they'll be a day late so I left it at that. After realising on weekend I haven't received anything, I called and called but nothing. I went to the estate agent yesterday and found out that they were closed. Automatically i knew they had not done a runner if you will but just packed up and left. I r
  5. eon are using LCS ( debt collector) to chase for Limited company debt, company no longer trading - Dissolved in February 2016 eon have changed the name on correspondence from "XXX Limited co" to ( Directors name T/A XXX ) i wrote back to LCS stating LTD company is separate legal entity - and that they cannot simply assign the debt to the previous director. I also asked for copy of any agreements, signed documents, copies of any bills etc as i believe the bills will have xxx ltd ( Not TA) Is this Practice legal - surely there is an illegal re-assignment attempt here -
  6. Hi All, Request your expert opinion. My wife along with 3 other friends started a limited company few years ago. Due to situations, 2 of them opted to part away after a year. Both officially resigned as the directors but business continued with new partners. We didn't change the terms of the rental agreement on the commercial property though. Recently she received notification for failure of business rates. What we find now is that partner who took over from us had resigned couple of years ago and company has been taken over by new owners. Companies website shows that the
  7. Hi, I have a CCJ registered with a final charging order dated 8/6/07 on my property. The company appears to have been dissolved 7/11/09 from info online. I have never had any other payment plan in place with them or correspondence. How can I get this removed as I wish to sell the property in the near future? Thanks
  8. Purchased Gold from Capital Mint Ltd. Company Administrator appointed shortly after. One year later Administrator dissolved the company when some of the Gold was still stored with another company, Baird and Co, and still remains so. Is it possible for the creditors of a Dissolved company to apply for an Administrator to be reappointed?
  9. Hi all, Should hopefully be a quick answer to my question. I run a company which i had to recentely dissolve, the company owed some debt on credit cards and the debt collectors have been chasing for it. One especially made a trace enquiry on my credit file, when i noticed this i updated my score and it had dropped. The company was a LTD company and i signed no personal guarantee on any debt taken out under the company name. My question is are they allowed to carry out a trace enquiry under my name? Am i allowed to request this gets removed from my search history?
  10. Hello, I wonder if anyone has been in a similar situation to myself. In April 2012 I started up a business with a friend. As he had traded as a sole trader before and experience of HMRC he became the nominated partner to do the business tax returns. Just as the 2012/13 tax return deadline date approached, he advised me that he wanted to stop trading and we agreed to wind up the business. During 2013 I had been assured that he had dealt with the 2012/13 tax returns, but that there was some problem with getting the right software and by May 2014 it was clear this had not been done. As he has all
  11. Hi guys I have a quick question please, I was the sole director of a Limited Company that was dissolved by Companies house in 2010. While the company was active, I used a service from a call forwarding (0845 number provider) at £5/month. When the company was dissolved I wrote to the company and explained that the company no longer existed and that the contract would need to be cancelled. They ignored the letter and I didn't receive a reply. All D/D's etc were cancelled and I thought nothing more of it. Until now. They have decided to send me an invoice (still addressed to the
  12. I am currently seeing a company for buying a dodgy car ( separate thread. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?348468-POC-for-second-hand-car/page4 ) My question is is there anything I can do once dissolved about monies owed and also is there anything illegal about now trading under a different name?
  13. Hi, Just need some advise. Long story short, my previous employer took me to court in January 2011 for £3k and won and 10 months later has dissolved the company. ive been paying £100 per month for 2 years now to a dissolved company. Is this right and do i have to carry on paying or should it be stopped and if so, can i claim any of it back? Cheers
  14. I'm currently scratching my head over an issue with NatWest. For a number of reasons, my company was dissolved for not filing accounts just before Xmas. I was expecting this eventually, but it still took me a little by surprise as all the advisory correspondence seemed to get stuck in the Xmas post and didn't arrive until New Year. This meant the company accounts with NatWest were frozen - the first I knew was when I couldn't log in online or use the debit card. I understand this is the process, and even though there was a balance of a few hundred quid in there, I don't really have any gr
  15. hi all... my company was dissolved over two months ago now and i believe that i have paid the majority of my oustandings to the HMRC, I was told by my accountant once the company is dissolved then thats it all the debts are written off as the company is struck off companies house. As far as I am aware I am not in receievership, administration or anything like that. however I did have an overdraft with the bank and that was under a directors guarantee. I was owed two weeks worth of wages which should have gone into my bank account but whatever reason they did not and were
  16. Between Sept and Nov 2011, I sent written grievance letters to my previous employer. I submitted my Case to Employment Tribunal on 23 Nov 2011, they resisted the case, so the hearing was done on 30 march 2012. They were absent, and I was awarded £2000. After 42 days, they still didn't pay up, only when I threaten to use the baliffs, now they say they are dissloved and have no liabilities to me. Searching on the web, gave me this, the dissolution started on 30 Nov 2011, as the only director resigned. It came effective on 1 may 2012. Only 10 days ago, their representative informed me
  17. I submitted my Case to Employment Tribunal on 23 Nov 2011, they resisted the case, so the hearing was done on 30 march 2012. They were absent, and I was awarded £2000. After 42 days, they still didn't pay up, only when I threaten to use the baliffs, now they say they are dissloved and have no liabilities to me. Searching on the web, gave me this, the dissolution started on 30 Nov 2011, as the only director resigned. It came effective on 1 may 2012. Only 10 days ago, the representative informed me about the dissolution, no dates or explanation were given. Nor me or the ET was informed abo
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