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  1. why did you feel the need to post my previous post totally unhelpful I have to say your response and what you did points to you making an assumption that is completely unwarranted There are people on here who support and guide people to do the right thing but you my friend do no appear to be one of them I will seek advice from elsewhere thank you to those people who were trying to be helpful
  2. Thanks for your help but I can see that sgt bush has other ideas for the reasoning behind the advice I sought by posting a previous post leading readers to assume that what I have posted is in some way warranted I posted on here as I have received great advice before, but has this site now become full of users wanting to cause people blame and upset for swirl issues they find themselves in I have to add that the meeting I had was a 121 and it was on this meeting I was told that this person acts like a victim and I treat her like one I was told that I cannot have my breaks with her I have asked for clarification on this as we are very close friends at work, she is also the CEOs daughter which doesn't mean anything to us I am really confused as to why sgt bush is reading more into the situation
  3. Wow I'm amazed as to what people are reading into this I have to say that I thought I would receive more information and support Why would my employer want to get rid of me? My colleague and I have a really great working relationship but she suffers with anxiety, and I have supported her with that as I would do any other colleague There is nothing that suggests that there has been any complaints , the manager who raised this is very new to the role. I'm shocked that people on this forum have not been more surprised about what I've said but I know myself that this isn't right I just thought someone else may agree Thanks though for the advice you have given
  4. Sorry I mean we do not have a union rep I was going to follow up with HR
  5. Thankyou I have a completed outcome meeting form and I will follow up with HR they do not have a work union rep unfortunately
  6. No that's not the case at all she is completely shocked as we both are the meeting I had was my 121 that was called last minutec
  7. she hasn't submitted a complaint at all we are good friends she is absolutely shocked to that they are trying to enforce this why would anyone think that I would be overpowering
  8. No they did not say what would happen but I'm still reeling from it I cannot understand how they could enforce it
  9. I have been working for my current employer for 14 months I work in a small team, one of my colleagues suffers really bad with anxiety and I have been very supportive to her Last week I was called into a meeting and advised that I treat my colleague as a victim and told that she acts like a victim, I was told I was not to take my lunch break with her. On Friday of last week we were told we were not allowed to speak to each other Can someone advise me if this is even allowed ?
  10. Thanks Helena I will do however the initial underestimation does not give EON the right to continue mismanaging the account and treat customers in this disgusting way. I work for an energy company myself thankfully they are not one of the big 6 and their customer service is amazing sadly i cannot switch to them or any other company because I am tied to EON because of this debt absolutely shocking
  11. Hi Helena Thanks for your reply it is a real muddle The deadlock letter was sent in 2015 but we then agreed with EON a £200 18 month payment plan because that is all they would agree going forward which is why it did not go to the ombudsman at that point, however after arranging the 18 month payment plan they decided to increase that payment to £280.00 which I refused their attitude and constant calling threatening letters ect ect, they then reset the payment up but in August went into my account and took £578.00 which they say is my new DD figure!!! I cancelled the DD got the £578.00 back and contacted EON they said they emailed me regarding the DD increase but they didnt and they cannot tell me who that email went too I complained they said I cannot complain as we have a deadlock letter (received in 2015) i said this has nothing to do with that this is about the mismanagement of my account from that day forward EON refuse to acknowledge complaints as the say it is connected to the deadlock letter I have never in my life come across such a load of rubbish and as I said rude ignorant people with zero customer service skills Last week i was receiving 6 automated messages a day asking me to call them If this was a case that i was refusing to pay I could understand, the debt was initially bought about by the underestimation, however I provide meter reads on line to expect any customer unless you are a commercial property to pay £578.00 is utterly madness I have cancelled my DD and have paid my last two payments to EON on line account they are still calling driving me insane I am waiting for appointment with CAB as I believe the next step is legal action
  12. Thanks I will do that There is a debt on the account as I explained which has come about after 15 months where we were paying 78.00 per month this was a fixed DD set by EON after 15 months they wanted us to increase our DD to 392.00 DD per month based on our actual consumption for that year of course we are now paying the outstanding debt and out ongoing consumption our actual usage for the last few months (although I appreciate its summer averages at about £36.00 gas and £52.00 electric
  13. Thank you I cancelled the DD when they took the 578.00 and am paying what I can towards the outstanding amount but they will not lodge any further complaint due to the deadlock letter despite making error after error The ombudsman are saying also as we received our deadlock letter over 9 months ago it is unlikely they will take it on We cannot change supplier as we have the outstanding debt caused by the year underestimated bill Yesterday I had six automated phone call messages from EON They are the most pig ignorant advisors that I have ever dealt with
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