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  1. Thank You, I will attempt to get a copy of this file from my Solicitors, and like you say try and engage a different firm. I will also have a good luck at my agreement, all the last letter said from them was that it was a no win no fee (the costs of this ongoing matter resulted in over 29k on the last statement) I was originally with another firm up until early this year, But this company went into administration and passed my Sons file on to this new firm to carry on. Its all confusing, and my head is mashed with 'Googling' everything. But, Thank you again for your a
  2. Because the Solicitors have 'Copies' of Medical records stating the dates he was discharged from their care, this is false as we have proof of the dates of discharge. Also copies of apparent surgical procedures he as had.. Which to my knowledge never happened. Without going into all the details.. as its so complex! Basically the GP failed to to admit my Son into Hospital after 6 appointments in a week, vomiting blood, and passing blood threw stools, This was passed off as a virus. (These records are missing) From there my son had a major surgical problem and had septic shock,
  3. Sorry I am quite new to this site. and quite stressed with it all. The Hospital have stated that my son was discharged from their care in September, when it was infact it was the middle of October. They also state that my Son had 2 operations, when he had 9 in a month. There are so many missing details from his care on all 3 occasions he stayed in Hospital.
  4. Hi, We have witnesses, Photos and Video evidence. My son is 20yrs old now.. I have contacted a few Solicitors today, But we are unsure at the moment if they will be prepared to take his case on, as the deadline to bring them to court is only a few months away now, due to the delay in medical records in the last 6years. Thanks
  5. For over 5 years Myself and my Son have attempted to bring a case together for Medical Negligence against an Hospital in Sheffield from the time frame of 1996 -2010 where my son suffered terribly and was in critical conditions on 3 occasions. We appointed a solicitor back in 2011 to deal with this matter, In 2016 this firm of Solicitors went in to Administration, and we were passed on to another firm to carry on our case. It is a very complex case we as there are many issues dating from 1996-2010 with 3 Hospital stays. We have recently received a letter from this new firm of Sol
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