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  1. I had a 15k debt with Lloyds bank, defaulted 2010. I am now receiving emails from Capquest. I am in Scotland-is this debt of credit cards and loans now statute barred?
  2. Thanks for your reply - do you mean the law is changing regarding audit trails with the introduction of GDPR- does it not already exist?
  3. I recently submitted a complaint regarding Hospital records it was rejected as out of time and staff amnesia – incident occurred 2015 – despite me only recently becoming aware of this. I have since applied for the audit trail relating to the records, as I believe misconduct has occurred. @nhsggc refused me this and said they will examine this internally and if my records have been altered/ accessed inappropriately they will deal with this. This is unacceptable as I have good reason to mistrust them. I am also certain und
  4. I have no proof of how these are held. The fact is I was told if it was all my records it would cost 50.00 - that is the reason I amended the SAR to read between 2010-15. Also on NHS Inform it states - You will always be told the cost before you make a decision. I was never told I would be billed for £50.00. If I had known it would have been the same I would have opted for all my records.
  5. I agree they have charged the max - however my GP informed me when I first requested access - if it was all my notes it would be 50.00. I explained what I was trying to determine occurred between 2010-15- She then asked me to amend my SAR so it didn't read all my records. If I had known it was going to be 50.00 either way I would have chosen to have them all. When I went to view my records - she had already printed off what she wanted me to read. Also I can't find it recorded anywhere you have to pay for the GP's time. If you go to view your online records i
  6. On applying my GP informed for all records it would be £50.00. I explained I didn’t need access to all, the problem I was trying to resolve occurred sometime between 2010-15. I was given a date for viewing, when I arrived there the GP had printed off letters in advance - 38 in total. 20 of these I already had – 2 were irrelevant and 2 was just my registration details. I said I would need to take them home and read them, she tried to convince me to stay and read them there – I stayed approx 30-45 mins. I did not view records online. A few days later I received an i
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