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  1. Aside from that when I contacted their collections department I did not tell them I had an email proving the debt was already cleared in 2013, I simply said that the company had changed hands three times, my debt had been passed around, and perhaps there was a small possibility that there had been a mistake and whether they should look into it first before sending me letters demanding money. He was sure there could not possibly have been a mistake and was eager to sign me up to a weekly or monthly payment plan. I refused and suggested that debt companies don't normally wait 3yrs to chase
  2. Hiya, I took out over a dozen payday loans in 2013 and got myself into considerable debt. I paid them all off with payment plans over the course of a year and was proud to have got myself out of a considerable hole. Today (3 years later) I received a letter from a collection agency saying I owe £400 to a payday loan company. Contacting me 3 yrs after the loan was taken out seemed odd to me and took me by surprise (payday loans was a stress I thought I'd buried long ago) Fortunately I kept a record of what happened to me in 2013 and so I could see it had already been paid off. T
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