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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, Apologies I hope this is in the correct section of the forum. Ok, about 20 months ago when I was 8 months pregnant with my second baby I was in Boots with my little boy (3) ..... he picked up a 1.99 eye liner when I was looking at some make up - I took it off him and placed it in the buggy hood - I then paid for all my shopping left the store and was stopped by a store detective and taken to the back office - even though I said I wasn't aware I had it - he was still insistent I was stealing and called the police. It was madness. Two PCSO came, and to be honest I remember the wording 'restorative justice' being mentioned, and first time offence etc - I didn't sign anything to do with the police - they said they were going to drop something through my door which never arrived and apart from being traumatised by the whole thing as it was so unjust I have put it to the back of my mind. Until, I applied for a new job which requires as enhanced DBS. Its within care so has to be clean, or no job - would this be likely to appear? I've been trying to research and some says it probably wont, others that it will - I just wondered if anyone has any advice? Thank you very much in advance
  2. Hi everyone, was looking for some advice on a situation I have landed myself in. Recently was offered a job as a pest controller, in the interview process, the application form said about criminal convictions. It said under the rehabilitation act 1974, I did not have to declare spent convictions, so I never. However, I have just received my contract and it states I have to pass an Enhanced disclosure. Im crapping myself as I have 3 minor convictions when I was a teenager. I have received a fine and 2 conditional discharges as a result, but have been out of trouble since 1989. How will this affect my job? Can anyone help please? Thanks Steve
  3. Hi I read the forum and could not find a similar post, therefore decided to post myself. A year ago I was caught using my friends Freedom Pass in the underground and was given a caution by the Inspector to remain quiet and give my personal details. Two weeks later I received a letter from TFL inviting me to attend a PACE interview under caution with TFL prosecutors, and due to exceptional circumstances the case was settled out of court and I had to pay a hefty fine. During the interview under PACE caution i admit using the freedom pass on more occasions and showed my remoteness and great regret as well as shame. Even though my case did not go as far as court, i am still concerned whether I will be on any records - PNC, DBS and CRB? This is my only concern which delays going ahead with the application for the naturalisation. I contacted a lawyer and I was told that I may still be on any records even though the case was settled out of the court. I contacted 2 lawyers and each of them said a different outcome, one said I will come up on records regardless of the out of court settlement and the other lawyer said as it was an out of court settlement I will not be on any records. I have made an effort contacting lawyers yet there is no clarity on this issue at all, therefore i am turning to this forum for any help and advice that may bring some clarity. 1. Can you please tell me if I may be on any records? 2. Is there a way how I could find this out myself if I am on any records? 3. I understand that the application for the naturalisation will be taken very seriously and any past caution may affect my application, does anyone have had a similar issue? 4. I suppose Home Office would see any type of caution and misuse of Freedom Pass as a bad character?
  4. Last month I applied to be a volunteer for a charity. They asked me for a standard DBS, which they will pay for, and it will be sent to my address. I have registered with the online DBS tracking system and it is still halfway through. In the meantime I am moving and I won't be able to receive the printed copy of the DBS. How can I inform the authorities involved that I am moving and would that invalidate my DBS? Thanks.
  5. I have been offered a job working in a secondary school (in the kitchen) where I will be required to have an enhanced DBS check and I wanted to know whether my Husbands caution from 2 years ago would show up on relevent information.
  6. Hi everyone, In June 2011 I was caught travelling on an incorrect ticket and was interviewed under caution by a FCC revenue Protection Officer. He didn't take my signatures on the statement or his notes although I clearly remember him stating the caution and then proceeding with the interview. Thnaks to this forum, I got some good guidance on how to handle such a case and managed to pay a charge to FCC prosecution department and persuaded not to proceed further with the case (a substantially high amount imho but I was travelling without a valid ticket so was clearly in the wrong). Now,I am required to apply for a job which requires me to have a DBS/CRB Standard Criminal Record Check. I am worried that the 'caution' may show up on the criminal record although I am certain that the caution procedure was not strictly adhered to. Please can you advise if such a caution will show up on my criminal record? Your comments are most welcome. Thanks,
  7. Hello all. My wife is going to be starting a course at college soon and will be required to do one day per week at a local preschool. She has to do a DBS check with Capita for the placement but it has been a nightmare. The preschool has only just been registered with Capita and they don't appear to know how the checks work. So far she has applied herself, via online application, and was told to take in the relevant ID to the preschool along with an ID verification sheet with regard to OFSTED. Trouble is the role that she will be doing is not on the OFSTED sheet and the Capita FAQ's state that the preschool should have given her the application and that they need to verify the ID online themselves. She has made numerous calls/emails to Capita and OFSTED but they are about as much use as a chocloate teapot. Has anyone been through this process yet with regard to a preschool DBS? Regards TheLion
  8. Ive had to send off 5 enhanced DBS checks, as i registering to be a childminder. Four of them have been returned and we are still waiting for the 5th, my sons. We didn't list any convictions as he, as far as we know, didn't have any, but the delay has now made us wonder a couple of the. Firstly he accidentally drove down a bus lane, paid the fine - should this have been listed. It was a few years ago and he was caught on camera, not pulled over by police so cant remember who the fine was from -council or police Secondly on a drunken night out with the lads he was put in the back of the police van, drove up the road, and let out again - is this a caution? As he was drunk he doesn't remember all the details - whether his name and address were taken - he wasn't fined, taken to court etc Thirdly he was punched a couple of years ago, in a night club, ended up in hospital, thrown out of court as judge said it was too dark to be able to identify the attacker properly!!!!, he wasn't charged or arrested as he didn't retaliate, but the fact that this is down on some police computer should we have listed that. Ofsted and DBS aren't really much help telling me anything as its not my DBS and because my sons at work all day he is unable to ring them
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