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  1. No. It makes direct reference to PPI.
  2. Received an odd letter yesterday from J D Williams. We had an unenforceable account with them that became Statute Barred in February 2015. The letter makes reference to a PPI claim that we put in in 2008, that we have no record of. A check has also been included and the wording states that they made a mistake after rejecting our original complaint and that the payment is the 'full & final settlement' and the complaint is now closed. Any idea as to what is going on here? Are they trying to reset the Statute Barred clock if we cash the check? Any advice wo
  3. Had to post this up as I am absolutely fuming!!! The oven on our repaired cooker went wrong again last Monday evening. I phoned AO and they tried to pass me off to New World again which I was not having. I stated that the last manager that my wife spoke to stated that if the cooker went wrong again they would replace it. After numerous phone calls to AO I was informed on Wednesday that they would replace the cooker as New World wanted to repair it yet again!!! The guy I spoke to stated that the earliset that they could deliver was today and that we would have to get the cooker d
  4. The problem with FOI requests to our HA is that the Act does not apply to a charity, as they have already informed us. So we can't legally request them but we allegedly have a Right to see policies & procedures as a tenant but they can just refuse to provide them. And after all, the HO will just back them up. With regard to the material they referred to in their arguments that they could not, sorry, would not supply, we are in the same position as above. The HA can reference any material, not back it up with physical proof, and it doesn't matter. How can you fight against that?
  5. Our HA to this day have still not even provided us with copies of their complaints procedure, appeals procedure, Right to Buy policy and Customer Care policy. They just kept on stating that the requests we put in were 'disproportionte'. Well obviously the HO think that this is acceptable behaviour. After all, you don't want your customers to know if you are abiding by you procedures and policies do you!!! Better just to say that we are not giving them to you as your request is disproportionate!!! You can treat them as you like then...
  6. Just received the decision from the HO and it's a complete and utter joke. They have sided with the HA. Even though the HA failed to provide us with basic documents like their complaints procedure, appeals procedure and any evidence that they directly referred to in their argument. The HO obviously beleive that this is acceptable!!! I can't belive that this is right. So it's ok for an HA to make up any old tripe and quote it to you as hard evidence because they don't need to back it up when you ask for it!!! Perhaps we'll receive a letter stating that our rent has incre
  7. Update: The Cooker has now been repaired. Following the engineer visit on Wednesday, during which he could not repair the cooker there and then, AO decided that they would rather send out a new part than replace the cooker. This caused a lot of concern as the new part did not arrive until yesterday. Though thankfully it is now up and running for the festive season. Thank you to everyone who replied to this thread. Have a great festive season and an even better New Year. Regards TheLion.
  8. Quick update. After a heated discussion on Monday, a manager at Ao has agreed to send an engineer to have a look at the cooker on Wednesday. If the cooker cannot be repaired there and then, they have agreed to send out a next day delivery replacement. Not heard anything about what time the engineer is coming out yet. Hopefully it all works out.
  9. Apologies Bankfodder. The make and model of the cooker is: New World NW50ET Electric Cooker (Black)
  10. Hello. Could someone advise us please on the following problem? We purchased an electric cooker from AO in April and only use it once a day. Today it started giving off an acrid electrical burning smell so we had to turn it off and disconnect it. AO tried to pass the buck to the manufacturer when we initially contacted them but my wife argued the point that they are respnosible as they sold us the product. What are their legal obligations on this and what rights do we have? Any help would be fantastic. Thnk you TheLion.
  11. Update: The ICO are looking in the Data breaches, but state that they will not inform us of anything that happens... We declined the early resolution with our HO through the Housing Ombudsman as negotiation with them seems pointless and we are stressed enough without beating around the bush again. We now have to wait upto ten months for them to investigate it!!! Apparently they are dealing with cases 10 - 12 months older than ours. They have also asked our HO for evidence but requested nothing from us. All we have provided so far is what we could fit onto the complai
  12. No further contact from the Housing Ombudsman yet. With regard to the latest Data Protection breaches by our HA we have not heard a thing. We are at the start of the third working day now and they have not even acknowledged our emails. The first time this happend, the Managing Director called my wife at work and wanted to speak to her back at our house as it was a 'very serious matter'. Can you go straight to the Housing Ombudsman if your HA won't even acknowledge your complaint?
  13. Waiting for the Housing Ombudsman to contact us. They have taken on the complaint so the ball is rolling. Our HA are really incompetent. In March they sent out a blanket email that included ours, and over two-hundred customers email addresses. Some of the addresses had full names of the owners. They informed the ICO themselves after three complaints, one of which was ours. They stated that this would not happen again and the idiot who did it had received 'training' Obviously this has not worked as we received another email last Wednesday from the same idiot which was s
  14. The evidence that we have so far is: Tenancy Agreement with terms and conditions that state we have the Right to Buy from 2001. Four written letters confirming that we have the Right to Buy from a Legal Administrator of their company in 2004. One written confoimation that their company confirms that we have the Right to Buy from 2004. A RTB2 confirming that we have the Right to Buy from 2004. The problem we have is that s171B (6) does not state that the Right to Buy cannot be transferred. It only defines what the relevant 'dwelling-house' is if a 'qualifying pers
  15. This is probably a stupid question but would someone mind clarifying the following in relation to my last post. The evidence we have states that s171A - s171H of the Housing Act 1985 applied to my mother. The HA and their solicitor are choosing to ignore s171B (1) - (5) and focusing, sorry, twisting (6) to fit their case. Can they state that only this subsection applies with no evidence to back it up? Is it illegal to not take into consideration the entirety of s171B which applied to my mother and proves, that we legally gained the Right to Buy? Is it legal f
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