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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, I have an annual season ticket zone 1-2. I recently moved to Catford and yesterday I was stopped by an inspector. I produced my ticket but this is zone 3. He then asked me where I was travelling from and where I lived. I have money on my oyster to pay for the difference. But then he asked me where I had travelled from in the morning. I said I had forgotten to tap in the morning as I was running for the train. He then cautioned me. I have been living in England for a few years but I don't understand what that means exactly? Seems this a legal t
  2. I recently received a notice of intention to prosecute from First Capital Connect, where they explained my case of ticket dodging and what the maximum penalties that can be imposed on me. I sent them a letter to explain the situation and they replied back saying they will be continuing with the case. However, I was travelling on the same journey again and was checked again by another Revenue Protection Officer. I explained the whole case to him and his opinion. He stated that going to court was the last possible option the Company would pursue. The Prosecutions Department did out of court
  3. Hi everyone, In June 2011 I was caught travelling on an incorrect ticket and was interviewed under caution by a FCC revenue Protection Officer. He didn't take my signatures on the statement or his notes although I clearly remember him stating the caution and then proceeding with the interview. Thnaks to this forum, I got some good guidance on how to handle such a case and managed to pay a charge to FCC prosecution department and persuaded not to proceed further with the case (a substantially high amount imho but I was travelling without a valid ticket so was clearly in the wrong).
  4. I was caught by the revenue protection squad after travelling from one of the outer London zones on a Zone two oyster pass. I've been cycling in regularly and then getting the train then some days I admit that I neglected to touch in on my card and so just paid for the zone two. i've done this a several times and I admitted it to the revenue protection folk after they checked my card and saw the record. i have bought a range of zones 2, 3 and higher in the past on the card and when I'm not cycling i mostly touch in and out when i travel by train but sometimes forget and admit I som
  5. I have received a letter from First Capital Connect saying that they intend to take me to court for travelling without a valid ticket AND allegedly altering my ticket with intent. My ticket was in very poor condition and approaching its expiry date (so I thought!). The magnetic stripe no longer worked and the print on the front had become smudged and worn out. Glancing at it in my travel wallet I genuinely thought that the expiry date was the 18 March - however FCC staff urged me to look more closely and said they believed that it expire on 10 March. I explained that this was an ho
  6. Hi There Caught up in an unfortunate situation and need advise on next steps. Issue : I and my wife are good, hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizens. On 29-Sep, it was a stressful day after bad arguments at home. We both were not in a good state of mind. I have taken the car away to a Friends place, while wife decided to visit Luton Mall with my son so would have an peace of mind. We usually go to Luton from Leagrave by our Car, but as I was away, she thought to take train (FCC is the TOC in this case). When approached Leagrave station, she didn
  7. Hello All, I need some urgent help and advice here please. Let me first describe the sequence of events happened to give the details: On Saturday 9th We (myself, my wife and two kids (less than 5 years)) were travelling from East Croydon to London Bridge. We boarded the 11:50 FCC Brighton to Bedford train. I had my monthly zone 1 to 5 pass. For my wife we purchased the day card (£5.90). In the train we were asked to show the ticket. We showed it. Asked for railcard. I had that and showed it. It was completed faded and date was invisible – so inspector took the lighter and
  8. Hi All, I need some advise please My brother took my season ticket and was stopped by a revenue officer on the train. He didn't want me to get into trouble and so gave my details, the officer took the name he gave and address but did not do any further checks and said he believed him but took the ticket and gave him a temporary ticket for the rest of his journey He told me what happened when he got home and said that he was really sorry and that my details were given and i can send my photocard and a letter to the prosecution department saying it was me travelling So i
  9. This morning, Wed 20th March I travelled from Enfield Chase, changing at Finsbury Park. I touched in with my Oyster Card at the barrier between to get on the tube at Finsbury Park and a man watching over the barrier in plain clothes asked me to talk to his colleague. This colleague scanned my oyster card, I genuingly thought that I had tapped in at Enfield Chase and it turns out that I didn't which I explained to the inspector. He scanned my oyster card and mentioned some of my regular journies and asked where I was travelling to and told him Westminster. He asked if I had any ID with
  10. Hello I wonder if anyone can give me some guidance on a letter I received from First Capital Connect? I was on my way into work on the usual packed train and I was standing in the guards area at the end of the train. There were about a dozen other commuters in the same area (as there are everyday I get the train). The train was stopped at Essex Road and we were asked off the train. In the time we were waiting for our details to be recorded another 10-20 people were taken off each train as it came through the station - one train every 4 minutes at that time. I know that you should
  11. Hi, Having read through various other situations on this forum I have decided to write an apologetic and begging letter to FCC (I was caught with no ticket and gave a false address before giving them the correct one) and offer them an out of court settlement. I work with children and a court appearance would be disastrous. I have yet to receive any letter from them but I would like to write to them immediately as it is making me horribly anxious. I cannot find the address for the relevant department anywhere on the internet, can anybody help? Also, what is an appropriate amount to offer
  12. Hello, I recently returned from a holiday in Poland to find a delayed letter from the FCC wanting to prosecute me for an unpaid fare. I was travelling from Hatfield towards Kings Cross and before the stop at Kings Cross the ticket inspector arrived in my carriage. I was in possession of a 16-25 Young Persons Rail Card but I lost it on earlier on that day which I told the inspector. The ticket Inspector wrote me a ticket, i provided all the necessary details and told him that I could prove my Young Persons card from the receipt i received when i was originally issued it. He said that he w
  13. Hi all, Some advice needed please. I've posted this on one other forum on a different site already but received conflicting opinions about what I should do. I'm posting here too in the hope that someone may be able to offer something more concrete on how I should proceed. On Friday I received a Notice of Intention to prosecute from FCC. The notice stated that on the date in question and at time.....my details were taken by a RPI. No offence is mentioned, only that my details were taken. It then continues to say: 'This letter is to inform you of our inten
  14. Hi All, I think I've gotten myself in a fair whack of trouble and I've seen that this forum has really helped a few people out who have been in my situation in the past, I was wondering if anyone would mind looking over this letter? Hopefully it will explain everything, i'm planning on sending it to FCC. If you could tell me what you thought I would be extremely grateful. Thanks in advance. FYI I have not yet received any summons, I was planning on printing this off and delivering it to the prosecution dept in person. Dear First Capital Connect, I am writing t
  15. Help, my son received a notice of prosecution for incorrectly using a child ticket (he's just 18!) from First Capital Connect. He admitted the offence and wrote a sincere letter of apology for his actions and asked to not be prosecuted because of extenuating circumstances, reading difficulties, youth, stupidity and never having committed an offence previously. A letter arrived today dated 3 days ago asking for him to get in contact at his earliest convenience. I have tried the number all day on his behalf, because I wanted the Prosecutions department to know that he was aw
  16. ive been sent a notice of intent to prosecute. and im not sure what to do. i was travelling from hatfield to kings cross with a std ticket and i sat in first class. The only reason I sat in first class was because the train was overcrowded and I had been waiting for the train for over an hour. I walked down to the end of the platform got on the train and sat down. I really wasn't aware that you could be prosecuted for doing so. when the ticket inspector asked to see my ticket i showed it to him and this is when he told me that i would be fined for sitting there. He asked me to pay upfront
  17. Last month my ticket failed to work in a ticket machine and so I approached a guard to let me through the barrier. I purchase a weekly travel card from the ticket machine each week and pay by debit card. The machine prompts you to enter a photo card number prior to paying. On this occasion whilst purchasing my ticket I did not have my photo card to hand and did not recall the number from the top of my head. Rather than key in a random number i opted to type my name in as the photo card number so that it would be readily apparent that the travel card was mine (even if it did not match my pho
  18. On 12th April my daughter travelled from Brookman's Park to King's Cross. She purchased a return adding the travelcard option which came to £8.60 as she has a 16-25 railcard. As far as I can work out using National Rail's online journey planner this is correct. The route is shown as Brookman's Park to Hatfield and then change for King's Cross. She returned later that day but once on the train from King's Cross to Hatfield got a text from her boyfriend saying he could pick her up at Hatfield as he'd finished work early. There was a revenue inspector at Hatfield and she went straight up
  19. I'm looking for a bit of advice and help please. I travel on the Thameslink line a few times a week and use a carnet ticket to travel. On the relevant day I had validated my ticket (putting the required date of travel on the ticket) before entering through the barriers at St Pancras but used a childs felt tip pen as I couldn't find my biro and needed to get the train. I put the ticket through the barrier at St Albans to leave the station, but it didn't work. Looking at the ticket the pen had smudged and the date was now illegible. I went over to the gate and showed my ticket to the i
  20. Hi My sister has been summoned to appear at magistrates for 'failing to hand over a valid ticket for inspection and verification when asked to do so by an authorized person contrary to Bye Law No 18(2) of the Railway Byelaws made under section 219 of the Transport Act 2000.' She admits she offence (which took place at the end of July this year) but does not know how to proceed. Can she settle out of court? If so how is this best approached? (writing to First Capital Connect Prosecutions Dept?) If so is there anything specific she should put in a letter? Is it worth calling
  21. Hello please could anyone advise me i just got my letter forwarded to me yesterday and among the letter was a court summon from the magistrate court for falling to hand over a valid ticket for inspection. On the said day i topped up my oyster but did not realize that my oyster card have been exhausted when i got to the station(Haringey) thinking that i got money on my oyster card i tapped in but as i had headphones on did not notice it did not beep when i got to (finsbury park). i got stopped for inspection and i explained this to the officer in charge but he still issued
  22. A few months back I was caught at Hitchin station without a ticket. I wasn't on a train, I was connecting to another to get home. It is true that I evaded the fare deliberately, but it is also true that I hadn't had a square meal in two days and needed to get to my parents to eat something and scrub up. The guy who stopped me looked through all my old tickets and scanned my Oyster and told me I was being cautioned (which bizarrely started with me being read my rights - by a guy in a First Capital Connect uniform). I thought this would be followed by a request for the £20 fine, instead FC
  23. Dear All, PLEASE HELP! SHOULD I HAVE RECEIVED A COPY OF THE WITNESS STATEMENT THAT I WAS ASKED TO SIGN? I was recently caught using my husband's season ticket on a train into London. I was cautioned and signed a Witness Statement. The inspector said that I would hear from the prosecution department in the post. I then received a 'Notice of Intention to Prosecute' letter from First Capital Connect asking for information from my point of view. I explained that I was extremely sorry, detailed the reasons why I had done it and pleaded that they didn't take this to court. I then rec
  24. I have spent the whole day in tears which normally I would solve by meeting up with a friend and talking things through over a bottle of wine but this time I really am too ashamed to tell even my closest friends. Plus they could not provide the same level of advice as the people on this forum. I have spent literally the entire day on these threads and think it's great there are people who are happy to help. What happened to me started rather innocently. I sat in the nearest available seat on a First Capital Connect train From Welwyn North to King's Cross on my way to work one morning in
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