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  1. Thanks for your replies. I appreciate the view on the claim being after the exclusion period, however, the vets were aware that teeth/gums were excluded and she knew she would be covering the extractions. My sister has actually paid all the bill as the vets don't do direct claims with Animal Friends. It has not helped matters as the vets submitted the full claim on the first claim form - extractions ..everything! The vet also sent in a letter of support in December 2016 - which when she spoke to AF they claimed not to have received. The vets sent her a copy and submitted it again to AF. I
  2. Thanks for your reply UncleBulgaria The policy was taken out on 21st June 2016 - 14 days exclusion period - Animal friends . Yes she did have another policy for her other cat (for about 2 years) but cancelled it and went elsewhere on principal when this happened. She contacted the vets the day previous to taking him in when she noticed he was dropping his food. His first visit was the 8th July 2016. He is around 8 years old I think - she took him in from being a stray - neighbours moved and left him - but she knew him from a kitten so this is why she knows his age. H
  3. Hi Bankfodder I did edit my post into paragraphs but it doesn't appear to have worked! I will try again. Edited to add - the edit post option doesn't appear to be available for my original post?? Thanks Foxy
  4. Hi all… .I need advice on a pet insurance claim matter….apologies for the long post. My sister took her cat to the vets (July 2016) when he started dropping his food …this was a few weeks after she had insured him initially ….but a couple of days after she noticed the problem. The vets said he had lumps on the inside of his cheeks but his teeth and gums were fine. They gave him a course of antibiotics. These had little effect so she took him back a week later. The vets then said that he most probably had an immune system condition whereby they ‘reject
  5. Hi everyone My cat had to go into the vets for an op and the insurance company have declined the claim. I took him to the vet as he was having trouble eating - dropping food etc. They said his teeth were ok and his gums looked fine but he did have two lumps - one on the inside of either cheek - which he was subsequently biting on. They gave him some painkiller and antibiotic and said to bring him back if that did not work. I took him back as it worked for a couple of days and then he regressed. The vet (another vet) said that the best course of action was to have him in and do a
  6. Hi all I took N Power to Ofgem at the end of last year as they were not addressing my complaint - mainly that they kept saying that the block on my account had been removed (when it hadn't) and I was unable to transfer to another provider. .due to arrears. .that were their fault as they had failed to claim my direct debit for 5 months one year and 7 months the next!! (new systems apparently). they were told they had to provide me with statements (which mean nothing as they do not detail anything!!) and also allow me to set up a payment plan to move the electric from t
  7. Thanks for your reply. They are all devastated. He spoke to the vet who said initially she died from shock and then said from blood loss..which we both know are one and the same really. He has collected her and is having a post mortem carried out by another vet. He has also got the report off the vet which mentions hospitalising her..Btw. ..this is not a service this practice offers as it is one vet (owner) and no vet nurses! He has applied a pressure bandage?? For a haematoma that he states had grown later! He will know more when the pm report is completed. Thanks
  8. Hi My relative took his dog in to be speyed and she died after being left to (internally) bleed to death after the locum vet agreed to hospitalize her and then went out on a visit leaving her unattended. Thanks Foxy
  9. Hi all Can anyone recommend a good solicitor who specialises in vet negligence claims? Thanks Foxy
  10. Thanks for your replies Dotty and dx - I will get the defence done tonight, signed and scan and email it to the court tomorrow. Foxy
  11. Hi guys I am dealing with this on behalf of my sibling. She received a court claim from the above. I helped her do her AOS and she sent a CPR 31.14 request off to Restons (solicitors) and a CCA request off to AG. Replies came and AG stated that they sent the cheque back but would send the agreement blah blah. Restons said, basically, that she is not entitled to see the documents and they would neither supply them or give her an extension to her defence deadline. They did not, however, mention the usual - because it will be allocated to the small claims C
  12. Thanks everyone. Caro - that is true and CAG is an extremely useful place for support, opinions and guidance on dealing with these vultures and my thanks go, as always, to the caggers that helped me on the way. My half of costs were very minimal, they wanted us both to stand our own costs at first and then negotiated to pay half (well, just over half actually ). Foxy
  13. Hi everyone. Decided to negotiate with **** - they accepted this (said about a Consent Order) and my sis filled in the form and sent it back with her proposed payment of £1pm. She spoke to NDH and they talked her through all her options. The woman @ **** solicitors said to send everything through to her which my sis did. She has then received a letter saying they want £20 a month or they are taking it to court. She called them but the solicitor is on hols until next Wednesday. What total and utter a***holes.
  14. Hi everyone Just a quick update on my thread. Cabot have dropped the case as expected/hoped within a matter of 10 days of my passing it to a solicitor. Not only that, they are paying half of my costs. Result. Thanks
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