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Found 2 results

  1. Paramedics to be given body cameras to protect them from abuse READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/paramedics-to-be-given-body-cameras-to-protect-them-from-abuse
  2. ive been advised by my doctor to make a claim for clinical negligence, on 21st april I suffered a massive heart attack . my wife phoned 999 , when I had been complaining of chest pains for approx. 20 mins . I don't like hospitals so for the 20 mins I kept sayin no ,till the point I could no longer speak . she spent 15 mins on the phone to the 999 operator explaining my pains ,struggling to breath going blue , twice I stopped breathing for approx. 30 seconds. my children witnessed it all plus another family member and a life long friend. when the paramedic turned up , he told me to stop pi55ing around and to get up off the floor as I was having a panic attack and that's why I couldn't breath . I couldn't speak but managed to shout out for him to get the hell out of my house and get someone in who could do their job as I knew there was something seriously wrong . the paramedic was at my home around 20 mins and the only thing he did was attach some clip to my finger and state there was nothing wrong with my air intake as my lungs were 98% saturated. the ambulance finally arrived , then the paramedic relayed to them it was either panic or anxiety so they then sat outside my home address for nearly 1 hour , no tests were done at all ,the only things said were calm your breathing its just panic . they eventually took me into hospital , accompanied by my sister in law . we were left in a cubical for approx 1hr. a nurse then came in and asked about my symptoms . I told her pain down my face , numb left arm ,shoulder pain and the feeling of been crushed by an elephant . she immediately did an ecg . disappeared rather quickly and returned asking me what I thought was wrong with me . I stated I thought I had suffered a heart attack .she replied " no you are still having one you need surgery now " she then sprayed the gt spray under my tongue to relieve my symptoms twice on 2 occasions , then injected me with morphine , after this point a lot is blurry . I was transferred to Sheffield ccu were they did an emergency angioplasty . and inserted a stent into my artery as it was blocked by a blood clot. all in all it took over 3.5 hours for this to happen all because in my view an untrained ,not bothered paramedic decided it was a panic attack and did not listen to anyone in the household what my symptoms were . I am now on 6 more different drugs , 5 for life which I believe could have been reduced if the time limit had been considerably reduced . my children were traumatised by the whole situation , I am baby sat 24 hours a day (have also been recently diagnosed epileptic (but have absence seizures as well) I have lost all faith in the paramedic service and the incompetence of the man who first saw me , could mean someone elses life could be in danger . my wife did make a formally complaint by phone , twice they have rung her back the 2nd time they stated that as it is so severe they are not proceeding by the normal protocol. I have rung national accident helpline and given details but is it worth pursuing . The main reason I want to take action is I don't want this paramedic misdiagnosing someone else and it ending up in an even worse situation.
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