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Found 15 results

  1. Hello all. First of all thank you very much for supporting this website. It has given me some hope in what to me appears to be a very dishonest situation. Summary PCN received after stopping for 12 mins at the entrance to a P&D car park in which ALL 4 Spaces were blocked by a wooden pallet each with a notice saying the road was too narrow for parking and emergency access. Details Broadwater Street West in Worthing, West Sussex is a short, narrow L-shaped side street running along the side of Starbucks and to the left behind it and other buildings, giving access to lock-
  2. I have an issue with a drain that floods the area outside the front door of a property I rent. The drain is in a private road, owned by a local church. Every time there is a heavy storm, the drain overflows and creates a large puddle up to 4" deep outside my front door. As cars come down the road to attend the church, water is pushed over the door stop and floods into the basement. I spoke to Thames Water last year and they informed me that the ownership and responsibility laid with the church. I contacted the church but no action was taken so Thames Water agreed to send someon
  3. My neighbour has parked their 2 cars as per the attached photo so that I can not access my garage or park outside my own garage. I own the garage. Legally what can be done about this please?
  4. I opened a Club Lloyds account prior to Xmas, primarily for the benefits it advertised. Under doctor’s orders, I am currently abroad to reduce my stress levels. I have a large sum of money in my account, and have been trying to use the time to move this to other accounts I have that it will earn interest on. Each time I try to make a transaction, either using online banking or via debit card, to other accounts in my name which are already set up with my online banking, Lloyds block them and make me call their Fraud Team. I am making the calls from abroad,
  5. Hi all, Looking for advice... National Grid dug up the pavement outside my and my neighbours house last Thursday to replace gas pipes (scheduled work, not emergency). Unfortunately my car was trapped on the drive and they made no effort prior to notify me of works and ask for the car to be moved. The hole was open for 5 days, after which (with warning to them) I took it into my own hands and filled it in. I lost a days work (Saturday), and invoiced them for half a days labour on the Monday (this is confirmed in a recorded phone call). Just wondering what the forum think my
  6. We will no longer be able to give advice or to comment on the Npower Nightmare Facebook group because we have been blocked. If you are a member of one of the other groups – Npower Boycott, Nasty Npower, Consumers Against NPower, etc and you see comments which are posted on this forum or in one of those groups and which you feel might be useful to the people who are on the Npower Nightmare Facebook group, then you might think to relay those comments to those people because we will be unable to do so directly. Some of you might also feel inclined to let the members of the Npower Nightmare
  7. I guess my employer has the upper hand on this but I thought I would check with forum members. I was recently passed over for promotion despite being the longest serving and most experienced member of the team and a younger guy got the post. It was all done quite secretly and when I found out, it had already happened. I complained but was told that it was the decision of our division's big boss in the US, so basically tough luck. Feeling quite cheesed off by this episode I applied for and got a good position within another division of the same company. Everything appeared to be going
  8. Lloyds recently blocked my account for 7 days, first saying this was due to fraud investigation, but then formally confessing that was due to bank's "processing error". The block caused enourmous problems for me, resulted in declined direct debits, canceled meetings (I just did not have cash (!) as this is my primary bank account), simply ruined my plans and caused unnecessary stress. All this time they kept saying we do not know when your account will be opened. I beleive the Bank should be accountable for the damage it caused me and my family. They offered ridiculous compensation f
  9. In July, I lost my phone. We phoned up Virgin, the phone and sim were then blocked and I was sent a new working phone + sim. I've now found my old phone. I understand that because it's blocked, I can't do anything with it, really. So, what can I do with it? Can I recycle it? Or is that a problem because the phone is blocked?
  10. Hi I live in N.London (Haringey Council) on top of a 3 floor apartment block. There are 3 car parking spaces allocated - 1 to each flat - and comprise 1 at the front which is accessible via dropped kerb from the main road and 2 at the rear in a side-by-side configuration that form part of what was the garden. The property is Freehold and all the spaces are marked on the deeds Access to these rear spaces can only be achieved via a single lane access road that runs down the side of our block. The road extends further down and links into a private road. Our part of this road is unadopte
  11. Hi All Just a quick and mild incident but would be interested in comment and opinion. I was parked in a family member's drive when a bailiff called to collect unpaid business rates from another property which the council is not going to get as the business is bust (ironically by the same council). My brother opened the door and when he found out who it was he called me to the door to sort it out as I have a bit more confidence in these matters. I told the bailiff we would not sign anything, would not give him any money and would not be granting him legal entry. He was a bi
  12. Hi there Gulls & guys!! My account has been blocked by Santander as I've deposited £15,000 in small denomination of 1,000's but with in 2 weeks duration. Now its more than 3 weeks & they've blocked my account totally. I've gone to my main branch & a smaller branch & found them all very unhelpful. They keep on telling me that someone in the FRAUD DEPARTMENT will contact me but basically they haven't made any effort to contact me. I've launched an official complaint as well & got the reply that there is no time limit for the fraud department to contact me. I'm in a big f
  13. Hi The external drain which deals with waste from the kitchen is totally blocked and flooding our front garden. My husband attempted to clear it by putting rods down but cannot open to cover as a key is needed. The Landlord doesn't have anything to open it and informed us that as he's away on business we'll have to sort this ourselves! I'm far from happy about this as I don't believe it to be our responsibility as it's an external drain plus we cannot afford to get anyone out to clear it for us. It is really badly blocked, any water going down the sink or from the washing machine is
  14. with the recent heavy rain our rear service lane 'filled up' and flooded my garage. the cause of this was 2 blocked road drains. the council had been told they were full on many occasions, they ignored the calls, even from their own workers. i have contents cover on the garage but it will not cover the full damage. can i make a claim against the councils insurer's?
  15. Hi all, haven`t the foggiest where to ask this but our water is high in the outside drain and loo going down slowly. Problem happened before but I can`t remember which way the flow went and who was the end of line before the waste went into main sewer in the road? I suspect my neighbour is last in line so the blockage must be from her to main sewer so is she responsible? last time, I am informed, due to my bad memory, that the problem was in the main sewer way down the road?
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