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Found 23 results

  1. Hi there, seeking advice of the legal variety... Over a month ago now, Virgin Mobile called me as an existing customer to try to upsell me a new phone and tariff. After discussion an offer was made that was too good to decline. A new S8 and suitable tariff for £29 per month over the period of 24 months. The offer was made of two parts, a loan for the device at £25 per month and the tariff of £4 per month. At the end of the 24 month period, I would just be paying the tariff of £4 per month. I was pleased with this offer and accepted. I confirmed the offer
  2. Hello TCAG forums, I currently have an ongoing dispute with VM over a Galaxy S6 home button manufacturing issue that has been denied exchange/repair over evidence the phone has been rooted. Most of my case has been documented here - hxxp://community.virginmedia.com/t5/Mobile/Repair-refused-on-days-old-handset-due-to-root-Galaxy-S6/td-p/2918695 To summarize for everyone on these forums, the home button was loose on delivery of the phone, but operating okay for the first few days. It then began to stop registering some pushes when the button was pressed on the right hand side. After co
  3. Had grief from Virgin Mobile, with an unhelpful call centre staff member (not for the first time). They want to sell you a new phone, or a larger tarrif, but asking questions about the tarrif isn't what they want, and when I asked for help and followed their instructions : it didn't fix the problem.) I'm in credit with them, which credit runs out in 3 months (it was a PAYG SIM initially, topped up numerous times to get 'free data' the next month, and when it had accumulated a large balance I was never going to use, converted to a pay monthly SIM, to use up the credit balance). [VM sugge
  4. i closed my virgin media tv acct in july 2015. ....waited for a final bill until aug and then paid that in full 3 weeks later..... ..2 weeks after that they defaulted me which made my credit rating fall by 223 and went into the poor section..i was not a happy person ....went onto the forums here and found the ceo mr hockbridge and i emailed him telling him this. ..they responded by saying a dedicated TEAM WILL DEAL WITH THIS.. THEY CONTACTED MY 2 DAYS LATER THE PERSON NOT VERY HELPFUL AND SAID THE DEFAULT WOULD NOT BE REMOVE. ...i then waited another 3 weeks and
  5. Hi guys My wife has a phone on contract with Virgin Mobile (Galaxy S5) and has had no issues up until recently for the past 6 weeks she has been restricted on numerous occasions what has happened is she recently changed her number as she was getting alot of spam messages and calls so they actually sent her a new sim card and promised a new number and her tarrif would be swapped over. So she received the new Sim popped it into her phone and obviously thought her tarriff would be there and started using it as normal up until again her phone was restricted and when she phoned up they sa
  6. Just had a letter from Virgin Media saying they are switching a 24 month contract phone (Still 10 months to run) from Unlimited to 2GB as it is Uneconomical for them to continue to offer it. The options are 1 To cancel with no penalties and keep the phone. 2 Accept the new terms and pay extra if you go above the 2GB and still pay the same price as unlimited. Whilst some may find Option 1 appealing there's not much to be gained with the age of the phone. Can they actually do this and force people to accept these terms, especially since trying to find a truly unlimited tariff w
  7. Planning on going to France for a few days. I've had a quick look on the Virgin Media website in regards to charges when using my phone abroad. Do I need to actually do anything? IE, do I need to inform Virgin that I'm going abroad?
  8. Hi everyone. Friday, the 17th my Nokia's screen, or at least a part of it stopped responding, and problem was that it was in the most strategic place, just about at near bottom of it where all the 'OK' and 'NEXT' buttons are. I rang Virgin Mobile from another unlocked phone and discussed it's repair as it was still under the warranty. Just because of the nature of the fault I was unable to do any kind of backup, I was then assured by technical team that a note has been made of the system that I requested not to have any kind of reset. A lad I spoke to als
  9. I was just going to bed (I work nightshift now) when someone started banging my door so hard, I thought it was going to come off its hinges. My dog ran down the stairs barking. After a few minutes I heard someone close a car door. A few minutes later they came back and started banging my letterbox. I'm in my PJs so not going to answer the door. Eventually, after about 5 minutes they left the street. I looked out the spyhole and saw something attached to my door knocker. It was a postcard from Intrum Justitia chasing an alleged debt for
  10. In July, I lost my phone. We phoned up Virgin, the phone and sim were then blocked and I was sent a new working phone + sim. I've now found my old phone. I understand that because it's blocked, I can't do anything with it, really. So, what can I do with it? Can I recycle it? Or is that a problem because the phone is blocked?
  11. Hi anyone else recieve a letter from virgin about changing billing dates? below is the text from the letter . they now want me to pay in advance for my services and according to their website it doesnt give me the right to opt out of the contract without paying fees . Anyone with any thoughts ? I cant really get my head around it , and they say they are doing it because some of their customers are confused, I think lots are going to get confused. We wanted to let you know about some important changes were making to the way your billed .Please tak
  12. Hi Been trying to set up repayments on a defaulted mobile account which happened when I lost my job a year ago. The company is BPO in Ayreshire. Things still tight so i offered in writing £10 a month by direct debit with a view to reviewing if my finances improve in 6 months. 10 is generous at the moment. They accepted in writing and asked me to call to establish direct debit. I called tonight and they said I had agreed to make an initial paymrnt of £107 a complete fabrication. I declined. They then emailed me to say I need to provide income expend
  13. No idea how this company is legal. They're [problem] artists at worst and liars at best. I took out a phone contract around the 21st December as a Christmas present. The phone was obviously not used until the 25th and soon developed a fault. We called Virgin Media up about it and they sent us a replacement which took about a week to arrive. Alls well until the new phone develops the SAME fault with the screen. Call up to get another replacement, they refuse and say it's 'not a common issue with the phone' when a quick google search shows it's in fact a very common issue with pages and pag
  14. A Friend noticed a d/d going out of her account the other day which she knew nothing about, turns out virgin have been taking £23 every month since 2012 (£340 pounds worth). the bank refunded the money (yes i know, what a shock) contacted virgin who say that the phone was sent out but was returned in 3 days but the contract remained. (perhaps they have moved from Telephony to Telepathy). Usual promises were made i.e. money already refunded to the bank so A/C will be cancelled. 31st December letter comes to say a/c is 360 in arrears. We repeat the whole process of speaking to Brans
  15. I made a call from my virgin mobile to Traveline 08712002233 to find out if a certain bus route was operating as normal tomorrow, as the young person I look after was panicking about getting to her boyfriend's for Christmas. I was on the phone for 2 minutes 45 seconds. A bit later I had a text from virgin saying I had nearly reached my credit limit. I was confused as my bill is only normally about £25. I went online to check my bill and I have been charged £67.94 for this one under 3 minute call! Does anyone know if this is correct? And is there anything
  16. H this may have been asked before however I have had a letter from Virgin Mobile to say that the monthly cost of my fixed tariff is increasing due to the RPI along with the excess on my insurance increasing from £50 to £80 for any successful claim. I know there is not a massive increase in money however it's there anything that can be done as i feel this is a little harsh bearing in mind my tariff is supposed to be fixed.
  17. Hi all, I’m new to the forum and could use a little advise if anyone can help… Last year virgin media put their voicemail service on my phone line without informing me, I only discovered the service was active after 3 months of it being on my line. A lot of events have occurred during my fight over this and I’m wanting to know how much compensation I should be requesting, please have a read of the complaint and advise if you can… many thanks In april last year I was laid off from work without notice and got behind with bills, vm had restricted my services and when I spoke to them a
  18. We've been with Virgin (home phone) for many years (since they were NTL) - never had an issue with paying on time - always paid by Direct Debit. We had a voicemail message asking us to call 150 last week, but to be honest I thought it might be a sales call, so didn't phone back. On Tuesday my son said he hadn't been able to call me on my mobile phone. I tried and it was giving a discontinued tone, so I called to report it as a fault. I was told I would need to be put through to another department, who told me that mobile phone and international calls had been barred from my phone o
  19. Hi guys i have just cleared some debt off the past month and am now debt free but vodafone, o2, t mobile etc are declining me credit and im guessing it was related to this debt i have paid up. I have paid my Virgin Media bills every month on time if not before the pay date and keep getting mithered to take out a deal in my virgin media account i want a samsung galaxy s3 on virgin but bit worried they might also decline me
  20. Today I received the following email from webteam@virginmedia.com which I suspect is fraudulent as the only account we have had with Virgin many years ago was monthly PAYG for £10. Note the the spelling appears to non UK English. Do not click on the link as I no idea where it will take you and I do not intend to find out ; Dear customer, On 02/05/2012 an error occurred while samples from the monthly payment made to your account it was debited twice the sum of £ 50. For an immediate regularization of your situation and repayment of the amount charged, you must fill out the form belo
  21. I am not sure some calls on my latest bill were made by myself so to be sure I logged in to my virgin media to check the numbers. Unfortunately I was unable to do so as they come under the £0.50 and they only give you a breakdown/itemised online for over £0.50 per call. I phoned 150 from my landline to ask about these 19 calls and pretty much all were 08 numbers. I asked what the numbers were so I could check them but she said she wasn't allowed to do that and could only give me the first 4 digis and the last 4 digits, which really is not of much help as my plan was to Google search them
  22. Can anyone tell me if Virgin can demand a settlement payment for leaving them while still in contract, when the person, on whom they make that demand, is moving home to an area in which Virgin cannot supply the services? Btw, the person, from whom the £40+ is demanded, did not realise that she was entering into another contract when she accepted the additional charge of £2 for including 0845 numbers in her monthly bill. She has a pretty sharp memory and is certain she was not advised of this at the time.
  23. Just the facts any questions pls ask ordered two contact mobiles 4 weeks ago, received them within two days (a day late)--separate issue one a galaxy ace (for the mrs) 1075mins 250txs 500mb+3000 v-mins @£15.99 one a galaxy w (mine) 1100mins 500txs 500mb+3000 v-mins @ £20.99 quite a good deal - but 4 weeks on mine is still set as payg due to an it problem (the mrs is fine) phoned them several times...still it problem...will be sorted soon (total time on phone about 3.5hrs total) told them richard branson crossed the atlantic in a balloon quicker...call center not i
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