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Found 7 results

  1. I applied for a position at a company which had advertised for a large a number of vacancies for the same positions over 50 positions were available (i was told at the role play session that they had around 50 plus positions and they had to invite around 100 or 200 people who were shortlisted for the role play and interview part of the process) i applied online my application was accepted, i was then asked to complete a number of online tests which i passed, after a few days I was sent an email asking me to have a telephone interview which i also passed (was told i passed after a few days of having the phone interview) I was then asked to attend an assessment day, which consisted of a team exercise to see how we all got on in the team, this was then followed by an interview again which lasted around 20 mins and was then followed up by a telephone role play exercise. i was told that i would be told in about 2 weeks, someone from hr sent me an email telling me she was sorry that it was taking this long to come to a decision or something, don't have the email now, then i was sent a letter which i will try to find and also an email which states the reason for not being given the job as follows - "With regards to the xyz role, we were recruiting for a while for a number of positions, however the number of people required was reduced and as such those roles were withdrawn. I hope this clarifies the situation for you." that does not clarify anything at all and smells of a complete and utter cover up the company had over 100 people that they were asking to come to the assessment days at the company and partake in the tasks i mentioned above, then these would be shortlisted, i am of mixed race and i feel that the reason given above by the company is not a valid reason at all, it is impossible the company would simply withdraw all the roles as in their explanation above! why would the company spend all the time, effort and money in doing all the recruitemet procedure to simply turn around and say ""With regards to the xyz role, we were recruiting for a while for a number of positions, however the number of people required was reduced and as such those roles were withdrawn. I hope this clarifies the situation for you."" I think this is a weak and feeble excuse, they have not given me a real reason, i find it very hard to believe the company would spend all the time and effort in conducting the application form process, then shortlisting that, then asking me to take online tests and short listing that, then asking me to have a phone interview, then shortlisting that, then asking me to come to an assessmement with lots of other people and doing team exercise , followed by an interview, followed by a telephone role play - the same process for over 100 other people, so you see their excuse for withdrawing roles simply does not add up, why go to all the expense and hassle of doing what i have described above? where do i stand in regards to seeking further clarification and possible claim for discrimination, the company must be making it up they withdrew all the positions, simply not possible. i have read that you can claim at employment for job positions that have been refused if you can show discrimination or the company has acted wrongly, which i believe has happened in this case, in my assessment day there was only 1 other non white caucasion applicant - i think there was around 14 or 20 people that day with me
  2. Sorry its long just want to include all the details. On the 17th March I bought a 1.6 16v petrol Citroen Xsara Picasso 77k on clock from Trade Cars of Cleckheaton http://www.tradecarscleckheaton.co.uk/ for £1200 paying £700 cash and £500 on a debit card. On viewing the car when I first started it the car gave off quite a bit of smoke for about the first 30 seconds which cleared, the garage staff said, "it will be just condensation as its been standing for while". I test drove it and it drove ok apart from a front anti-roll bar needing replacing which I agreed to do so I bought it for £90 off the price. I didn't notice it giving smoke on first starting for first couple of days then when I did I monitored it for a few days and it was smoking quite heavily for about the first 30 seconds which then clears, and there was oil on the drive. I have monitored the oil level and it hasn't gone down. The oil leak was Power steering fluid coming from the steering rack. From Googleing the symptoms of the smoking I diagnosed it to be the valve stem oil seals, which when I got round to taking it to my mates garage he agreed and confirmed, he estimated about £650 to do the oil seals on that engine model, we didn't even discuss the steering fluid leak. He suggested trying some Oil Leak Stop fluid stating "it tends to either work or it doesn't with no inbetween" the can said it can take 200 miles to have its full effect. It was Thursday 30th March when I got round to contacting the garage after giving the fluid a chance (it didn't work). They insisted I contact Warranty wise and try and claim on the warranty, I told them they would not pay out but they still insisted so I submitted a repair request that was declined by Warranty Wise, the garage said they would now take it up with them and should get it through. This toing and froing took until Monday 3rd April when Warranty Wise offered me a goodwill gesture of £150 as they say the repair is not covered on the warranty I have been given by Trade Cars. At this point I emailed Trade Cars last night at 10pm stating I want to return the car in the morning for a refund due to it being of unsatisfactory quality and quoted the Consumer Rights Act 2015. I received an almost instant reply at the top in block capitals it said WITHOUT PREDUDICE, then : Dear Mr Leonard Thank you for your email. I will forward this to our legal advisor who will be in contact with you shortly. In the mean time we can not accept the return of your vehicle and suggest you await this response first of all. I telephoned them today asking when I can bring it back and the woman I have been speaking to said "we can't just take it back there's a process we have to go through our legal advisor should contact you shortly. One thing I am a little concerned about now is that when buying the car I was signing all sorts of stuff and counting money with a woman when a man came in and gave her a sheet which she asked me to sign and gave me a copy which I did not paying it much attention at the time it was a pre-delivery inspection sheet. Now the sh**s hitting the proverbial fan I have looked at it and most of the car is marked x for unsatisfactory, so much so it wouldn't get far at all if these items all had problems. I am beginning to get really annoyed about it and am thinking of taking it down there tomorrow and blocking the entrance to their lot with it until I get some satisfaction. Any advice appreciated thanks
  3. Hello, looking for some advice please. I'll try and keep this as short and to the point as I can given the complex circumstances! I started a new job last month & my contract (that was advertised in the job description is 35hrs per week Monday to Friday.) But my line manager (not my 'overall' manager), who interviewed me for the job said at the time that occasionally there will be weekend work i.e. if there are small events on and I said to him verbally, that's fine. However, since I started just over one month and a half ago, I've currently worked three weekends (Saturdays - not consecutively) without kicking up a fuss and I've just been informed by my 'overall' manager, that I'll be working the next three weekends in a row (meaning 6 days a week!) She seems to just automatically put me and others on without even asking us or conversing, which I find annoying and out or order. To further add insult to injury, I've not been asked, but been told that I've to work an extra one hour next week (on top of next Saturday's 8hr shift) which means that will be 13hrs overtime in one week! I actually have things planned for the next three weekends she's asking me to work coincidentally. Important to note: I have not been given a copy of my contract despite asking when I first started for a copy, to which my immediate manager said "what do you want a copy of your contract for?" and I replied so that I know my legals rights etc. I'm sure this would possibly mention the overtime coverage (if any) but the only thing I have to go by is a copy of a staff handbook that mentions overtime but says 'refer to your contract of employment'. So, my question to everyone is, do you think I am within my rights to say no to all this overtime at weekends especially when I don't get any advanced notice of a weekend shift coming up? Sorry for the long message. Thanks
  4. Hi, I wondered if anyone can help. I searched my credit file today & in the closed account section, there is 2 accounts with Lowell. I had problems with them in the past, but these were sorted out many years ago. From what I can tell, on one account they show payments of £11 a month finishing in 2011 & £10 a month finishing in 2015. My issues are 1. I didn't make these payments & have bank statements to prove. 2. By Lowell showing these payments, accounts on my credit file which should have been removed by now, are still there effecting my report & score. ((It says on my report that the only 2 negatives are that I have a serious default with Lowell & that I don't have a credit card) 3. When the accounts were closed it still shows a balance of £11 on one account & £10 on the other What can I do? Any help or advice gratefully received.
  5. I bought a couple of football shirts from Amazon, they were pretty cheap at £14.99 but I thought it must be right its Amazon right! I ordered and received a order confirmation stating the item was not in stock but would be dispatched as soon as they had more stock. I got an email a few days later stating that an error had been made with the pricing and that the items ordered would be cancelled, they went on to say as a gesture they would honour the price of one item and cancel the other. So I thought well at least I get one, since I bought these shirts for my boys I thought I'll go into town and pick one up from another reputable store so my boys are not fighting over who gets the shirt, this cost me £44. Yesterday I got an email saying and I quote "Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available. This item has now been cancelled from your order ". So now I am £44 down and I'm going to have to pay a further £44 to get the shirt for my other son. Is there anything I can do here, the item was a third away kit could I not request they supply a another shirt from the same team??
  6. I was sanctioned from 27th October to 27th March, was told when I signed on that day that my money should be in next day. Person who signed me didn't know I was sanctioned and it was ending. I phoned Job Centre who told me that I was going to be paid yesterday. Which I didn't. I phoned them again, now told that I needed a JSA 4 form(rapid reclaim) which they never told me about. If they did then I would have had my money in by now. Also Crisis Loans have been made obsolete. So can't get money. I don't understand why they never told me this before. I phoned up on the 28th March and the person never told m to fill out a rapid reclaim form.
  7. The Co-operative Bank are marching me to the top of the hill and down again like the Grand Old Duke of York! Prior to learning the error of my ways (from this site!) I wrote to them in April asking if I had been charged PPI on a credit card. I quoted the card's 16 digit credit card number in full. I received a reply from them at the end of May which contained the following comments: Having reviewed our records, and from the information provided by you, I have been unable to trace any credit cards in your name that included PPI. I have enclosed copies of statements as evidence of this. Although we are only obliged to keep records for six years our statement records actually go back to January 2000.With this in mind we are unable to pursue your complaint further and accordingly we have closed your complaint on our records. If however you can provide us with copies of any statements from prior to 2000 which show that PPI was included or any other documentary evidence to support your complaint we will be happy to investigate this matter further. Etc. Etc. Etc. With this letter they enclosed barely legible photocopies of 5 statements from the period 2000 - 2004. Having subsequently read up on this site I sent them a SAR and £10.00 postal order on 1 June. I have received their response, by letter today. The have returned my £10.00 postal order and state: Regarding correspondence received 8 June I am writing to advise that we are unable to locate any accounts, loans or credit cards for the customer on file. Please can you provide the full 16 digit credit card number, or sort code and account number, the dates the account was opened/closed if known and any previous addresses held. Please also enclose details of any name changes. I'm getting the runaround here. How do I respond please? They have got records, back to 2000 and they have confirmed that in writing. How do I stand on the 40 days with the SAR? Do I send the postal order back when I respond? How many deep breaths should I take before I respond? All advice gratefully received. Thanks.
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