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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I took my car in to a local garage to repair an oil leak around 2 months ago. From what the garage have told me, it looks like there was an oil leak on the car previously which had been badly repaired. It appears that the engine ran low on oil at some point and I've now been told I need a new engine The garage told me they would try to find a replacement engine but after waiting for a couple of weeks, I tried to find one myself. I've been able to find a reconditioned engine with 12 months warranty which can be delivered to the garage. I've confirmed with the garage an
  2. hi sorry I'm not sure where best to post this. We have a remortgage going through with nationwide. During the application process we were asked if we needed transfer of equity and we said yes. It then told us we needed legal advice for this and do we want a quote from one of their solicitors and do we want a quote? We said yes and it brought back a quote of £255, asked us if we wished to accept and I said yes and proceeded with the application. I then got the application summary which states everything: Transfer of equity required? Yes Free legals taken? Yes Soli
  3. I was amazed today when an insurance company refused to give me a quote due to failing a credit check. Why was I amazed?. Well firstly my credit report is fine and clear. Secondly, I wasn't asking for credit to pay my car insurence on monthly installments, I was going to pay the full year premium in cash. I have no idea why a credit check is required in order to buy things using cash. By cash I mean via my debit card. I thought that credit reports had nothing to do with buying things cash but sadly I have now been proved wrong. I did move home address recently howeve
  4. Got an online quote and ref. no. on Thurs evening 26th to insure a second car on Sat 28th. Didn't accept immediately, but recovered the quote in order to accept on Fri night 27th. On recovering the quote it was noticed the monthly payments had increased marginaly. Querying this on twitter I was informed "Hi, our prices are subject to real time pricing which can re-rate the policy. The best thing to do is call 0800 001066 and quote the reference to our sales team in check for you. Hope this helps, their open until 9pm this evening, Sj". Called the number given at around 19:30 an
  5. I tried to cancel my car insurance policy 2 days after I joined them. Their website instructions directed me straight to cancellations and then sent me around the houses but ultimately is set up to not accept a cancellation of policy - not within the cooling off period anyhow. I then wrote them emails - I have proof of sending three. They just responded to my cancellation emails by sending me a template informing me that I could cancel my policy free of any charges and get a refund if it was within the cooling off period but in order for me to incur no charges I must do it on their website.
  6. hi I recently decided to switch car insurance to save myself a few quid, wish I never bothered, I went with a company called Motor Quote Direct, ( Bedford Insurance, Wimbledon). After sending off proof of no claims, and driving license, all I keep getting is return letters saying they will cancel my policy for not providing documents, I have now resent copies to them using Special Delivery, costing me £6-22. thing is my temp cover runs out tomorrow, and they still not responded to my official complaint to them ( earlier in week). I guess my next step is the F
  7. I have had an ongoing issue with British Gas since my renewal dropped through the letter box in September 2014 for £340/yr. A fairly simple telephone call you might imagine to negotiate a better deal to compare to competitors at around £200/yr for the same level of cover. Anyway, two telephone calls that failed to result in a new price, due to "computer issues". Followed by various methods of them delivering the same £340/yr renewal quote with no explanation. Plus my complaints via on-line message through the website and to various complaints/customer service email addresses ha
  8. I tried to get insurance from the cheapest quote on GoCompare.com, which was for £800 from "4 Young Drivers". I called them and quoted the reference number, to which the chap on the phone told me that the price on the website was just the "referral price" and that I would never get that price. Instead he said I would be paying around £1,600!!! (My last years insurance was £600!!) Having contacts in the travel industry, I know exactly how this works, and these insurance companies use compare websites to drive calls, then find any possible reason to come away from the advertised price
  9. Hi everyone. Its my 1st post, apologies if i've done anything wrong on here. But i've been really worried and can't sleep tonight. i Wonder if anyone can help with this: I've been driving for 20 Years. I've never seen anything like this before. Paid the full years car Insurance online Got insurance Certificate, thought i was insured, got a 7 day cancellation letter, no phone calls notifying cancellation or asking for further information, think they are saying it's due to a failed credit check (their letter is below) I now need to get cover with another insurer. D
  10. Hi, I am in dispute with a builder and have made a claim against him via the small claims system. I am trying to get the last £350 out of him for a job, he has now defended and counter claimed saying some of the work is faulty and has gotten a quote from a local company to rectify the work, this is where I need advise. The quote is part of the claim package and it is obvious that the builder has got the company to really load the quote so that I would in fact owe him money. Example, the job would require removing 20 no. tiles from a window sill and replacin
  11. Just looking for some advice My wife just sold her car, there is about 2 months left on her insurance policy. Going onto Quote me unhappy's website they want £53 to cancel the insurance and an extra £30 if I call them to cancel it. There is no refund for the remaining term, which I can accept, but charging to cancel it seems well OTT, which I'm not about to pay. So 1) Is it just me or is this a complete rip off 2) Can we just leave the insurance running until June when it's finishes Thanks
  12. Hi All, I have unfortunately been the victim of some vandalism, with some kids smashing my passenger window, which in turn damaged the regulator that moves the window up and down, I managed to get the glass through my Insurance Glass cover, but Autoglass were unable to fit it, having found the damage caused to the Regulator. I asked my local garage who I have used before (although only once) if they would provide a quote for the cost to supply and replace the Regulator, and fit the Glass which I supplied, next day, I called to chase the garage, who told me the
  13. On the 7th of February, I called my car insurance company One Quote to cancel my car insurance policy. I was told that I had passed the 14 days grace period and I would need to pay an addition 120 pounds for the cancellation. I was so shocked because they had just taken out 60 pound for the month of February. I requested a breakdown of the cancellation fee. I was shocked again to hear that I would have to pay for administration fees, cancellation fees to One Quote and another cancellation fee to the insurance company. I know I am being ripped off. Can someone advice please. One Quote has t
  14. I received a quotes months ago which I have accepted, at the last minute the trader has told me that they cant fulfil the order at the same price and if I still want to go ahead it will cost me a few hundred pounds more, do I have any rights to deal with this situation? Thank you for your help, pj
  15. Hello Guys, Yesterday I caused a car accident in most stupid way. It was raining, I was in rush to get to work on time and did not estimate correctly distance in between me and car parked behind me. I have stopped and within minute the owner of the car was there. Not a problem, I have given her my details, insurance policy number etc. She said she will get quotation so I can decide if I want to pay for repair in private or if I want to go through insurance. Sounds cool so far. Today at morning she did call me saying that the quote for repair is £260. That is not a
  16. Hope I've posted this in the right place and someone can advise me. Last year on my annual gas check, a leak was detected so the independant contractor capped my supply to the gas hob and fire. I finally got a quote for the work last month and this was based on replacing the pipework to both appliances - seemed reasonable so I agreed to the work being done. When the guys turned up they found the leak was in the actual gas fire so the pipework there didn't need to be replaced (which was the awkward bit of the job) - the hob pipework was replaced as it was apparently illegal. Finally
  17. Hi I paid for my wfe's car insuarance with QuoteMeHappy on 10th Dec 2012 by my Barclays Debit card and the money has been taken from my account on 11th Dec 2012. We received an email from QMH on 22nd Mar 2013 saying that the payment has not been made. We checked with Barclays and they've given the authorisation code for the transaction. Even after sending my bank statment to prove that the money has been taken out and the authorisation code to support, QMH has been replying saying that the transaction has been cancelled. Since the insurance is an online company there are no cust
  18. Hi I'm just getting a few quotes for my car insurance and they want proof of my protected no claims bonus. The company I might have my insurance with said they need a copy of the renewal letter from my previous insurer. I've just had my renewal notice today where it says 'protected no claims discount' - YES. Will this be good enough evidence? It might be a daft question but nobody has asked me this before. What is confusing me is that on the quote it also states: You have 9 years No Claims Bonus that has been earned on a UK Car Policy, in your own name, w
  19. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/third-benefit-fit-162543735.html Yep 36% savings on ib to esa. Wonder if that is a general figure before appeals lol Love the way he puts it, ib was a failing benefit. Soooo ESA and erm Atos mix is wonderful. DONT THINK SO!
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