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  1. Hi I'm helping a family member with regard to a PPI claim. They don't know if they've ever had PPI and most of the accounts are closed. She has no statements and cannot afford to pay £10 for a SAR for all of them. I've noticed that banks have an online PPI checker. My question is - will the banks tell the truth? As you can see I'm very sceptical about banks. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm not in debt with them any more - not been for awhile. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and other things take over.
  3. Hi I sent a SAR to Barclays using a template for information on all charges on my credit card account plus £10. Years ago, I had to come to a mutually agreed amount to pay off my credit card bill as I was struggling to pay the minimum amount. Of course, until they accepted this amount they kept piling on the interest and charging me for not paying all of the minimum payment. I used to pay what I could. There's also some late payment charges on there as well. I've now received copies of all my statements which I've already got. I'm not great with figures so I wanted a breakdown of all charges, not all of the statements. Am I asking too much?
  4. If you are unsuccessful getting your PPI back but have been told you will get money back because of the Plevin ruling, can you still make another attempt to get your PPI back? Also, if you have been successful getting your PPI back a few years ago can you claim money back because of the Plevin ruling? Thank you.
  5. Hi thank you. I've got all my statements up until a few months ago. I think I will pay it off and get a statement of account. It would be nice to see 0.00 at last!
  6. It's Barclaycard ... my last remaining credit card debt ☺. I've been paying the debt off for years so it seemed strange that all of a sudden they've stopped sending me statements. I've got all my statements apart from the last few months.
  7. I've been paying off a Barclaycard debt for a few years now. The monthly amount is still a good amount though. I've nearly paid it off but I've received no paper statements for a few months. I've asked them to send me statements and received a letter from them today. First of all they said my account is now with debt recovery so no more statements will be sent out. They've also said before our arrangement comes to an end to call them to discuss my situation. Lastly, as the account is with the recovery dept they may transfer the debt to an external agency but will let me know beforehand. Their threatograms do not concern me but just wondered what they are up to especially when the debt will be paid off soon. I thought I was entitled to still receive paper statements. Thanks.
  8. Thank you. Think I will do away with it altogether.
  9. Hi Can someone tell me if Natwest still charge you to have mobile phone, travel insurance and breakdown cover on their Select Platinum Natwest Account for new customers? I've been a customer for years (formerly Advantage Gold) and I'm still paying £16 for these insurance and breakdown cover. I've never wanted the mobile phone insurance as my phones aren't that expensive. I've used the travel insurance once in about 20 yrs but I have used the breakdown cover a few times. I use online banking and I cannot see any information on how much the package will be or does it mean you will get these benefits for free if you open this account? I don't want to be paying for these benefits if new customers don't have to. Thank you in anticipation.
  10. I was just wondering if it would be unlawful for a non disabled person to use a toilet specifically for a disabled person. I'm not thinking of the toilets that are only opened by a radar key just the ones that are always open in cafes etc
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