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  1. apologies if this has been covered in other threads, I changed my name through solicitors, around 1991, with moving around alot, the deed poll has been lost, I now need this document to obtain some old qualifications that were lost too, (old qualifications in old name) I did some digging aorund, http://freedeedpoll.org.uk/ found above site, which is great. Many people saying dont need to spend large bucks getting it replaced, my question is, can you back date the replacement document ? (I could use the freedeedpoll site and just set the dates for the year when orginal doc was created) on another site, I noted that they said you had to prepare a Statutory declaration , because the original has been lost all advice appreciated thanks
  2. thanks for positive feedback, I have had Fords, in past, this is my first Astra, think I have always preferred Ford, (had an old Mondeo, was great runner)
  3. my gut feel too, has less than average miles,
  4. hi I am thinking of downsizing my Vauxhall Astra 1.6 8V 5 door (automatic), 03 plate (82000 miles ) to Ford Focus 03 plate, 1,4 (54000 miles), manual I have estimated a £400 per year saving in running costs (fuel, tax etc) this figure has been obtained from reliable comparison calculators online, the purchase value and re-sell value of my Astra is about the same, around £1100 although the £400 per saving sounds good, I have never owned a Focus, can anyone advise. Would you be tempted to make swap alone for £400 per year saving, based on these two models of cars. (the Astra has been very reliable, I do 14000 per year to work and back) ?
  5. 10 year ago my life was a mess, did a crazy act, ended up with criminal record, finances mess too, although now I have sorted all my issues out, just feel there had been too much bad history, that I will not get clearance, I do appreciate your replies, whats the phrase, 'if in doubt do nowt' It is better to refrain from action than to do something you are not sure about. There is much to be said for what Sir James Mackintosh once described as ‘a wise and masterly inactivity'
  6. good point, current job lacks: growth, any current/future pay rises, incentives, lack of company wide moral, direction, long distance travel (high travel costs, fuel consumption), am in 'dead man shoes' , poor management decisions, sorry, could go on, list is extensive..
  7. thanks for all replies, to be honest my gut feel says I will not get clearance required (SC), based on these replies and other details I have read on the net discussing similar circumstances therefore I will have no choice but to decline the offer,
  8. sound advice, thanks for all replies, is tricky situation, especially when I am probably not going to accept new offer, knowing current MD as I do, gut feel almost says, say nothing, as he could be the type to say behind closed doors, 'right, he wants out, fine....' I am the only employee who has the skill set in the current job, that does raise my cards, I guess, to say something to current employer,
  9. Hi has anyone successfully gone to their current employer, saying I have a new job offer, and result being you stayed with existing employer, because they convinced you it was worth sticking around, and they did not want you to leave ? (possibly they offered you more incentive to stay too) what would the best approach in informing current employer that you have a new offer on table or were you simply wished bon voyage ! Shown the door, so to speak as a percentage, what would you say most companies would do ? try to keep you or throw a party (appreciate there can be a multitude of reasons dictating what action a current employer would take)
  10. guess the bottom line is that I have been offered this new job, more money, but, if I leave my current job, (which does not need SC clearance), resign, accept this new offer, then weeks later find out my clearance has not been granted I have read scary stories that people can be marched off site, I do like the idea of paying for right of subject access, finding out what is on file with police first, but as I say, not sure if I have time to do this, prior to filling in all new employers paperwork, if I accept, you guys are great, thanks for all advice
  11. interesting point , and thanks for very detailed reply, hopefully I can details from police database before I need to fill in SC forms,
  12. thanks andydd, and others too, any more advice, experience from others is appreciated the general consensus from what I can glean is that if they know all about you, then you cannot be blackmailed, (apologies for repeating that.but to me, that makes perfect sense)
  13. looks like it is called Right of Subject Access'. https://www.acro.police.uk/subject_access.aspx looks like you can apply for info online too http://hub.unlock.org.uk/knowledgebase/working-in-government-security-vetting/ not sure of link above accuracy, seems SC clearance does involve credit reference checks,
  14. thanks, found form, downloaded it, costs £10, job is a List X facility, I have read that if one declares everything, then barring one has not committed something like treason, then for SC clearance, should be ok. Is more a case if you dont declare something and they find out from checks. I believe the theory is, if they know all about you, then in theory you cannot be blackmailed by someone external to the company, but, I believe the new employer will sponsor the SC clearance, does this mean the company HR gets to see all personal data , say dating back 10 years ? apologies if I am not correct on what I state, I have never needed SC clearance before,
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