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  1. the total cost of replacement is around £200 including new pads which would be required if new disks are fitted. I have had 3 incarnations of this car and it does have some foibles, one is pressure on all of the front suspension/rack/joints. It's a heavy car, some 3,700 pounds, but it does not seem to suffer from warped discs as far as I can see from forums I have belonged to. I have replied to them in email stating that they have 7 days in which to repair my car after which I will have the work done and start a MCOL to recover the costs. I just got a one line response saying that the
  2. I have a 2012 Chrysler 300C which developed a rumbling in the front brakes in September last year. I took it into Halfords Auto Centre Nottingham whom diagnosed warped rotors. The car at this time had done 25K miles. They changed the rotors and pads, my warranty covered the cost bar the first £100. My outlay was circa £100. Roll forward to last week, the issue raised its head again. I took it back to Halfords asserting that although the replacement was 1 month outside their warranty, the car had only done 9K miles since the new rotors were fitted and asked that they replace them FO
  3. The tiles are 8"x 8" and they include the riser, revels, as well as the top, the sill is only about 6' long. It's not up to me to get a quote, he was the one that all of the sudden decided to counterclaim, if there was anything wrong I would have gone back and done it myself. My question is about the padded out quote he got a local company to supply, is this not some sort of fraud?
  4. Hi, I am in dispute with a builder and have made a claim against him via the small claims system. I am trying to get the last £350 out of him for a job, he has now defended and counter claimed saying some of the work is faulty and has gotten a quote from a local company to rectify the work, this is where I need advise. The quote is part of the claim package and it is obvious that the builder has got the company to really load the quote so that I would in fact owe him money. Example, the job would require removing 20 no. tiles from a window sill and replacin
  5. The LL (the one in liquidation) is the name on the lease, and the money is paid into their account. The deposit is protected and I have the certificate. I guess that the liquidators are happy for the LL to carry on looking after the properties (the liquidated LL has a few on this road). I have stopped all communication with the LL and now only talk to the liquidators. funnily, some people have just moved in next door and have no idea about any of this, but the letting agent knows. I have had a look at the sticky, and yes most of the things are cosmetic.
  6. We moved into a property in April, there were a few things wrong with the flat, but as we needed to get in quick agreed that these could be attended to when we were in. The letting agent made a note of the defects and they were included in the invetory. Mouldy bathroom with leak under the bath which has caused damp walls. Large iron burn on lounge carpet, cigerette burns to same and strong smell of cigerette smoke comming from it. Burglar alarm needs resetting by engineer so we can use it. Downlights in bathromm not functioning. We spent 4 months trying to get the LL to attend to these
  7. I have tried that. Been to Scotish Power, Npower and EDF, none of them will allow it. Stupid really as you say, all they have to do is add the 2 units together. Who are you with?
  8. I rent a flat in a block of 8, all meters are on Economy 7. I have asked the landlord if I can change to a normal one as there is only 1 night storage heater in the flat, the rest are convection heaters. there is no advantage to me having Economy 7, and in fact it is costing me a fortune. He says that I am not allowed to change the meter. Is he allowed to insist on this?
  9. Thanks for the help, but there has been a breakthrough. They have accepted that I tried to cancel in May.
  10. I had a broadband dongle with 3 for £7.50 for about 18 months decided that I really didn't use it anymore so phoned up their cancellation line on May the 3rd. to cancel, giving 30 days notice. I was on hold for about 5 minutes, then got through and said I wanted to cancel, first the guy tried to get me to go anything but, when he realised that all I wanted to do was cancel he said that he had to put me on hold to sort something out. He was away for a good 5 minutes then someone from sales picked up my call. they said that the call must have been misrouted and that they couldn't deal with it an
  11. Thank you haggis. The info you posted is just what I have been looking for
  12. Thanks for the links, but they all seem to pertain to banks, and i can't work out how to change the wording to reflect a mobile company, or any code of conduct they might be a party to. I was quite willing to take them to court a couple of years ago but couldn't find a solicitor willing to take it on.
  13. About 5 years ago my wife canceled a contract with Orange giving them 30 days notice after the initial year. The next month she got a bill for £35 for that months subscription. I phoned them and informed that she had canceled."no she didn't, we offered her a PAYG sim to keep as backup, she then has to register that to cancel the initial contract" I informed them that is not what she understood had to happen, and that all she did was to phone up to cancel, not be trapped in one of their webs. they said that we could cancel over the phone now but would have to pay the £35. i refused saying that
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