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  1. Thanks - managed to google a good article by using those dates to pass on.
  2. Hi Thanks for all your advice and especially the calculations you did Sweet Lorraine and that article goodatresearch - I now know what I'm been charged out at and I do know the finders fee rate. Not done the calculations in full yet but I can see that compliance with the 12 week rule is going to be my best option at the moment for the length of the current contract - like I say my boss at the council is cool, I think she realises will be a bit of a false economy to get shut after 12 weeks and then train someone else up. I am PAYE so the self employed stuff doesn't apply - not bothere
  3. Trying to keep this brief and have read a bit on it but still not sure. I started work at the local council as an agency worker beginning of July - the council requested Level 3 (agency pays £8 an hour for this) and as the work wasn't too high level thought it okayish - not great but a job - no one else did this role and it was to help out for 12 weeks. After 3 weeks I was offered a kind of promotion being in charge of Admin for the department and a chance that this will last more than 12 weeks - it's still Level 3 no hassles with that. What I am concerned about is that from my re
  4. I know this is probably really simple and I think I might have an idea of the answer but just wanted some confirmation. My niece has apparently got ticketed for being an ambler gambler but the offence happened back in May and she has only found out today. Just wondering if there is time limit for when the notice should have been issued - three months down the line seems a bit slow and pushing it. Thanks in advance Clare
  5. Atlantic have gone over to with standing charge - I was on their non standing charge rate as I tend go away a lot - was told that it it was out of their hands see post above but to be fair the girl I spoke to did offer a refund without prompting from me. I'm a pretty low user and from my conversation I don't think there are any out there now that offer non standing charge rates - I've found them fine unlike some other utility companies and their standing charge plus rate does work out better for me than being on the non standing charge rate when I'm home.
  6. Quick update - rang the company last week and surprisingly was quite straightforward - no arguments though I'm glad I got the info and now know the difference between a quote and estimate. New bill this week for less than I was expecting so really pleased with the outcome. Thanks for the advice.
  7. It may be worth if you are a really really low user to ring your gas/electric supplier to see if they will give you a refund. I rung up Atlantic today only to query why I was on a standing charge when I'd signed for non standing charge rate - got the blurb about how it was out of their hands and it was to simplify their bills. However because I had zero use of their service between Dec and March as I was away they've agreed to refund it - shocked a bit and I'll not be totally convinced till I see my next bill that I've been given a credit - that said when I'm home and using gas/electric it d
  8. Cheers for the advice - does say on the quote for the replacement of pipework to both appliances, still got a copy of it - it's a bit light on detail re breakdown of labour and parts. Will give them a ring tomorrow and see if we can come to some agreement about a reasonable cost - fingers crossed:-)
  9. Hope I've posted this in the right place and someone can advise me. Last year on my annual gas check, a leak was detected so the independant contractor capped my supply to the gas hob and fire. I finally got a quote for the work last month and this was based on replacing the pipework to both appliances - seemed reasonable so I agreed to the work being done. When the guys turned up they found the leak was in the actual gas fire so the pipework there didn't need to be replaced (which was the awkward bit of the job) - the hob pipework was replaced as it was apparently illegal. Finally
  10. Hi This is on behalf of my mum and I hope some one can advise us - have tried reading a few of the B & B threads but can't find any from someone in a similar position - I'll try and keep it brief. About 10 years ago my mum took out a mortgage on the house next door with the intention of renting it out - she already had a mortgage with the Bradford & Bingley so went into the local branch to speak to an advisor. She explained that she wished to let the property and keep her present home as her main home. She was advised to take out a loan for £10,000 and have the remaining £2
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