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Found 3 results

  1. Hello All A friend of ours mother passed away last year. She sent our friend for adoption when he was 9 months old. His mother then had a daughter, who was fostered out. After this, the mother moved to the USA and had 3 further children, which she raised herself. The family in the USA have distributed the cash and other belongings between them, however there is a mortgage free house in the USA, which the family want to dispose of. Would my friend, as the eldest child have a claim for a share of the house, despite being sent out for adoption many thanks in advance EOS-5D
  2. Hi, We (the family) are undertaking a project to convert an attached brick building into a utility area and a wet room for use by a disabled member of the family. The contractor (who is non-vat registered) has requested that we purchase and supply the wet room fittings that we would like. We are happy to do this and in fact would prefer to do so. But we would like to claim the VAT Exemption on the eligible items. I know that in order to claim the exemption that we would need to provide a letter from the contractor confirming that the wet room is for use by a disabled person and also a HMRC VAT Exemption form completed by the person concerned. I have contacted various suppliers about how to claim the VAT Exemption and been amazed by their responses. Wickes responded with: "I can confirm that full prices including VAT must be paid through Wickes however once you have made your order you can claim the VAT with receipts through HMRC directly." Wrong, HMRC website specifically states that they will not refund VAT. VictoriaPlum responded with: "In order for you to claim your VAT back, we would require proof of disability from HMRC and also a plumbers report to advise items have been fitted for a disabled person". How the hell would HMRC know whether someone was disabled? Top Marks to ToppsTiles, who got it right. "To claim back disability relief VAT, you will need to complete a 10.1 form. This form will be located on the Hmrc.gov website. We will also require a copy of your sale receipt and written evidence from your builder. The written evidence from the builder must include that the goods and work being undertaken are used in the adaptation of premises for a disabled person." My question is: Has anybody else had to go through a similar process and did they find suppliers who were able to deal with this (online and in-store) and if so, who? Many thanks, Jedicris
  3. Hello everyone, I am a social housing tenant have been for the past 28 years, I need to have my bathroom adapted to a walking in shower basically I would not mind if they just remove the bath and replace it with a shower instead. For years I have suffered with rheumatism in my joints at the moment I am in severe pains with my knees and elbows both of which I cannot put any weight on at all I am wearing knee support at the moment but not much help my knees are still very painful as I am getting older it is becoming more and more difficult for me to get in and out of the bath now I cannot use my bath at all and are using the basin for bathing which I am finding very difficult and and also it's making me feel quite degrading and upsetting! Before I approach my local social housing people I would like to get as much advice as I can! I am on Income Support under ill health the council already few years ago had to replace my bath panel to a stronger one as I was having great difficult leaning over the bath to wash my hair so the already know I have had problems before. I haven't been to my GP about my current circumstances because I have seen on the doctor's reception desk that doctors are not allowed to write letters to the social housing authorities about patients' needs. Can someone please advise me the best route to take and who do I need to contact for help with the replacement of my bath any help or advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance
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