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Found 10 results

  1. Seems a bit surreal have just been denied a breakdown because the car was within 1/4 mile of my home despite being 0.4 miles by road. If I want to claim I have to pay £60 now + add £6 a month to my policy. Ive had a look at the policy and it states within 1/4 mile. Nothing about it being measured in pigeon miles. I'd go as far as to say the whole things crazy. I guess what i'm wondering is do I have any grounds for complaint?, luckily my dad has been able to recover on his but its still a major inconvenience and I just cant get the logic other than them deliberately trying to get out of a recovery. They are a road company that even offer navigation services yet measure through the sky when it suits. Rant over.
  2. Hi All I purchased a C8 in May this year, from around June the car has been back to the garage with the same issues, Diagnostics showed rail pressure sensor, fuel pressure sensor, or even both everytime they plugged it in and reset the the fault code, last time it was in the garage (just 2 weeks ago) they changed the map sensor. and and we are still having power issues as well as EML coming on, Well today the car ended up being bought home on the back of a truck and the diagnostics the mechanic did before he picked car up showed same faults again... Can I just reject this car now or do I have to give them another chance to fix it please help many thanks Lets
  3. I took out a package with Virgin Media, that started on the 25th April 2014, for 18 months, that included Broadband, TV, Phone. It included an introductory offer, that has now expired and the package now costs me circa £70 p/m. I've grown sick of the poor TV and don't want to continue. I was therefore intending to either ask them to stop the TV service at the end of October when the 18 months is up, or leave completely. However, I received a letter from Virgin stating they are increasing my TV package by £3 per month, from the 1st September, because of a new channel they are including (BT Sport Europe HD). Somethng I have no interest in, let alone want to pay for. I found this article... theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2324658/ofcom-rules-customers-hit-by-mid-contract-price-hikes-can-leave-for-free Which states that I can leave my contract without penalty. Here are my questions.. 1) Does that mean I can terminate my entire package, or just the TV aspect of it (it was bought as a bundle)? 2) If I can terminate the entire package, COULD i just ditch the TV service? 3) Could I terminate as early as the 1st of September then? (assuming I give notice in the next few days). Is there anything particularly I should / shouldn't say when I call up?
  4. Hi all. This may be a long post so please be patient!! I have had numerous issues with the attitude and practices of my landlord in the past (even being caught going through a laundry basket once for evidence of pets!!), but following a recent mid-tenancy inspection (where he was caught going through kitchen cupboards?!) I have had a letter posted to me with a number of issues raised. I will outline some of these below and just want to know where I stand with the demands - Numerous nails in walls to hang pictures. Taken on another adult tenant, so sub-letting. The reality of this is my daughter (who is 30) has come home to live for 4 months while she finishes her Uni degree and moves back to the house she owns. Landlord adamant there is a pet here and states has found hair and also claw marks on walls and stains on the carpet. Again, the reality here is my other daughter sometimes visits with her dog, which could answer the hair (at least my only guess). The carpet stains are simply from living with 2 teenagers and the marks on the walls are from moving furniture. There is mould around one of the windows and I am to provide more adequate ventilation. I am not prepared to leave windows open in the middle of winter so not sure what I can do here? A hammer and screwdriver were left in garden to make for easy burglary and showing disregard for the property. More a dig than anything else I feel, but I kind of take a point. Locks on the garage have been changed and keys not provided to landlord. The reality of this is the landlord has not replaced the back gate which has rotten, so extra padlocks have been installed due to having expensive gym equipment in the garage and living near a rough estate. The padlocks themselves are off my daughters boyfriends bike locks, so I will most certainly not be provided keys. During the actual inspection the landlord invited a friend around to take a look at an area he thought had damp. However, from now reading the letter it appears this friend also got involved with the inspection and they are both claiming photo evidence of what has been found. Is this allowed? The demands that have been made are to repair all walls and have the carpet professionally cleaned. The landlord has stated there will be a further inspection in 2 weeks to assure these things have been carried out. Are these fair demands? In the past I have touched up any paintwork and deep cleaned carpets myself when I am due to leave, not while I am still living here. I cannot afford to have a carpet professional cleaned in a 2 week timeframe and cannot see how this can be demanded. Does a lot of this not come down to how I leave the house when I leave? He has stated there will be deductions from my bond if I don't comply, but how can this be done while I still live here? Again, sorry for the long post but I am trying to find out if this letter and these demands are fair, or just my landlord yet again trying to make my life hell. Thanks in advance.
  5. Morning all, Just wanted to put this question to people to confirm what is the normal process. What do most motor insurers do when the main policyholder dies part way through a policy year but there are named drivers on the policy. For example, policyholder dies mid January but the policy was not due to end until the end of April. Insurers were informed of the death the day after and stated that they would auto cancel the cover in 30 days and charge for time on cover. They also agreed to issue proof of bonus for the first named driver on the policy. They have now back tracked on the bonus less than a week before the end of the 30 days stating they will only issue bonus to the named driver if the reinsure with them. My understanding from when I worked in the motor insurance industry was that the vast majority of insurers would allow the policy to continue until the renewal date with the named driver bumped up to main driver status and then insist on a new policy being entered into at renewal. Most insurers will also extend full no claims to the named driver at this point. To be honest this is such a major hassle at a difficult time I wish I had not informed the insurers of the main drivers death. What are peoples opinion. The insurers are Elephant on this occasion. Thanks
  6. Hi, 2 months ago i bought several packs of wooden flooring from Homebase, which was subsequently laid. I have been online to buy an additional 18 packs to complete the project but it says there are only a few packs left dotted across stores around the country. I called their customer services to be told that the product was now discontinued. They 'cannot' get the remaining packs delivered to my local store and i cannot order online. I said i am left with half a completed room and was told 'nothing we can do'. The product has not been and is still not being advertised as discontinued. I emailed their complaints dept and asked for resolution but they just said that there was nothing they could do. This is going to leave me £100's out of pocket as i will have to re-purchase and lay new flooring in the area i have just done! Do I have any rights??
  7. ok here we go the service level agreement http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/146196/response/360396/attach/3/SLA%20CenSus%20redacted.pdf the request in full http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/baliff_information#comment-35657 break down total number of complaints to the council about rossindales - 20 upheld complaints - 0 if anyone can help with this "public intrest test" then i would be grateful
  8. My car was written off in may 2012 i cancelled insurance on 18th may 2012 and didn't send docs into dvla until oct (5 months late) i sent them everything including tax disc from jan 2012 to jan 2013, dvla then sent confirmation slip and a check for £21 i think it was minus £40 or so less, i thought that was money they took for fine and that was end of it. WRONG a couple of weeks later i get a letter from - mid - database shows this vehicle was not insured on 19/10/2012 penalty £100, i filled form to appeal and inclosed dvla letter of confirmation and insurance letter of cancellation,then on 5th 12th 2012 i get final notice of failure to insure, so i phoned mid and asked what had happend to my letter of appeal, they said they didn't receive my letter BUT the records have now been updated, can anyone please advise me on what to write on this appeal, oh and how could they update records if they didn't receive my letter of confirmation from dvla. thankyou,
  9. Plusnet are increasing their charges in the middle of my year long contract which seems very unfair as I signed up for a year at an agreed term so should they not honour the agreed charge for that year?
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