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  1. Ive just been bombarded with inertia selling offers from Amazon - they must be desperate. £72 pa or £1.38pw Its not so much the money as the waste of time its going to expose me to. I already instinctively discount 99.9% Hollywood drivel (although fair play to HBO, they have produced some great stuff I looked through the available movies, and out of 650 I would only watch Sounds like the kind of video pollution I want to keep out of my life, like most of the rubbish on live TV I am appalled at the effect this must have on young minds:mad2:
  2. Sorry I didn't catch this post earlier, It says it all and here's my 2c worth FWIW http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?456441-A-close-shave%281-Viewing%29-nbsp
  3. I use a shattaff, so much more hygenic but not to be connected to mains pressure (most are not designed for that and will leak). You don't want a surprise enema of 60psi up the Khyber Pass - dangerous, ok on water from your Loft tank. Have you noticed a dearth of bidets, never see them offered as part of bathroom suites any more. I heard tell that when your average pretentious Brit family discovered they were not for washing your feet...................*&&%^$$£%$^%$^
  4. In the process of creating some waterproof safety matches, I found I needed some nail polish. Now OH doesnt use this stuff cos the Swarfega she uses while fixing the tractor takes it straight off. So I thought I'd find some cheap generic clear varnish on Ebay - surprise - none to be found. Seems there's a cartel operating on ladie's things. £3.50 for a little 15ml bottle. That fluffed up my dander So after some digging, I found that the durable stuff is made from Shellac ca £30 kg, enough for a million nails. So I'm going to mix some up with meths and try it out on the old Nanny in
  5. Still no links then, I cant find them on Ebay
  6. OBTW I forgot Another money saver in the same vein Shaving cream, expensive innit? Well I got a tip to use cheap generic supermarket hair conditioner cream. It works surprisingly well, smoothes the skin and 1 bottle probably last 6 months - year? Ordinary soap dries out my skin. Now I ask my OH to close her eyes, while I give her a XXX and she says its like the young man she married
  7. Exactly right TJ The BBC is a public service needing only to satisfy excellence and addressing public welfare. Who would dare argue against the Welsh and their language program, the Scots and RC Nesbitt, the Chavs and Eastenders As for Crossroads, well ITV is welcome to that Commercial stations live by audience figures. Its how they get revenue. Making the Beeb compete on these terms is a travesty of their Royal Charter
  8. I thought I had replied to this, but must have pressed the wrong button, anyway in brief youcan go to 20C, takes 48 hrs and may develop a sour taste - still ok. even modern houses must use a radiator (with shelf, sunny window? take it to bed with you at night. Make a simple insulated warm cupboard with 25W filament lamp. Many other uses for this
  9. This relates to a previous thread. When you are on a meter????????? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?354115-Get-a-Rain-Barrel-%28Water-Butt%29 You can also save your grey water for use on your garden. Use a similar water butt system to collect water from your sink and washing machine (bath water would need a pump, and not enough shower water to justify a pump unless flooded with teenagers. Collecting sink water is fine but avoid edible food waste (attracts vermin). Mine goes straight down the loo, small piece only, or else collected in a bag for our do
  10. Yes I wholeheartedly support rainwater harvesting. There are other uses, if you have an abundance, such as showering, washing machine - vg use far less powder, flushing toilet, dishwashing. Not advisable for cooking, consumption. Water collected off roofs may pass over bird droppings and also rotting leaves none of which should affect the above uses. You may want to create separate plumbing circuit for non-potable water. You could try using a system pressure pump instead of a separate tank in the loft
  11. These are good and use 25% power for equivalent filament lamp BUT They don't like being switched on/off frequently and will quickly fail. Be wary of using them on automatic night light switches. These use a light sensor to detect the onset of darkness and switch the lamp on. Unfortunately some of them can tend to flutter around the switch over point and this is very bad for a CFL. Indeed there have been cases where a householder left one of these on while she went on holiday and came home to find her house burnt down. Fire caused by an overheated CFL using one of the threshold swit
  12. If you use electric immersion for your hot water tank, then you will probably have a time switch on it so it uses off peak night rate. This is much cheaper than using your gas boiler. But your hot tank may only have old style insulation, even the spray on foam used by manufacturers is inadequate. I found that by wrapping an additional 6" thick layer fibreglass wool around the tank and taping it up with plastic sheeting made a big difference. How did I know - the difference in temperature drop through out the day, given no usage. I was also able to reduce the thermostat to 40C (muc
  13. OBTW, dont use flavoured yoghurts, only natural. Any natural yoghurt is usually "live" - though labels won't say as much - and will probably work unless it had been pasturised (never seen it. You dont have to go for expensive "live" or probiotic brands. Plain 500ml tub 45p, but I prefer Greek Style, gives a thicker fuller flavour - 85p
  14. This is just so easy - a few moments work. Take a fresh 4pt flagon of semi skimmed milk, at the same time as you buy a tub of skimmed Greek style yoghurt. Decant ca cup of milk and save for other use. Top up the space with ca 1/2 tub of yoghurt TIP mix together in a jug first with equal amount of milk to make a smooth easy pour cream. Put cap back on and shake vigorously for a minute, loosen cap very slightly to let out any gases produced. Place in a warm space >25C Put in refrigerator and thats it - brill and so much better for you You have enough to make another 4 pt
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