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  1. Hello yes I am a new be 4 weeks ago we turned our heating on and it seemed we had a problem with the pump. My Partner asked a friend if he could recommend a plumber. ...He was given a phone number he phoned said he had been recommended and could they come to give us an estimate for work that might need to be done. The Plumber came 2 days latter I said hello at the door let him in showed him the tank/ boiler ( boiler is approx. 4 years old) He immediately said our heating was installed all wrong and when he went out side to see the flue he said it needed to be cemented better for our safety and all thou not asked made up about 50ml of cement and filled around the flue. I did not like his manner much and was pleased when he left I gave him my email address so he could send his quote as he left I told him I was getting another quote so I would chose who did the job. At no time did he tell me he charges £70 for his estimate. 3 days later I receive email telling me he will charge me £1079.25 ...... ...cleaning the system /new thermostats etc... ..I emailed him back telling him we would not be using him but I would pay him for the cementing he did (2 minute job) the next day he emailed me an invoice for £70 for estimate. also £1.00 for cementing. My Partner replied to him telling him that at no time had he informed us of the cost of estimate and If he had we would not of asked him to come to our house. so there for we will not pay invoice. 1 over due invoice was then sent again my partner replied The plumbers reply was full of how our heating was not safe and he could get the gas cut off in the road to our house if we did not pay !!!!!!! Today I get CCJ claim against me. Sorry so long can any body give me some advice Please. Oh and the new pump for my heating cost me £210.00 is now working well.
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