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  1. Hi, I received a letter from LSC claiming I owe over a thousand pounds to SSE. This is from my old address, I moved out 5 years 8 months ago. It’s the first time I’ve been contacted about this , I wasn’t aware I owed anything and don’t remember if they supplied my energy before I moved out. Do I contact them about this or not? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hi all back in February last year I had my pre payment meters, both gas and electricity, changed so as I could pay by direct debit as I was struggling with illness and was in and out of hospital so was unable to top up on a regular basis. I gave my account details to setup the direct debits and the meters were changed and I was given the monthly amounts of £18 for electricity and £35 for gas. Roll on to July this year and I received a gas bill for £600 as they had not been taking the direct debit for the gas bud did so for the electric. I truly did not notice that the DD was n
  3. CMA opens SSE Retail/Npower merger investigation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/cma-opens-sse-retailnpower-merger-investigation
  4. Have been involved in a dispute with SSE since early 2016. During summer 2016 they offered me an ex gratia payment of £500 in respect of their admitted failings in various areas. I was intending to take the matter to law as substantial losses had been made, and SSE I felt the offer of £500 was derogatory in the extreme. However early in 2017 I decided to accept the £500 and simply draw a line under the matter, as I realised that I didnt have the time or inclination to get involved with a long drawn out and costly small claims track claim. I was astonished to be advised by SS
  5. We signed a rental agreement for a new property in Cowpe on the 1st December 2017, having recently had a baby and a wedding on the 29th December we decided to speak with our then current landlord, a friend of the family, to see if we could take our time moving our possessions. All this was fine. My fiance rang Utility Warehouse, our current provider and asked them to transfer our account to the new property. We started to move our belongings into the new property. Most of the larger furniture was in, with the help of friends on the morning of the 13th December
  6. Hello, I just wondered if anyone has any advise. I will try keep this brief 1. I own a bedsit flat (inherited from mothers estate) and my brother is named as a life renter. 2. Brother had accident 3 years ago and is now brain damaged (I am his only relative) 3. Brother needs 24 hour care so cannot live in the flat 4. I rent out the flat through an agency and use the proceeds to pay for care to help him. 5. Flat was vacant for a 3 month period last year 6. I receive a debt collector letter (in my name) to my home address for the gas/elec costs of £94 7.
  7. Please can someone help or advise me. Eight years ago Sse started billing me for my tenants electric five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and have been extremely ill and disabled ever since. All through this illness and disability SOC have continually build me thousands and thousands of pounds for my tenants electricity up to £15,000 even though I produced tenancy agreements finally they took me to court demanding £8000 for two years use of electricity for a small bungalow with 1 to 2 tenants in it . The bungalow also had solar panels providing daytime electricit
  8. Have been dealing with a complaint concerning SSE customer service staff on behalf of a friend of mine, for a period of about 13 months now. This involves both the distribution and supply parts of the company. Up to now distribution have agreed to an ex gratia payment of £500 in relation not to the original matter, but in recognition of how badly their customer service staff have dealt with the complaint. The way supply staff have dealt with the matter is comparable if not slightly worse than the distribution side. However rather than offering any sort of compensatory payment, suppl
  9. Hi All, Thank you in advance for reading my story. Back in February we had the meter reading guy taking the reading. For some reason he spent more than 10 min in the storage under the stairs. He left and after 2h we got a revenue protection investigator knocking on our door. He said a report has been received for meter tampering. After checking the meter he confirmed that a plastic protective cover is missing and this allows for the meter to be fiddled with. This was the first time that we were made aware of the issue and the investigator said it was not
  10. Hi everyone, this is my first ever post here so please please be gentle So this is on behalf of my mother and the timeline is as follows: In March this year 2016 mother received a letter from EDF addressed to HOMEOWNER/OCCUPIER apologising for the gas supply being incorrectly transferred to them, and that they were working to transfer this back asap. Mother contacted EDF who assured her that this is an error and that it happens regularly. At this point my mother rang SSE (our current supplier) to ask what was going on. They assured us that there was nothing to worry about
  11. Hi there, I'm hoping you can clear this up for me as I can't get clarity anywhere. I'm currently going through my credit files and I'm awaiting my Equifax one to come back. I was considering that SSE may show payments on my file and then I thought a little more about when I pay my bills. I'm billed quarterly, usually around the 30th or 31st of the month. When the estimate is way out and I input my actual it corrects the bill date to the 4th or the 5th. I pay the bill on the 28th or 29th of the following month. My payday. I had it in my mind that within the following month was o
  12. Im currently with SSE, been with them a long time now. Im on standard meter, NOT prepayment. Ive just gone to enter my meter readings for my next bill, and ive noticed the elelectric meter has stopped. The figures have not moved since I entered them in last time, my last bill issued 18th June for period of 20th Feb - 20th May 2015 ( don't know why it was issued so long after ) So I got in touch with SSE via twitter. They responded really quickly. The guy who dealt with my query, explained to me that meters that stop, happen all the time a
  13. Received notification through the post today from my electricity supplier SSE informing me that I had been selected to be one of the first to have my meter replaced by a smart meter. This was despite me having informed them 18 months ago that under no circumstances would I entertain having one fitted. The publicity makes a lot of all the benefits to customers and suppliers, and used phrases such as the Government has said that ALL homes will be fitted with meters where possible by 2020. What was more concerning was that when I contacted the call centre listed to reaffirm my intention t
  14. Hi folks can anyone give advice please, I have cover with this company and my boiler is due a service, first time it was arranged for a Saturday morning between 08.00 and 12.00 they called at 11.0 to say they could not attend as they had a a very high volume of emergency call out's and they take priority over service jobs, ok fair enough. Then they kept phoning to remind me my service was overdue??, it was arranged again for today and they would be here between 08.00 and 12.00 and guess what, they called to say they had a very high volume of, blah blah blah.
  15. Thousands of SSE customers across the UK could be in line for a refund, after the energy supplier admitted there is a fault with some of its meters. As many as 16,000 customers on its Economy 10 (E10) tariff may have been overcharged for their electricity consumption for years. SSE has now vowed to get in touch with all customers who may have been affected to check their meters. If you have the fault, SSE will repair or replace the meter and recalculate your charges to make sure you are not out of pocket. The E10 tariff provides households with ten hours of off
  16. Hello, few background info: I have a joint tenancy with another person. Contract with SSE is only in his name. He is being threatened with disconnection due to high bills. After the latest bill in Feb this year he owes Southern Electric £1.5k. He tried several times to arrange repayment plan but everytime he did SSE wanted more than he could afford so it's well behind now. All repayment plans failed as SSE wouldn't negotiate and acknowledge he could only pay what he could only pay... We just got a letter today saying that we will get disconnected shortly. Also stating that alt
  17. SSE has become the first of the so-called 'big six' energy firms to confirm it is to raise its prices ahead of the winter months, sparking a bitter backlash among consumer groups and politicians. The company said household gas and electricity tariffs would rise by an average 8.2% from November 15 affecting 4.4 million electricity and 2.9 million gas customers. It is understood several of its competitors also plan to announce increases to bills later on Thursday. SSE, which trades as Southern Electric, Swalec and Scottish Hydro, blamed its decision on rising costs outside its contro
  18. I hope I have stuck this thread in the right place, I have had a little search for other threads and not sure if I am doing this in the right place so apologies if not! Basically, I once shared a house with two friends one of which was responsible for paying for the gas and electric through SSE. When my friends moved out I changed to British Gas (a mistake it's self - story for another day) and got changed over within about a day of them leaving. I told my ex-housemate to tell me how much my share was of the account with SSE and I would pay him. I never heard anything after that for
  19. hi, ive been in my home now for few months When I first moved in I did whats were ment to. called up Scottish power (my choice) to get the gas and elec sorted out in my name. Not that easy, got the gas sorted out no probs and they are my supplier. However they then state that SSE (Scottish hydro) are the ones that have the electric and wont swap over due to past debt. but ive never been with them. so I then get 2 letters both from sse. But one is addressed to a Mrs A S????. And the other is for The council. confused to say the least. especially as both bilss
  20. I have used SSE for gas and electricity since june 2011. I live in a small bungalow so in the cold weather it doesn't usually cost that much to heat. Very careful with the heating useage. Gas combi boiler fitted by council, very efficient. And only use for 2/3 hours per day in the evening, only during the cold weather. I don't use it to heat water, only use gas for central heating, everything else electric. Since june 2011 I've paid 7 power bills and the average cost works out at £46.53 per quarter. (I said I was careful !) This time last year the bill was £89, this yea
  21. The energy company who will pay YOU £20 when they don't call back Scottish & Southern Energy customers can now demand a £20 refund every time the firm fails to call back when it says it will. In a bid to improve its customer service, the energy giant has said each time it doesn’t meet its five principles it will deduct the money from your bill. The five principles are: calling you back when promised; never transferring you more than once unless you agree; giving you the opportunity to speak to a manager if you ask; offering support if you need help
  22. Hello everyone! We are four students living in a house in Newcastle. SSE is our gas provider and the have send us an estimate for our gas bill which is 129.89 GBP for September 2012 till November 2012. According to our meter reading we have used substentially more. Instead of the estimated 238 units we have actually (according to the meter reading) used 511 units in the period. As we have not heated a lot in that period and became suspicious, we have been writing our meter readings down, finding that we use at least 70 units per week (according to the meter reading) if we heat our place 6
  23. sadly because of a debt the other year I had to have one of these hideous things fitted. Thing is it always and always has taken 28p every 2am despite sse telling me there is no standing charge and the meter telling me the same thing. If I ring sse (did try again today but was told they were only dealing with emergencies fair enough because of the weather I suppose) they tell me its adjusting for the different rates i.e it charges at the lower rate (the rate after xxx k/wh been used) then adjusts itself to the higher rate overnight. Clearly this is rubbish because it takes the same amount re
  24. Hi all My Parents a few years ago took out a contract with SSE to service and maintain their gas products ie fire, boiler, hob etc in their home. They made monthly payments to this company and never had a problem. Then in September ish time in 2011 they contacted Dad about doing their yearly service. Mum was seriously ill in hospital at the time (in fact she passed away in November 2011 having never come home again), so Dad explained to them on the phone that it was currently a difficult time to arrange a time for them to come in as he was spending all his time at Mum's beside and c
  25. Hi all, hope you are all well. I'm a little peaved with Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) and wonder if anyone has had similar experiences with them. Moved into a house (rented) - Previous tenant used SSE so I kept with them. Lost my job and was struggling to pay SSE for gas and electric. Contacted customer services and told them I had was having problems paying the bill and gave them a date when I would pay. Came home one evening to find an A4 letter from a 'Scottish and Southern Energy Warrent Officer' which had been posted by hand. Letter said (large bold font 'DEBT COLLEC
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