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Found 7 results

  1. Please can someone help or advise me. Eight years ago Sse started billing me for my tenants electric five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and have been extremely ill and disabled ever since. All through this illness and disability SOC have continually build me thousands and thousands of pounds for my tenants electricity up to £15,000 even though I produced tenancy agreements finally they took me to court demanding £8000 for two years use of electricity for a small bungalow with 1 to 2 tenants in it . The bungalow also had solar panels providing daytime electricity. Sse said the bill was £8000 for two years and because I lost the court case they added £9000 in cost totalling £17,000 they require me to pay for my tenants electric. Sse said the tenants did not exist and then I produced housing benefit evidence that they did exist then Sse told the court that the tenants were actually my lodgers even though I produced address evidence of where I was living I was not listened to and I lost . Hence Sse have a CCJ against me for £17,000 that I cannot afford to defend or appeal. Now the big problem start. Because of this I was referred to a debt management company Who advised me to take an IVA and they have collated my income and expenditure and details of any assets and valuations to prove I have nothing I am able to sell. This company contacted Sse to try and negotiate a payment plan . Sse rejected any offer of any payment plan stating they would only accept the £17,000 in full. I do not have this and I am living at the moment on disability benefit and working tax credit with very Limited income. I complained to Sse about how could the bill be £8000 for two years they refuse to investigate my complaint they also refused to give me a deadlock letter so the ombudsman would investigate. The litigation department at Sse have continually bullied me for eight years all through my illness now I am extremely depressed and distressed they will not accept any payment plan. I also complained to Sse that the litigation department were pursuing me as if it was a personal vendetta and they would rather Sse had no money from me whatsoever as long as they could bankrupt me or pursue me they would not accept any negotiation for an IVI or any payment plan telling me the payments had to be substantial within a short period of time and nothing else was acceptable I am being bullied and intimidated and I don't know which way to turn because I do not have the money and I do not have anything I can sell. I have that's the court for time to pay but Sse have objected to that application and I'll demanding £17,000 I don't know what to do next, I have had a years of bullying and eight years of fighting cancer and they still won't leave me alone I have asked if the debt collection can be transferred out of the litigation department into a vulnerability department at Sse so I can receive some fair treatment considering my illness and anxiety and depression now. They refuse to allow me to speak to anybody else and would not give me any managers names and said this particular person within the department will be the only person to deal with this. I feel this is unfair and discriminating against me because this woman has been involved for quite some time and obviously has a personal vendetta against me and wishes to see this through to the end where the SOC get money or not she obviously is on some kind of bonus for finishing me off I can't negotiate with her and nor can the debt counselling company negotiate. We are at a stalemate where she demands £17,000 and nothing else will do and I am unable to pay this. I Have a friend who nursed me when I was very ill and who I lived with during these two years with Sse and making me liable for my tenants electric in a rented property and he works on the minimum wage in the factory. He has said he would give his life savings just a few thousand pounds to Sse in settlement Of this but they will accept nothing less my friend is prepared to even work for extra years to try and negotiate with them but they will not hear of any negotiation. They will not accept and I V a L any payment plan and I don't know what to do next because I do not have the money To pay for my tenants electric bill and all the court costs. I am at my wits end now and I do not know which way to turn SSE have indicated they are going to continue to bully me until they get their money and they will not accept the payment plan but will pursue me in 'other ways' they say This is a proper the charity designed to help people like me and yet Sse will not negotiate or even speak to them at all other than demanding the full money in a short period of time and I don't have it I just don't know what to do I do have some property But I cannot sell it as it is in negative equity and I receive rent for it which goes to pay the mortgage, there is a small surplus that the debt company was offering to pay to Sse for the debt but they will not accept any plan please can somebody help. The ombudsman will not set my complaint as to why I cannot be dealt with by the vulnerability department and how the bill came to £8000 in two years because there is no deadlock letter because Sse and refused to provide one and they also refuse to investigate my complaint
  2. Hi All Is there a representative from Scottish power on cag ? Andy
  3. Hi All, I'm renting a property short term for 6-7 months and have electric supplied by Scottish Power. Initially the Direct Debit amount was set to £50, which quickly became apparently as being massively over-estimated. I generally only use around 3kWh per day, so the actual bill is next to nothing, and in 3 months I have now accumulated £70 in credit. I managed to reduce my direct debit via my online account, which was a struggle in itself. If I reduced it by more than £4 at once, it demanded an upfront payment and estimated I would be £6000 in debt at my yearly review. I eventually got it down to £25 which seemed sensible, though received an e-mail a week later saying it had been reset to £50. I can no longer change it via account as I have exceeded the number of changes per year. I phoned Scottish Power today to ask them to reduce it but the customer advisor told me the lowest they could do is £37. Seems a bit daft. Even at £37, I'll still be accumulating a significant credit amount per month, in addition to the £70 already sitting in my account. I'm only expecting to be in the property another 3 months so it seems daft to continue throwing money into the account when it's obvious they're just going to have to refund it to me at account close. Anyone any advise or how to deal with it sensible in the present? Thanks
  4. I recently moved house and was very surprised to experience Scottish Hydro taking final bill amounts out of my account in the early hours of Christmas eve morning. The total involved was £560!!! I have of course intercepted and prevented those transactions from being completed.... On closer inspection (actually looking at my paperless bills..... I know, I know......) I find that my monthly payments more than covered my usage, confirmed by the fact that they reduced my monthly payments in Jan '15. Both my accounts were in credit at this point..... Billing changed to 6 monthly upon reading my July '15 bill, I'm a bit confused.... The total for this period was £485.23.... My payments totalled £156.... obviously from then on my debt to Scottish hydro has just grown and grown as my payments aren't covering my usage.... What I cant understand is - Why didn't they inform me and change my payments (as they had done in the January)? I have been presuming that I have been paying for my gas/electric as I've been going along... My other irk, is that the bill states they will collect the total "on or soon after 29 December 2015" so sneakily taking it in the middle of the night on Christmas eve is a little more than cheeky - My contracted DD date is 3rd of every month, so why the change in date for this payment?!!! Would just like to know if anyone knows if there is anything governing payment amounts and if companies must make sure consumer usage is kept up to date to avoid situations like mine..... many thanks
  5. Hi All, I recently noticed that my economy 7 meter readings are the wrong way round e.g. my night time reading is the day and vice versa. If corrected this means i will owe around £1000! I have been entering my own reading online for 3-4 years now and believe i must have somehow switched the reading when they were both similar although im not sure. Is this solely my fault? someone comes round every 6 months or so and checks my reading shouldnt they have noticed? Thanks in advance
  6. Hello, I hope this isn't too epic but I could really do with some advice, as the CAB is closed for the festive period! I have tried to include all the relevant parts, if it is too long I am happy to summarise. I moved into my current rented property in March 2010. At that point I received two separate bills from Scottish Power asking for electricity and gas payments; the addresses were slightly different as Edinburgh has a funny postal system - however they were both for the same property. I phoned them and pointed out the address confusion, asking if they could merge the accounts to a dual fuel one. They said yes and that was that. I received more bills for gas in the next couple of months, I called them again on several occasions and they said there was a note on my account explaining it was being sorted out for me and to ignore the bills as they were just automated, they'd contact me when it was all confirmed. A little later in the year I called them again as I'd still heard nothing, they looked at my account notes and the rep said he'd call me back after reading them. He did so and it turns out that Scottish Power were not providing my gas in the first place! They gave me the supply number but could not tell me where it was actually coming from. So I continued paying them for the electricity and hoped someone might come forward for the gas as I was pretty sure it was not free. Sure enough, a Scottish Hydro card turned up on my doorstep saying someone had tried to read the meter. I called the number, explained the situation, they confirmed they held the supply and so I gave my moving in date and all the rest of the required details, I even set up a direct debit over the phone. I also asked if they were able to takeover my electricity supply, as It seemed silly paying two separate companies. I heard nothing and no money was taken. Scottish power continued to take my electricity money. Later in the year, December I believe, I called Scottish Hydro to ask what was happening. There was no record of me calling them before, and the direct debit had not been set up. I set up another direct debit over the phone.* I received a paper bill shortly from Scottish Hydro, my direct debit had once again not been set up. Rather infuriated I tried for the third time, and this time eventually received a letter of confirmation. Finally fed up of paying extortionate money with no dual discount I gave up on both companies and moved both supplies to npower, I paid my final bills to each previous company in October. I received confirmation that the accounts were up to date and now both closed. I received a letter to 'the Occupier' yesterday, from a debt collection agency saying the utilities for the property were under investigation. Utterly perplexed I phoned the included number. It turns out that Scottish Hydro have had an account open for the period between August and December 2010; when I contacted them after discovering they were providing me with gas rather than Scottish Power they did not update this account but simply created a new one. They said they were unable to locate the occupier of the property for this time and had now sold the supposed debt to LCS.* Naturally I am fuming at their administrative mistakes, but I did say that if they sent me a bill for that period I would check the readings against my own inventory and pay them. I made it clear that I was not happy about doing so after all this time but if the gas was used by me I would of course pay for it. I also told them I was astonished that they had not sufficiently tried to locate me (after all, I was in the property and already their customer!) so it was extremely inappropriate to have sold the debt in the first place, when they could simply have billed me the regular way.* The rep called back today and said the fee had been removed from the debt but that I would have to pay LCS to clear the debt. I said I would pay Scottish Hydro, not LCS. He said I could do that, but they'd simply redirect the money to the debt collection people. I have asked that he resubmit my request to retrieve the debt back from the agency, as I am really not happy to pay money to a debt collection agency when the error is solely with Scottish Hydro. It will surely plunge my credit file into the danger zone, a credit file which has till this time been impeccable I unfortunately no longer have the handwritten notes I took when I initially called them as I tidied up after the account was supposedly closed and moved to npower, but I do have the initial bills sent in error by Scottish Power. I have not yet contacted them to try to get any specific dates for my previous telephone correspondence as their offices are closed, but I hope they will help as although they were not very proactive they were always quite helpful over the phone. I have asked TalkTalk for itemised phone bills for the time but they say it will take 40 days! So at the moment Scottish Hydro are claiming they knew nothing of my initial calls to them, the rep says it's unlikely they will get the debt back from LCS and that I will have to pay them regardless. He keeps on saying 'with the greatest respect, I have spent a lot of my time on this'. It is incredibly hard for me not to rise to this, as today was the very first time Hydro have actively contacted me! I have wasted a ridiculous amount of time trying to sort all this out over the past two years, chasing them up and banging my head against the wall, and now I find out what a complete hash the two companies have made of my accounts I am at a complete loss what to do *
  7. Hi everyone, My mother is severely mentally impaired and I look after her affairs. I was in hospital for a while and her gas and electricity bill was outstanding. I paid it when I got out of hospital. However I noticed on her latest bill there is a charge of £43.78 for a Collections Visit Charge on both her electricity bill and gass bill. A total of £87.44 0n top of her bill. I was pretty shocked at this I assume that someone had come to the door looking for payment. My mother cant and wouldnt open the door to anyone and the care team said that no one came when they were in so my question is what proof do I have that anyone actually came to the door? Has anyone any advice on where I should go with this, its outrageous to do this to woman in her 80's. By the way I have already told them all about the situation several times.
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