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  1. Well wee update on this. On Monday got a termination letter. informing me that they will be removing the supply of power. So I wrote an email explaining everything ive mentioned here. Also pointed out I will not be calling them as that option has done nothing. So im keeping a record of contact via email. That was sent on the Monday aswell. almost a week has passed and not one person has responded to my complaint. So Ofgem is the next call if not heard buy tomorrow.
  2. thanks you for helping so far. hadn't thought of the miss selling route. Its just a joke with them as they just don't seem to know what is what.
  3. hi, ive been in my home now for few months When I first moved in I did whats were ment to. called up Scottish power (my choice) to get the gas and elec sorted out in my name. Not that easy, got the gas sorted out no probs and they are my supplier. However they then state that SSE (Scottish hydro) are the ones that have the electric and wont swap over due to past debt. but ive never been with them. so I then get 2 letters both from sse. But one is addressed to a Mrs A S????. And the other is for The council. confused to say the least. especially as both bilss are the same time period but complete different amounts. call them up to inform them of this issue. and that I have moved in and want sp to take my elec. says I need to join them 1st then do a switch. ok then here is my readings for the elec. and also my details (name etc) Couple of weeks pass and in pops a new bill from sse. but not in my name nor the past 2. but a new 1 altogether. called again but have had no joy still the same. then they (sse) show up at my home unexpectedly. but im not home as I happen to work. the guy pops a letter thru the door to say they had been out. but as I wasn't in im being billed £47.50 + vat. still they use the wrong name. What can I do to resolve this and can they just show up unplanned and bill me? cheers
  4. hi craig here just joined to get advice. as here looks as if it full of good advice so far. so im now off to browse and see whats what.
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