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  1. Condition 21B. Billing based on meter readings 21B.3 Paragraphs 21B.4 and 21B.5 apply from 31 December 2014. 21B.4 The licensee must take all reasonable steps to obtain a meter reading (including any meter reading transmitted electronically from a meter to the licensee or provided by the Customer and accepted by the licensee) for each of its Customers at least once every year. My last visit based on the bills I have was in May 2015. This is from the ombudsman document "The revenue protection department confirmed that the meter had been tampered with and that this had occurred on 8 August 2013 and" How did they come with this date? Shall I request from SSE all historical bills (since 2007) ? I have the ones for the last 2 years and I am using about 14000kwh per year based on their letter...UK Average 16500kwh 21B.9 Where a Customer requests the licensee to make available information on their energy billing and historical consumption either to the Customer or to any other person designated by the Customer the licensee must comply with that request to the extent that the information requested is available and as soon as reasonably practicable.
  2. Hi All, It was a bit quiet for a bit and now I got a letter from SSE to call and pay today . Called them and said I would not pay. SSE will start a debt recovery procedure and should place a default on my credit file... I am told that they stand by their decision as meter had a pin in it. Ridiculous but I would not be surprised if they've put one there just to make the case. As my request to get the meter tested independently to the Ombudsman is falling on deaf ears - I am sending another one to SSE by post. Any comments are welcome!!!!! Thank you.
  3. Message from Ombudsman Services Thank you for your letter received on 16 November 2016. You advised in your letter that you wished to escalate your complaint to tier two. Ombudsman Services does not have a tier system of complaints, if you are unhappy with the level of services you have received while using our service, please follow the link below or use the attached leaflet and our customer relations department will intervene and review the complaint. https://www.ombudsman-services.org/unhappy-with-our-service-form-os.html You advised in your letter that SSE had informed you that Ombudsman Services has tested your meter and that if this was not correct information you requested that we arrange an independent testing. Please be advised that Ombudsman Services is not an engineering firm and we do not test meters. We trust this clarifies our position. If you want to speak to us call 0330 440 1624. Our offices are open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.
  4. There is a bit missing as you can access the dials and also this is where the security seal should be...It was also missing.. No this a picture taken when I got the last reading from the meter before eON took over. We changed supplier and that's why they came to take readings. We have a new meter now.. The old one went to an evidence back
  5. I was told by the revenue protection officer that a cover on the left hand side is missing and you have direct access to dials and can turn the readings back... We could not find the cover and it might have been missing for ages. I asked SSE and the Ombudsman to get the meter tested independently. SSE told me that the Ombudsman had tested and found it to be tampered with (over the phone) - which is not the case. The Ombudsman said the case is closed. I am sending a letter by post to escalate this to Tier 2. Thank you all!!!
  6. Copy and paste combined with incompetence... No one cares....
  7. Got a reply. I will send the request by post and email again... Message from Ombudsman Service Thank you for contacting us by email on 3 November 2016 regarding your complaint with SSE. We acknowledge your comments and advise that your complaint has been closed as the outcome of the investigation was no remedy or award. To clarify we have attached the relevant correspondence that we sent to you that advises of our decision. Yours sincerely Case Administration Team
  8. Still no reply to my email for gas meter testing. Spoke to SSE on the phone and I was told that this is no longer possible and they referred me to the Deadlock letter. Complaint procedure has been exhausted and they will carry on with debt collection. Nothing they can do on their side. Lots of B****t They said the Ombudsman tested the meter and found it was tempered with - I do not think this is the case as this was not requested by me before and do not have anything to say so in their emails. I will be waiting for the debt collectors to start ringing 5 times are day and hopefully this will go to court at some point where I will take my chances. Regards,
  9. Sent emails to the Ombudsman and SSE. This was a week ago and still no replies. I just received an Unpaid Bill letter by post from SSE asking for a payment in 7 working days and mentioning debt collection agency and Summons to recover...
  10. Luckily for me the removal of meter was shortly after we sent a request to switch our energy suppler. So the new meter is owned by eON and I owe SSE about 69 unit which should be about £30.00 This is from our last bill to SSE till eON took over. I am happy to pay the £30 owned but not more.
  11. Already did it yesterday. Will see what comes out today... Thank you.
  12. Sent another request to head of customer service as this is getting ridiculous by the minute... As you are aware your accounts were closed on 29 February 2016 and we are no longer the supplier of ADDRESS which means we are unable to arrange the independent meter examiner. If you feel there is an issue with your meters please contact your new supplier to discuss this further. Whilst I note your comments I do not feel there is anything else we can add and, having asked Ombudsman Service: Energy to consider your case, the Ombudsman is the appropriate channel for ongoing correspondence. I appreciate that you may not agree with this conclusion and I am sorry that we have been unable to meet your expectations on this occasion. Please be advised that any future correspondence received regarding the same issue will be filed for information only and not responded to.
  13. Thanks a lot. As a matter of principle I would go to court if needed. I was thinking to maybe start paying £20 per month and buy some time but this seems like admitting guilt. Already wrote to SSE and asked them to get meter tested independently. Regarding energy used I don't dispute the reading - I think they are fine. SSE says I've stolen gas and it was not metered. I bit of the protective cover was missing and I was told you can reverse the readings. I will write to the Ombudsman and ask them to escalate the complain... Will keep you posted Thanks for the great support !!!
  14. My concern is that even if I requested an independent testing they would still carry on with chasing the debt....
  15. The faulty meter was collected from the revenue protection officer and I have not asked for it to be inspected (this might be my next step). Not sure how they came with the date when the meter was tampered with - 8 August 2013. I have 10 quarterly bills since FEB 2013 (1 missing) and I found one from 9/8/2012. I have out all the data in xls file with a graph. All seems good with peaks in the winter. As per SSE statement my annual consumption is 16673kwh at cost £917 Same bill states that average customer usage is 13500kwh per year Not sure what to do next...
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