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  1. Dear consumer forum group I have looked at your responses and thank you for them. I have copied and pasted my emails to the GMP enquiry system, it shows more of the time line that you have been asking for and possibly divulges more information on my health issues that I work hard to keep private and contain. I am still very concerned that I have received no response, your group has offered some reassurances however the longer I need to wait the harder and more anxious I become. I hope you can still help and will gratefully accept any advice, I neglected to copy the paperwork
  2. Good Evening Thank you so much for your replies, it has given us both an idea of how long this process takes. I apologise that I only look at a screen for a limited amount of time during a day hence the reason I was unaware of replies, sort of assumed it may be a Monday - Friday for response times. Regardless of the glib response you have helped put our minds at ease. Thanks a million and best wishes Rod
  3. Afternoon I received a notice of intention to prosecute. My vehicle was photographed 39mph in a 30mph zone. I have completed the paperwork and mailed back to Greater Manchester police. Since then I have not heard anything, I have so far sent 2 emails yet we have had no response. We are now concerned about how long we are waiting and whether something has gone wrong. My wife is not contesting we just want a resolution. Does anyone know how long we need to wait until they respond. Can anyone put our minds at ease please.
  4. Would it be possible for readers of the forum to share their experiences of similar situations. We feel that should this be happening once a week to other people, especially if the company is SSE, then this is a way to help each other. God Bless. Thanks.
  5. Thank you for the reply unclebulgaria. Having this situation still ongoing it is of little comfort to know that these companies do this to other people on a regular basis and make no attempt to contact people living in the property. Months will have passed before we moved into the premises. SSE made us feel sick to our stomachs and added a lot of stress and inconvenience to an already difficult time. The customer service at SSE is repugnant. Surely this needs to stop happening, should we be contacting the media or our local MP. We still need to wait a few weeks before we can contact the Ombuds
  6. We signed a rental agreement for a new property in Cowpe on the 1st December 2017, having recently had a baby and a wedding on the 29th December we decided to speak with our then current landlord, a friend of the family, to see if we could take our time moving our possessions. All this was fine. My fiance rang Utility Warehouse, our current provider and asked them to transfer our account to the new property. We started to move our belongings into the new property. Most of the larger furniture was in, with the help of friends on the morning of the 13th December
  7. I agree with you TheBogsDollocks, I had a look at the The Local Authorities' Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations 1996 No. 2489 PART III Regulation 18 Traffic signs 18.—(1) Where an order relating to any road has been made, the order making authority shall take such steps as are necessary to secure— (a)before the order comes into force, the placing on or near the road of such traffic signs in such positions as the order making authority may consider requisite for securing that adequate information as to the effect of the order is made available to pers
  8. The broadband engineer was a Talk Talk engineer. He arrived at 14:35 yesterday. He asked to see the main faceplate. He checked the line. He then asked to see the next phone socket that was in our bedroom. He told us that this telephone needs a filter on it. We walked back downstairs and I got one of our filters and put in on the line in the bedroom. The whole diagnosis and solution took 5 minutes if that. While the engineer was still there I checked both the PCs and rang my sister using all the telephones in the house. So far we have had no more problems with the telephones or broadband.
  9. I have not seen the sign with the P on it I'm afraid, we were just passing on the day the auction house views next to the parking/no parking area. The BwD council like parking ambiguity though, it assists with their revenue. I was informed that the local press have been on the issue and it was headlined in the Evening Telegraph. http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/1079561.Yellow_lines__road_rage__for_drivers/ It appears this issue has been going on for some time. All comments welcome. Leicalens
  10. UW sent out 2 BT engineers yesterday. They had been told to test the line again. They tested the line and it was fine. They were confused as to why they had not been instructed to replace the replacement main faceplate. They did however disconnect the bell wires (orange ones). Before they left the supervisor watched as we demonstrated the lack of internet access on both the wireless laptop and the ethernet PC. Both had no access until we rang an 0845 number. Once connected there was internet access on both machines and the speed was constant at 7000 download speed. As we watched the speed test
  11. Thanks. That's half of what we were thinking - but that doesn't explain why the speed is boosted when we are on the phone though does it?! Interestingly, without any change whatsoever to anything in the house the speed has cone right back up today, no drop outs at all.
  12. Update: They have now removed the yellow lines completely around one section of the area and appear to have made it into a legal parking bay.
  13. I wonder if anyone has come across this weird one. After a series of issues leading to BT engineers coming to "fix the fault" ( This included the engineer waffling about going to the main exchange and changing our main box to the "new style") we have been left with a really odd internet connection. When plugged into the test plug everything works fine - although still a slower speed than before the fault (around 6000). When plugged into another line in the house the speed varies from nothing at all up to 2000. I guess this implies that the fault is with the internal wiring, alth
  14. Thank you for your comments. I am still pursing a complaint about parking around the Canterbury Street area in Blackburn. I will update the forum with further correspondence from me or the council. You are welcome to give me your feedback. Leicalens
  15. There were 5 other cars parked within the bays inside the double yellow lined area at the time. Unfortunately I was ticketed because unbeknown to me every other vehicle had a blue badge. I was duped because it looked very much like a parking area. I am no longer a regular at the auction house I was visiting and every street around Canterbury Street has prohibited parking.Speaking with all the businesses in the area they inform me that it is now a weekly event on the days the auction house is viewing and when the auction is on. It is not just myself who has been duped. I am a very re
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