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  1. I have enjoyed this thread, very informitive and makes one feel empowered regarding our rights. Any updates on this and it's been seven weeks so how long does it take after submitting your DQ?
  2. Hi yes CT is a strange thing, last year i paid £10 towards my council tax for the first time since I have been on benefits but this year I pay nothing. Regards to all
  3. Sorry to say but they could most likely match you using the end account number with the account open date, not sure if this really matters but I wouldn't want to give them any info at all. Regards to all
  4. I can still see your name, date of birth and address on bottom of pink ones.
  5. Personal info showing at bottom of pages.
  6. Thanks Andy, that's much easier to read and understand.
  7. Hi all just need some clarification as I have read so many different stories. Will people in the long term esa support group transfer over to universal credit it or be left alone? Regards to all
  8. Hi guys just to update on this issue. I have been dealing with SSE complaints team and have to say they have been marvelous. After working out my payment due at being £640 based upon my current meter reading they have spoken with their chartered billing team and they have acknowledged errors on their part and have reduced my bill to £38 and a new direct debit has been setup. I am so happy. Regards to all
  9. Thanks guys I will pay the £35 direct debit and an extra £50 a month to clear the debt. Regards to all
  10. Hi all back in February last year I had my pre payment meters, both gas and electricity, changed so as I could pay by direct debit as I was struggling with illness and was in and out of hospital so was unable to top up on a regular basis. I gave my account details to setup the direct debits and the meters were changed and I was given the monthly amounts of £18 for electricity and £35 for gas. Roll on to July this year and I received a gas bill for £600 as they had not been taking the direct debit for the gas bud did so for the electric. I truly did not notice that the DD was n
  11. Sorry jardinipops if I confused your issue, what I was trying to say was that I thought Cabot were being very arrogant in their assumption that they are entitled to obtain a County Court Judgment against you and not actually say they would apply for a court judgment. Regards to all
  12. Got to love this bit: What happens next? We consider that the agreement is now enforceable and therefore we are entitled to obtain a County Court Judgment against you. So Cabbot now tell the courtys what to do
  13. Hello all just checked my ESA payment confirmation letter and they based my tax years from April 2009 to April 2010, I guess this is because that's when I started receiving my benefit's. Regards to all
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