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  1. But I remember going to the shop and signing for the new contract mmmm Very puzzeled So Lowell don't have to prove anything and just got me with a outstanding amount
  2. But don't Lowell have a legal obligation to produce the original agreements of the accounts that they are persuing me for?
  3. Hahahaha ok mate thanks I'm assuming a prove it letter is not an option then ?
  4. What office of 3 mobile do I send the sar to and do I just email the letter.
  5. Telecommunications (3) all under this heading i'll be really honest I have no idea why there is three accounts as im sure it was only 2 and the figures look bloody high, that's why I was going to send a prove it letter. oh and sorry no I don't have any access to the accounts.
  6. Lowell Balance £595 Default Since 3rd August 2015 Updated on 07/09/2018 Opened on 17/07/2012 Lowell Balance £540 Default Since 2nd May 2015 Updated on 07/09/2018 Opened on 23/04/2014 Lowell Balance £425 Default Since 1st February 2014 Updated on 07/09/2018 Opened on 28/04/2011 is this any better
  7. should I email a "prove it " letter and see what response I get ?
  8. sorry im not too good on computers and have no idea where to start with pdf
  9. I don't mind paying for a debt that I owe, but I want proof of the true outstanding balance, and not just asking me for a figure that they say I owe.
  10. this is the accounts that Lowell have put on my credit file.
  11. ive taken them off and i'll do them again thanks
  12. here are the accounts they have placed on my file. https://images.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/images/attach/jpg.gifhttps://images.consumerahttps://images.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/images/attach/jpg.gifctiongroup.co.uk/foruhttps://images.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/images/attach/jpg.gifm/images/attach/jpg.gif
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