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  1. received acknowledgement of service and they are defending the claim
  2. Thanks. I’ll post the defence here when I receive it.
  3. Ok. Just realised that if I untick the box to claim interest I will get 6 more lines. As I’m refunded, should I still reserve my right to claim interest?
  4. Ok great , that’s fits with one line remaining. Do I tick the box to send particulars to the defendant? ‘ If you wish, you may also send detailed particulars direct to the defendant. If you need to do this, please tick here ‘
  5. hi trying to fit it all in so i wouldn’t have to send a separate particulars. what dates do you refer to?
  6. So today is D14 after issuing letter before action and I will be submitting the claim tomorrow. Are there any changes to be made to the particulars of claim? Thanks.
  7. Currys responded to my letter before action. Looks like it will be a claim after all
  8. Ok then. Looks like this will be the final draft but I will double check with you again before I submit it on D15. Really appreciate the time you have taken to help. Thanks.
  9. It fits. The second last draft claiming £541 is actually fine. The eBay code was a 10% discount code (max amount £100) which gave me £100 off £1808. It was non refundable. Obviously it was time limited and I have missed out on it, but eBay has done a similar promotion again today, albeit only for 6 hours. What you said earlier about claiming too much and putting myself £100 ahead does worry me. I will follow your advice on this and if you think I should claim £641 then I will, but I am more than happy with £541. there are still 11 days till Day 15 so plenty of time to make amendments.
  10. I understand that. No I don’t have the benefit of the eBay voucher any longer as it was time limited but eBay does run promotion like this occasionally. I am not trying to change the amount claimed. £541 is fine. What I meant was the part in claim particulars where I mentioned I was ‘refunded £1808’ but it was actually £1708 and I didn’t want inaccurate figure to affect my claim. I don’t know if the detail matters. Day 15 is 9/7/19. Another thing that I’m unsure of is if I should tick the box to send detailed particulars direct to the defendant?
  11. Actually I was refunded £1708. Do I have to change the figure in claim particulars?
  12. Fits in until the word ‘refunded’. The underlined sentence - do you meant ‘refuse to supply the promotional computer agreed and paid for in contract’ if I can’t include the eBay voucher code then I will be claiming £541 instead. The amount covered by the voucher code wasn’t refunded and cannot be claimed in monetary value according to ebay terms.
  13. I made a slight amendment myself. i am claiming for difference in price (£2349 - £1708) *not sure about the amount that I should claim. item sold for £1808. the amount that I actually paid was £1708 as ebay code made the price £100 cheaper current draft:
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