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  1. I am so fed up with teachers that single students out to victimise ! Drives me potty! My son came across a teacher in Year9 who took an immediate dislike to him. All children miss homework assignments or are late at one time or another but my god this woman. My son is now in year 11 and in May I booked an appointment with the head teacher explaining I would no longer stand for her bullying. Over two thirds of detentions he has had since year 9 were issued by her she put him on report for not having a pencil FOR GOD SAKE. The head skirted around my complaint and di
  2. Please can someone help or advise me. Eight years ago Sse started billing me for my tenants electric five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and have been extremely ill and disabled ever since. All through this illness and disability SOC have continually build me thousands and thousands of pounds for my tenants electricity up to £15,000 even though I produced tenancy agreements finally they took me to court demanding £8000 for two years use of electricity for a small bungalow with 1 to 2 tenants in it . The bungalow also had solar panels providing daytime electricit
  3. Hi My partner his off sick from work. A few months ago we started a new business together for when she is finally sacked/leaves etc. She is joint Director and shareholder like me. We have not even done any work yet, all we have done is put money into the business. No wage has been taken out, no dividend taken out, no money at all has come out of our business bank account. The fire service who employs her says you must have permission for another job but nothing about being a director of a company, especially a dormant one. She has had lots of problems at work and put a grievance in fina
  4. Bit of a long one but I wonder if you guys can help me out a little please. I'm writing on behalf of my wife. NB: My wife is Spanish and works in a call center for a major airline here in the UK with people from other countries. In Nov 2015 an incident happened at work in which she was racially abused and intimidated by an Italian male co worker. A meeting took place with my wife and HR and she trusted them to resolve. She asked that they be moved away from each other. The company supervisors immediately sat the man right behind my wife which made her feel under pressure and then fur
  5. On Wednesday, 4th Nov 15, a JobCentre Workcoach at Seven Kings Jobcentre, instigated a full scale row with me about my apparent job search failure, even though I applied for 33 vacancies for period 21/10/15 – 4/11/15 - so she's clearly insane and her judgement is off at best and worst she doesn't listen to reason nor pay attention to months of evidence. (This is my 2nd complaint against this particular Work Coach for bullying – the first complaint being the 10th September 2014) She battered me about why I hadn't secured interviews for the amount of jobs applied for,
  6. Hi everyone, looking for ideas, I manage a supervisor on another site, but because I am not based on that site the senior on site manager will take control if I am not around. This other manager dislikes that the Supervisor was made up from her previous role and her attitude right from the beginning has been that because she has that position she should magically know how to manage every situation, including complex technology problems that can be challenging and we have to rely on the I.T. department and the main company help desk which is an exhaustive and messy process. She accu
  7. I had a 2 day a week job which early in January this year I quit with no notice to employer, i had no contract at all with my employer and no written term's of my job / notice / wage (which I now believe is a legal requirement) since quitting my job I have received 1 envelope from my employer with my last pay slips, I have had no response to my letter to quit and had no P45 sent to me, I have requested my P45 via e-mail again no response, the DWP have asked for my P45 for review of my wife's claim for ESA and PIP is there anything I can do to get a P45 direct from HMRC instead of relying
  8. Hi, Need a little guidance please. I'm posting this on behalf of my sister who works for a large government organisation. She was involved in a relationship with a senior work colleague who is employed in a different section to her and the relationship ended last year. He started bombarding her with texts about how much he loved her and that he hoped she was safe. He then started saying nasty things about her to work colleagues. It really distressed her and started to affect her work, eventually her line manager ended up having to involve her head of department. My sister is terri
  9. Does anyone know how long it will likely take for Unison solicitors to review my case of bullying at work? I have asked my rep twice but she is not responding. I just wanted some estimate of the time as I am in limbo, I am desperate to leave my job but want guarantee of a good reference. I can't currently go into details regarding what has happened as it's too painful to even think about let alone detail here, but basically I raised a grievance against my line manager (partially upheld) and appealed it but am now subjected to mobbing by 2 senior managers & HR. I just wondered if an
  10. Hello. I have been working in company for 4.5 years. All that time I was working threw the agency and I get a contract 1st of January this year. 22nd of september I decided to quit because of personal circumstances. I wasn't happy about my life. I text my manager, I have informed him that I quit. I wrote that it was nice to work with him, but it's time to move on for me and that I'm sorry if that will cause any problems. And I have switched off my phone, I didn't wanted to talk with anyone. After that I get a lot of messages from him, he wrote that I mu
  11. Hi, I was suspended from work on the 3rd of October cuz one of my colleagues, who I tort of as my only friend, wrote a letter of complaint against me. I have known him for over a year now as we both started the company on the same day. I met him on the interview day. Any way since then we have become quite close in and out of work. We work night shifts in a warehouse. The day the incident took place, which was the 28th of September he actually complained to the supervisor that night requesting that I don't speak to him. The supervisor came over to me and said that he's having personal problems
  12. Hi everyone. This is my first post I hope I'm posting it in the right place? I had an incident with the Halifax recently and I'd like to get a few opinions on how to complain about it. I entered a branch with my little boy to ask about opening a bank account for him. The man I spoke to took us into a side room to talk about it. He very quickly sidetracked the conversation into talking about Halifax insurance options. I didn't ask about insurance, but he was telling me about it anyway. I politely told him that I wasn't interested in any insurance, to which he replied "You ca
  13. Hi there I had been bullied for 2 years at work and was off sick twice within this period with long term sickness due to stress and depression. In the end, with the help of a solicitor we negotiated a settlement agreement which included a payout and a reference. I left my last organisation in December 2013. I have just found out that an ex-colleague of mine doing the same job as me in the same team working for the same manager as the one who bullied me (we were both managed by her as we were in her team) is leaving to go to a new job. This colleague of mine has had an unpleasant t
  14. Dear Caggers.... I'm in one of those situations; probably too familiar to a lot of people - but with a "twist". I separated from my wife and moved out of the Marital home a couple of years ago; I've been in regular touch as there are children involved... I am still paying the mortgage plus allowances etc - £2,600/month Incidentally - in the last 2 years I have had a tripe heart bypass and been signed off work with depression/stress. A cople of days ago I recieved a demand for £6,600 for non payment of a credit card bill from a company called Capital Resolve.... The first I
  15. Hi. Need some advice. We work in a care home environment. There is a good team there but some problems have occurred with a new boss. Background. We are part of two homes. The main building which provides 24/7 care, and ourselves that provide more independent living. Both have been run seperatly until now. The main building can be heavy going, whilst ours provides care taylored to the individual. Both have separate teams of staff and both are on a different rota. Change of boss. A new boss for both the homes started. At the time we passed a recent CQC inspection, whilst the main buil
  16. Hi all! I'm new to the site:madgrin: I'm actually asking about a problem that my other half is going through at the moment. He's a construction worker and has been with the present company for 2 years. One year ago, he was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. It only affects his eyes and causes at times, uncontrollable blinking. I'm trying to cut this story short even though there is so much to say. Basically, his site manager started to make fun of my partner at work. Firstly, he announced to all his work colleagues that he had Tourettes, even though he didn't want it announced. Then
  17. hi guys, i was witness to a fight outside of work which involved a collegue. i told the police that i didnt see who hit who first(which is the truth) but i suspected that my collegue was hit first because his teeth had been knocked out. now when my boss asked me to give her a statement i wrote that i saw the other man hit my colleague first. its now going to crown court as my collegue is acused of stamping on the other man. can my boss sack me for giving her false account of what happened.
  18. Hi, can a manager be asked to either resign or be sacked for continual harassment, victimisation and bullying of staff. The bullying and victimisation is being done by the manager in front of other staff members and customers of the company. This is not being done in front of the MD who I have written to and await his reply due to be given in a face to face meeting. Does the managers actions constitute gross misconduct and would he have any claim against the company in the event of him being asked to resign? This has been going on for some time now and is getting worse due to the fact that t
  19. my GP signed me off work for a month due to work related stress, after i sent it to my employer the nxt day i have been receiving emails from him on my personal email, also text messages. at the end of all messages he orders me to confirm receipt of the message. it has been a week that i am off sick and this is information that he has provided me: 1. not being paid in full - sickness payment 86 pound/week 2. he's going to call me every monday and thursday to check my well being (previous call he was asking me to think about if my stress is because of personal life instead of work) 3. wit
  20. I have a severely disabled son who cannot talk walk or speak he also suffers from seizures due to fatigue our neighbour has constantly had a vendetta against us for the last two years subjecting us to loud music doors banging and surround sound on till early hours we are in council property and he is home owner local authorities say there is nothing they can do as he is home owner this man has upset everyone in our village over the years and very few people have anything to do with him and has accused them of being racsist along with ourselves
  21. Britannia interest only mortgage (long story, I'll tell it if anyone's interested). 25 years with 5 to go. In good standing. They wrote offering to extend the mortgage period for a fee of £50 (up to age 65 without evidence of ability to repay). I phoned to confirm details (and also to check there were no penalties for paying it off early). I filled in the forms, extending the mortgage period by four years or so, to when I reach 65 and sent off payment. My question is this: is Britannia bound by the new agreement and what would happen if they tried to instigate repossession at the en
  22. I have worked in my current job since June 2012, I didn't have any problems until we moved premises. Since the move I feel I am being bullied and harrassed by my manager. The old premises had a stock room at the back of the shop which made life easy if a customer wanted us to have a look for an item of clothing. Now we have an offsite stockroom which is very cold and does not have a lot of space to work in. I am regularly over in the stockroom with no protective clothing. I have to wear leggings under my trousers and use my own thick coat in an effort to keep warm. I have stubbed my toes
  23. What's the difference, in employment law, between bullying and harrasment?
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