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  1. I am so fed up with teachers that single students out to victimise ! Drives me potty! My son came across a teacher in Year9 who took an immediate dislike to him. All children miss homework assignments or are late at one time or another but my god this woman. My son is now in year 11 and in May I booked an appointment with the head teacher explaining I would no longer stand for her bullying. Over two thirds of detentions he has had since year 9 were issued by her she put him on report for not having a pencil FOR GOD SAKE. The head skirted around my complaint and didn't really acknowledge it but it comes to Wednesday morning this week and my son was late for school as his oyster card did not work - I wrote him a note the office provided him with his late slip but the teacher interrupted and issued him a detention. I have had just about enough of this woman so today wrote the head a letter informing him that my son would not be doing this detention and without pointing out whom I was complaining about reminded him of our previous conversations. He responded promptly with regards to the detention however totally ignored my vague complaint - so I retorted very clearly that this teacher Ms **** cannot continue victimising my child any further and I would not hesitate to make a formal complaint if it continues ..... Guess what he hasn't responded Can I fill in a SAR type of thing where they have to give me details of all detentions he has had and for what reason detailing who issued them Does anyone know??/
  2. Please can someone help or advise me. Eight years ago Sse started billing me for my tenants electric five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and have been extremely ill and disabled ever since. All through this illness and disability SOC have continually build me thousands and thousands of pounds for my tenants electricity up to £15,000 even though I produced tenancy agreements finally they took me to court demanding £8000 for two years use of electricity for a small bungalow with 1 to 2 tenants in it . The bungalow also had solar panels providing daytime electricity. Sse said the bill was £8000 for two years and because I lost the court case they added £9000 in cost totalling £17,000 they require me to pay for my tenants electric. Sse said the tenants did not exist and then I produced housing benefit evidence that they did exist then Sse told the court that the tenants were actually my lodgers even though I produced address evidence of where I was living I was not listened to and I lost . Hence Sse have a CCJ against me for £17,000 that I cannot afford to defend or appeal. Now the big problem start. Because of this I was referred to a debt management company Who advised me to take an IVA and they have collated my income and expenditure and details of any assets and valuations to prove I have nothing I am able to sell. This company contacted Sse to try and negotiate a payment plan . Sse rejected any offer of any payment plan stating they would only accept the £17,000 in full. I do not have this and I am living at the moment on disability benefit and working tax credit with very Limited income. I complained to Sse about how could the bill be £8000 for two years they refuse to investigate my complaint they also refused to give me a deadlock letter so the ombudsman would investigate. The litigation department at Sse have continually bullied me for eight years all through my illness now I am extremely depressed and distressed they will not accept any payment plan. I also complained to Sse that the litigation department were pursuing me as if it was a personal vendetta and they would rather Sse had no money from me whatsoever as long as they could bankrupt me or pursue me they would not accept any negotiation for an IVI or any payment plan telling me the payments had to be substantial within a short period of time and nothing else was acceptable I am being bullied and intimidated and I don't know which way to turn because I do not have the money and I do not have anything I can sell. I have that's the court for time to pay but Sse have objected to that application and I'll demanding £17,000 I don't know what to do next, I have had a years of bullying and eight years of fighting cancer and they still won't leave me alone I have asked if the debt collection can be transferred out of the litigation department into a vulnerability department at Sse so I can receive some fair treatment considering my illness and anxiety and depression now. They refuse to allow me to speak to anybody else and would not give me any managers names and said this particular person within the department will be the only person to deal with this. I feel this is unfair and discriminating against me because this woman has been involved for quite some time and obviously has a personal vendetta against me and wishes to see this through to the end where the SOC get money or not she obviously is on some kind of bonus for finishing me off I can't negotiate with her and nor can the debt counselling company negotiate. We are at a stalemate where she demands £17,000 and nothing else will do and I am unable to pay this. I Have a friend who nursed me when I was very ill and who I lived with during these two years with Sse and making me liable for my tenants electric in a rented property and he works on the minimum wage in the factory. He has said he would give his life savings just a few thousand pounds to Sse in settlement Of this but they will accept nothing less my friend is prepared to even work for extra years to try and negotiate with them but they will not hear of any negotiation. They will not accept and I V a L any payment plan and I don't know what to do next because I do not have the money To pay for my tenants electric bill and all the court costs. I am at my wits end now and I do not know which way to turn SSE have indicated they are going to continue to bully me until they get their money and they will not accept the payment plan but will pursue me in 'other ways' they say This is a proper the charity designed to help people like me and yet Sse will not negotiate or even speak to them at all other than demanding the full money in a short period of time and I don't have it I just don't know what to do I do have some property But I cannot sell it as it is in negative equity and I receive rent for it which goes to pay the mortgage, there is a small surplus that the debt company was offering to pay to Sse for the debt but they will not accept any plan please can somebody help. The ombudsman will not set my complaint as to why I cannot be dealt with by the vulnerability department and how the bill came to £8000 in two years because there is no deadlock letter because Sse and refused to provide one and they also refuse to investigate my complaint
  3. Hi My partner his off sick from work. A few months ago we started a new business together for when she is finally sacked/leaves etc. She is joint Director and shareholder like me. We have not even done any work yet, all we have done is put money into the business. No wage has been taken out, no dividend taken out, no money at all has come out of our business bank account. The fire service who employs her says you must have permission for another job but nothing about being a director of a company, especially a dormant one. She has had lots of problems at work and put a grievance in finally 2 weeks ago then alas this disciplinary letter turns up saying she works for this company. However she doesnt she owns it with me. They now want to see her asap. Should she take copies of all accounts, share certificates, bank statements etc to prove no wage has ever been drawn. I am also a witness. Thanks
  4. Bit of a long one but I wonder if you guys can help me out a little please. I'm writing on behalf of my wife. NB: My wife is Spanish and works in a call center for a major airline here in the UK with people from other countries. In Nov 2015 an incident happened at work in which she was racially abused and intimidated by an Italian male co worker. A meeting took place with my wife and HR and she trusted them to resolve. She asked that they be moved away from each other. The company supervisors immediately sat the man right behind my wife which made her feel under pressure and then further intimidation and bullying began from this man. The intimidation was not always directed to her face but it would include shouting negative comments right behind here about her home country and talking about sex. Maybe 6 months later and after my wife spoke to her supervisors several times and emailed explaining her issues and asking for the situation to be resolved she became ill. Next, Her Dr, Company occupational health and now counselor have written reports to the company stating that my wives illness is a direct result of the issues at work. Company HR and Supervisors have promised on several occasions to move the man to another area and then done nothing. This has had an additional negative effect on my wives stress. She is on medication. My wife is working with the union official and union solicitor to resolve this and the solicitor has advised (rightly I think) that a process must be followed before further action against the company. We have documented everything in case we needed to take further action. We have copies of emails, incidents etc. In my wives last meeting with company HR it was agreed that the man would be moved permanently to another area of the business and as they have promised and changed their minds several times my wife asked for this in writing. The company agreed. Within 24 hours the company took back this offer and told my wife the man would probably be back in her group. This has added to her stress levels and she panics. This has all taken a little over 12 months now and we feel the company should be pressured into resolving the matter. My wife is now off work sick on SSP and worried about going back into the same situation. Should we continue with the union or maybe seek outside legal help which could be expensive. Any view would be good please Thanks
  5. On Wednesday, 4th Nov 15, a JobCentre Workcoach at Seven Kings Jobcentre, instigated a full scale row with me about my apparent job search failure, even though I applied for 33 vacancies for period 21/10/15 – 4/11/15 - so she's clearly insane and her judgement is off at best and worst she doesn't listen to reason nor pay attention to months of evidence. (This is my 2nd complaint against this particular Work Coach for bullying – the first complaint being the 10th September 2014) She battered me about why I hadn't secured interviews for the amount of jobs applied for, I explained that many job sites sold advert slots to recruitment agencies, and that many jobs aren't offered to me due to me being over qualified, and too old for entry-level posts. At precisely 12:40pm, she aggressively challenged me and said “If I'm so experienced, then I should be in work” - and she didnt mean it as a compliment either, she was goading me, doing her absolute best to wind me up, and she's clearly a lunatic of the highest order and unprofessional to boot. I mean, does she really think that repeatedly bashing out the same questions really helps motivate jobseekers or changes a job-market fluctuation situation that's completely out of my control – it doesn't. The 'Work Coach' also kept banging on about her 'job coach' credentials, she told me she was a qualified job coach (seems the majority of DWP staff do this too, but from what I've seen they don't have the skills/knowledge required to coach anyone) . Is the DWP sure they should be using self-appointed titles, as I thought their titles were Compliance/Customer/Client Advisor?? although the Work Coaches seems to think its fine to promote themselves and bully others.... (It seems the title of 'Work Coach' is an official title according to the DWP). She then turned to giving low-level CV tips, 'advising' that I should change it so its 'targeted'. Well, I've removed 4 positions to make it so – but this has now left a huge gap of 4 years employment that is tough to explain to interviewers, hmmm, great advice She then threatened to repeat the same pathetic questioning every time I attend my signing day, and I'm not being spoken to like that, nor will I stand for her ridiculous threats and told the Jobcentre, I will take this to the highest complaints level as this is the 2nd time these pathetic power games has occurred and the 3rd advisor complaint put forward by myself, although I couldn't be bothered to take it to the maximum complaints stage last time, but I will now.
  6. Hi everyone, looking for ideas, I manage a supervisor on another site, but because I am not based on that site the senior on site manager will take control if I am not around. This other manager dislikes that the Supervisor was made up from her previous role and her attitude right from the beginning has been that because she has that position she should magically know how to manage every situation, including complex technology problems that can be challenging and we have to rely on the I.T. department and the main company help desk which is an exhaustive and messy process. She accuses her of having no imagination and not looking at other options to support when there is a problem, this is not a fair summation of the situation and the supervisor contacts everyone and makes sure all are aware of the problems, I agree there are always options but instead of accusatory statements, I think these options should come in the form of suggestions from the senior manager which would show support and instruction and would help the supervisor become better equipped to deal with these issues more effectively in the future. The upshot is that this manager confronted the supervisor and has spoken to her in a very unprofessional manner in front of other staff in an open plan office about her lack of imagination & ability, this was after a particularly stressful couple of days where the supervisor was constantly running around testing equipment with the help desk and sending out emails to keep all informed. The supervisor felt that the managers behaviour towards her was bullying and she had a bit of a meltdown, at which point she became emotional and said to the manager I am not sure I even want to do this job, the manager sent her home because she became very stressed and was crying, but at the same time she also said she would get a form to downgrade her back to her previous roll!! I have since had a very tearful phone call from the supervisor who is afraid she may try to do this in her absence, which actually she cant do, so that is not a problem but ultimately I am a little lost on how to handle this situation. This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened and when I speak to the manager about any of these incidents she comes across as she was only making reasonable requests and a manager should be able to do that without ringing the supervisors line manager all the time, she also claims that she thinks the supervisor is not equipped for the job and she should not have been given the opportunity but she schmoozes when talking to me and tries to show this as concern for the supervisor. This manager has lots of on site support and this is going to be tricky for me to raise at a higher level, but I can not stand by and let the bullying behaviour continue, unfortunately, getting other staff to stand up against this person and admit she is a bully is difficult because they are all intimidated by her and I am not sure if the supervisor will do so either because these attacks always happen when she is on site and I am not there, she maybe afraid this will make things worse. I would welcome some advice please.
  7. I had a 2 day a week job which early in January this year I quit with no notice to employer, i had no contract at all with my employer and no written term's of my job / notice / wage (which I now believe is a legal requirement) since quitting my job I have received 1 envelope from my employer with my last pay slips, I have had no response to my letter to quit and had no P45 sent to me, I have requested my P45 via e-mail again no response, the DWP have asked for my P45 for review of my wife's claim for ESA and PIP is there anything I can do to get a P45 direct from HMRC instead of relying on my ex employer
  8. Hi, Need a little guidance please. I'm posting this on behalf of my sister who works for a large government organisation. She was involved in a relationship with a senior work colleague who is employed in a different section to her and the relationship ended last year. He started bombarding her with texts about how much he loved her and that he hoped she was safe. He then started saying nasty things about her to work colleagues. It really distressed her and started to affect her work, eventually her line manager ended up having to involve her head of department. My sister is terrified of repercussions and doesn't want to be seen as a trouble maker. Her head of department, says it's sexual harassment and will deal with it that way. Is this correct as he never made any comments of a sexual nature? I thought it would have been more bullying? Just wondered if anyone could shed some light on this please. Cheers Dex
  9. Hello. I have been working in company for 4.5 years. All that time I was working threw the agency and I get a contract 1st of January this year. 22nd of september I decided to quit because of personal circumstances. I wasn't happy about my life. I text my manager, I have informed him that I quit. I wrote that it was nice to work with him, but it's time to move on for me and that I'm sorry if that will cause any problems. And I have switched off my phone, I didn't wanted to talk with anyone. After that I get a lot of messages from him, he wrote that I must explane why did I quit. I didn't replyed, because I think that I don't have to explane my personal problems. After few days he texted me again, he wrote that someone is pregnant from me at my workplace... I have ignored that message. Yesterday 2nd of october I get another 2 messages from him and they were even worse than previuos. He wrote : '' U little piece of sh**.. I know where u live.. I still need to know why you left... so I will be coming.." 2nd message "You haven't balls and guts too reply, you 50kg boy" I'm trying to change my life, trying to quit smoking, I have started running in the mornings, but after messages like that I feel uncomfortable and a bit stressed. Didn't wanted to take any actions against him, but I'm not sure how far this can go. What should I do?
  10. Hi, I was suspended from work on the 3rd of October cuz one of my colleagues, who I tort of as my only friend, wrote a letter of complaint against me. I have known him for over a year now as we both started the company on the same day. I met him on the interview day. Any way since then we have become quite close in and out of work. We work night shifts in a warehouse. The day the incident took place, which was the 28th of September he actually complained to the supervisor that night requesting that I don't speak to him. The supervisor came over to me and said that he's having personal problems and that I should not tease him. So I stopped!!! Ther was 2 hours left of the shift. The next night I didn't say a word to him. I had two days of and when I came in that's when my supervisor suspended me and showed me the letter. I've had an investigatory meeting to establish what happened. It's been 7 days since the meeting and I'm still waiting waiting for the outcome. Please help!!!
  11. Hi everyone. This is my first post I hope I'm posting it in the right place? I had an incident with the Halifax recently and I'd like to get a few opinions on how to complain about it. I entered a branch with my little boy to ask about opening a bank account for him. The man I spoke to took us into a side room to talk about it. He very quickly sidetracked the conversation into talking about Halifax insurance options. I didn't ask about insurance, but he was telling me about it anyway. I politely told him that I wasn't interested in any insurance, to which he replied "You can't afford not to, imagine getting home today to your house being burnt down, imagine your sons toys and clothes all being burnt" He told me I couldn't afford to take the risk and that I needed Halifax home insurance. I told him firmly that I wasn't interested. His first response was "Imagine if you died, who would take care of your baby?" I instinctively responsed "My mum would" he carried on his irritating pitch with "Well, is she rich?, you need our life insurance" It was a very akward situation, in order to stop him I told him that I would discuss life insurance at home with my family. A few days later he rang me and started to badger me again about the insurance. He told me to come back in to buy some. I didn't. I don't know much about this sort of thing. Did this man break any rules when he did this? Or are the banks allowed to use scare tactics to try and sell insurance? I am intrigued to hear other peoples thoughts on this? It was very irritating and rude I think for him to be so graphic. Is it worth a complaint? Thank you for reading, any views would be very much appreciated
  12. Hi there I had been bullied for 2 years at work and was off sick twice within this period with long term sickness due to stress and depression. In the end, with the help of a solicitor we negotiated a settlement agreement which included a payout and a reference. I left my last organisation in December 2013. I have just found out that an ex-colleague of mine doing the same job as me in the same team working for the same manager as the one who bullied me (we were both managed by her as we were in her team) is leaving to go to a new job. This colleague of mine has had an unpleasant time since I was last physically in the office (July 2013 and I never returned). He to has been bullied with exactly the same issues as me, driip feed criticism, intimidating emails, etc, etc. He made a compliant to her line manager (the director) and she denied it when confronted. It frustrates me that she is still getting away with the same behaviours, especially when her manager has known all along that she did the same to me and had to agree the settlement agreement. My question is, whilst i know that I am legally bound not to discuss the settlement agreement that i made with them, am I able to act as a witness for him to state that she bullied me, without compromising my agreement? Does the settlement agreement restrict me from stating that she also bullied me if he should wish to make a complaint. Your advice would be much appreciated, as whilst my ex-colleague has gotten away with it, I feel that this woman will continue to make people ill and stressed unless she is challenged over her behaviours. Many thanks in advance!
  13. Dear Caggers.... I'm in one of those situations; probably too familiar to a lot of people - but with a "twist". I separated from my wife and moved out of the Marital home a couple of years ago; I've been in regular touch as there are children involved... I am still paying the mortgage plus allowances etc - £2,600/month Incidentally - in the last 2 years I have had a tripe heart bypass and been signed off work with depression/stress. A cople of days ago I recieved a demand for £6,600 for non payment of a credit card bill from a company called Capital Resolve.... The first I had heard of the bill well before I left home. There is no information other than the amount There are instruction as to where to send payments or agree a payment schedule - or to have a visit from one of their representatives by the 15th May - the letter was posted on the 8th. They have now follwoed up the letter with an open card informing me that I wil be visited by one of their representatives in the next week unless I call to make a specific call "Immediately". I have no intention of shirking the responsibility for the debt but I have a couple of questions...... The letters are attatched. 1. What would the significance of the 15th of May be - it seems to be purely arbritary? 2. Are they being intimidating by following it up by this orrible card? I am pretty brassic due to the payments to the estaranged wife etc and don't have acess to anywher that amount of funds - am I allowed to change their date of the 15th to give myself more breathing space ? Any help would be much appreciated:-( IMG.pdf
  14. Hi. Need some advice. We work in a care home environment. There is a good team there but some problems have occurred with a new boss. Background. We are part of two homes. The main building which provides 24/7 care, and ourselves that provide more independent living. Both have been run seperatly until now. The main building can be heavy going, whilst ours provides care taylored to the individual. Both have separate teams of staff and both are on a different rota. Change of boss. A new boss for both the homes started. At the time we passed a recent CQC inspection, whilst the main building had some minor issues to resolve. However, there were some minor drug errors from agency nurses at night at our place. The boss was livid and said he would make changes. The nursing side is the responsibility of higher management and is not provided by the care workers. But then: The boss held a meeting with the care workers and his tone was very harsh towards the care workers. Those that attended the meeting felt he was blaming all the care staff and nothing was mentioned about the fact it was agency RGN's and the responsibility of senior management. The care staff have never been involved with this side. As a result the staff have experienced the following. In addition he has made additional changes which is destroying the good team we have. Many of us are also worried about the needs of the service users and he is also implementing changes to our contracts: 1) The boss is clearly showing discrimination towards the women at the home. In addition he keeps having a go at our overseas staff who live in the UK. 2) Changes of working shifts. An additional late shift has been introduced without the staff consent. Whilst they have changed the hours to make them more social after we had a meeting, the consultation period was cut short and not everyone had enough notice to attend. 3) Compulasory training. Whilst we all agreed to training, we now have an additional task to perform with the nurses to ensure that they give the correct medication. This benefits the service users. However, we all received threatening e mails stating that unless we all attended, staff would be shifted to our main building. We were given 4 days notice. Then the dates were changed. Not everyone could attend and reluctantly they have agreed another date. 4) Poor attitude of boss. He has stated to a number of people, including myself he does not care about the staff here. He is often rude and blunt to everyone, questioning if we have the right motives. There is always an unpleasant atmosphere when he visits. 5) Change of pay date. With our last wage slip, a letter was enclosed changing our pay date from 24 to 27. Some of us have already have done overtime expecting it to be paid on the 24th of next month. In addition some of us have problems with paying the rent/ bills as payment for these are due on the 24th. One person has had their rent date changed but they have to pay another 4 days rent which they cannot afford. We were not asked about this change but I understand that our contract allows the employer to change our conditions. 6) Change of workplace/ rota. We have been told that our rota will be changed. We are now expected to work at the main building some weeks, which is different hours, type of work, and is more difficult to get to. The rota we are being told, will include compulsory shifts regardless if we have childcare commitments, college or other work commitments. We are concerned as many of the residents have individual needs and do not want different staff who do not know them. Their quality of care may suffer. Before the bosses arrival we had a great team and we were praised by the CQC for our level of care. Whilst there were some issues with the agency nurses, the care workers are being targeted. All our hard work appears to being dismantled and we all feel that he has no regards to us and we feel that he is bullying the team. I understand that at least two staff, including the main building have had run ins with him and they are even instructing their solicitors. It appears his behaviour is not just limited to our site. Many of us are not with a union but they are assisting them too. Any urgent advice would be needed on any of the points above.
  15. Hi all! I'm new to the site:madgrin: I'm actually asking about a problem that my other half is going through at the moment. He's a construction worker and has been with the present company for 2 years. One year ago, he was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. It only affects his eyes and causes at times, uncontrollable blinking. I'm trying to cut this story short even though there is so much to say. Basically, his site manager started to make fun of my partner at work. Firstly, he announced to all his work colleagues that he had Tourettes, even though he didn't want it announced. Then he started to make fun of him....he would do things like imitate his blinking to others, laugh at him when he blinked. He then started to give him hell in work, putting so much work on him it was ridiculous....he would get so stressed that his Tourettes would come back and then the manager would shout out "Oh look, he's blinking again boys!" and laugh. My partner went to head office and said he wanted to be moved away from the manager as he was experiencing bulling in the work place. They done nothing and even went as far as defending the manager. This has stressed my partner out so much that he went back to the doctor and had to have his meds increased. He went back to work and they told him he couldn't continue with his usual duties due to the increase in meds and have put him on a job, away from everyone. He's made to stand there all day on his own, doing nothing basically. He rang the doc back and told him and even the doctor said there was no need for that, he could continue with his usual job and the medication would not effect it. He has told the company but has been ignored. It seems to me that he's being excluded 1) because he stood up the the manager and 2) because he has a disability. We really don't know what to do.....can anyone give any advice? Thank you.
  16. hi guys, i was witness to a fight outside of work which involved a collegue. i told the police that i didnt see who hit who first(which is the truth) but i suspected that my collegue was hit first because his teeth had been knocked out. now when my boss asked me to give her a statement i wrote that i saw the other man hit my colleague first. its now going to crown court as my collegue is acused of stamping on the other man. can my boss sack me for giving her false account of what happened.
  17. Hi, can a manager be asked to either resign or be sacked for continual harassment, victimisation and bullying of staff. The bullying and victimisation is being done by the manager in front of other staff members and customers of the company. This is not being done in front of the MD who I have written to and await his reply due to be given in a face to face meeting. Does the managers actions constitute gross misconduct and would he have any claim against the company in the event of him being asked to resign? This has been going on for some time now and is getting worse due to the fact that the manager has no managerial ability, unfortunately the MD listens to the manager who will continually blame everyone but himself for the problems of the company. Any advice?
  18. my GP signed me off work for a month due to work related stress, after i sent it to my employer the nxt day i have been receiving emails from him on my personal email, also text messages. at the end of all messages he orders me to confirm receipt of the message. it has been a week that i am off sick and this is information that he has provided me: 1. not being paid in full - sickness payment 86 pound/week 2. he's going to call me every monday and thursday to check my well being (previous call he was asking me to think about if my stress is because of personal life instead of work) 3. without his agreement he doesn't allow me to go to the office: he has locked all my company accounts including email and IT facilities and also the pass accessing the company building 4. he's going to conduct an interview at the end of my sickness period, and carry out a new role for me i feel like being treated like a dog, he's messages have very threatening tone. I feel he is not supporting my recovery at all but harassment. Or this should be a normal procedure for all one month sick leaves?
  19. I have a severely disabled son who cannot talk walk or speak he also suffers from seizures due to fatigue our neighbour has constantly had a vendetta against us for the last two years subjecting us to loud music doors banging and surround sound on till early hours we are in council property and he is home owner local authorities say there is nothing they can do as he is home owner this man has upset everyone in our village over the years and very few people have anything to do with him and has accused them of being racsist along with ourselves we are most definitely not my sons health has gone down hill fast as has mine as feel really low and alone has anyone got any ideas I do keep a log of what goes on
  20. Britannia interest only mortgage (long story, I'll tell it if anyone's interested). 25 years with 5 to go. In good standing. They wrote offering to extend the mortgage period for a fee of £50 (up to age 65 without evidence of ability to repay). I phoned to confirm details (and also to check there were no penalties for paying it off early). I filled in the forms, extending the mortgage period by four years or so, to when I reach 65 and sent off payment. My question is this: is Britannia bound by the new agreement and what would happen if they tried to instigate repossession at the end of the original 25 year term? Because they are trying to bully me, saying that unless I provide evidence of how I'm going to pay off the mortgage I cannot have the term extension which was agreed and paid for! They've sent me some quite heavy letters, including copies of my original mortgage agreement NB I have their acknowledgement of the new agreement (though they're saying it was an error). Also, please don't lecture me about the need to actually have investments in place. I'm aware of that. But due to the disingenuous way the original mortgage was sold to me and the way my complaint was resolved at the time (that's the long story) I will not be providing the company with any information whatsoever. Thanks in advance for any comments. Neil
  21. I have worked in my current job since June 2012, I didn't have any problems until we moved premises. Since the move I feel I am being bullied and harrassed by my manager. The old premises had a stock room at the back of the shop which made life easy if a customer wanted us to have a look for an item of clothing. Now we have an offsite stockroom which is very cold and does not have a lot of space to work in. I am regularly over in the stockroom with no protective clothing. I have to wear leggings under my trousers and use my own thick coat in an effort to keep warm. I have stubbed my toes a few times on the large runner rails (clothing rails with wheels on) when going to answer the telephone in the stockroom. I have to wear my own trainers in the stockroom as my work shoes would be very cold. Last week before the end of my shift a customer asked me to look for a pair of jeans, I told my manager I was going to look for a pair of jeans and I took the key for the stockroom with me, I looked for the jeans, did not find what the customer wanted and went back into the shop. I told the customer that I did not have the jeans she was looking for then I went back over to the till point and put the stockroom key back in the cupboard. I then gathered my things from the staff room and met up with my mum. My mum had bad news that my Aunt had passed away and I was quite upset. About 90 minutes after I finished my shift my manager telephoned my mobile and asked if I had the stockroom key. I explained i did not have the key as I had put it back in the cupboard. My manager told me that I was the last person to have the key and that I must have put the key in my pocket and took it home. I told my manager that when I had last been to the stockroom i did not have my coat on, she replied that I must have put the key in my trouser pocket, i told her that was impossible as the trousers I had been wearing that day had no pockets at all. My manager then told me that she would have to report the missing key to the Regional Manager and she would be telling him that I was responsible for the missing key. I again told my manager that I had put the key back in the cupboard but she would not listen to me. My manager said I would be hearing from the regional manager in due course. I replied fine and she hung up on me. I then remembered that my mum and sister had been in the shop to meet me at the end of my shift. I phoned my mum who remembered me going to the cupboard behind the till and opening the cupboard, putting my hand in then closing the cupboard. I then tried phoning my manager back but the line was engaged. A few minutes later my mobile phone rang and the caller ID said it was my work. I answered the phone and it was one of my colleagues. It turned out that my colleague had the key in her pocket all along and that I had put the key in the cupboard when I had finished with it. I wasn't at work the next day but I was back in on the Thursday. My manager was in and I thought that she might apologize to me. She never apologized but I informed her of my Aunt's passing and that the funeral would be the following Friday. I asked if my manager could re-arrange my shift for another day as I really want to attend the funeral. She told me she would see what she could do. I still don't know if my shift has been changed. We used to get stock delivered onto the shop floor and I have been appointed to sort the delivery out including counting everything, removing plastic, security tagging the clothes and separating new lines from the delivery. I try to do as much as I can but it is not easy when it is very cold. Today the delivery was in the stockroom and I started dealing with it as usual. It was not easy with staff members coming in and out moving me out of the way while they gathered stock. Then other staff phoning up asking me to find clothes for customers. Out of 3 rails of clothes (over 500 items in total) i completed 2 and 3/4 rails and that was even after working 20 minutes over my shift. I didn't have my phone or a watch with me so I had no idea of the time until a colleague came over and told me. I went back over top the shop and went to gather my things, as I was about to leave the assistant manager told me to hang fire as my manager wanted to speak to me. So I waited until my manager was finished on the phone and she ushered me into her office. She was not happy that I had not finished the delivery within the 4 hours I was in the stock room. She told me she expected me to complete a rail and hour and she wanted to know why I could not do this when other members of staff could. I told her it was very cold and that the delivery driver had crammed the stock onto the rails so I had moved some of the stock to make room so I could access the clothes, remove the plastic and attach the security tag. I also tried to explain that there were a lot of trousers on the delivery that had to be removed from the rail, folded to fit the hanger then tagged. I told her that this takes longer to process the delivery than I would like. My manger told me that the regional manager expects me to complete a rail an hour at least and that I need to think about that when I am sorting out the delivery. My manager said she could do it. I work as hard as I can. I really love my job but it's not easy working with my manager as she always seems to be having a dig at me. Other staff members have mentioned it too. Can anyone help?
  22. What's the difference, in employment law, between bullying and harrasment?
  23. I have suffered 6 years of bullying from two line managers, and their boss. I work in the civil service, so I got 6 months full pay, and I have put in a grievance. My psychistrist has agreed and is willing to write a report in support of the stress that the bullying has caused, and my gp sent me to Lifeline, because I was so bad, I was suicidal. The problem now is they have cut my pay in half, without even informing me. I have put in a form for full pay, in seeing that the injury was caused by my work, but they don't seem to think I am elgible for it..... I know I am lucky I got 6 months full pay, but I would rather be back at my work, and not be ill.
  24. Hello, my daughter recently started a new job (5th Nov) however all is not well. She has become quiet and subdued because although she needs the job she is being bullied (Imo) by a manager. In short, she was told to report to work half an hour early for a week for training, she was told this was not optional and that she would not be paid for the extra time, she was advised by another worker not to ask for payment for the extra time because she would be sacked. She has been told she must be available on facebook in the evenings in order to receive any instructions for work the following day. A few days ago the manager said my daughters results were not good enough and she was removed from her colleauges and put in a room on her own for the day, she works in telesales by the way. There's more but I'll leave it there, I don't want to bore anyone. I suspect when lots of people are unemployed it's easy times for bad employers. I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts or advice, I'm getting quite upset about her situation myself. Thanks in anticipation.
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