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  1. Hi Guys, Would be grateful if someone could maybe clarify the following for a friend of mine, Mark has worked for the same company for 6 years with a completley clean record. One month ago got a note to file for bad customer service due to a complaint which he was not allowed to discuss or argue his case, no investigation done with other team members, this he was told he had to accept and that if this happened again would result with possible disciplinary action. He had grown a moustache and was told he looked like a peadophile and other members of staff made to vote on whether t
  2. I would like to thank you guys for the great advice that has been taken on board and used, I agreed on an out of court settlement yesterday with the respondant, I feel that a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I did settle for alot less than I should have but it was never to me about the money, This was a constructive dissmisal case that to me has caused me stress and made me very uncomfortable and lacking confidence for a very long time, If this was not for this site I might not have taken things as far as I did. So Honeybee, Madari, Mareileeza, and papasmurf, and anyone else
  3. They did send me some rotas on the disclosure of documents but only from the monday to wednesday, so they did not send any full week rotas ( which as you can guess did not give my full week in work?), can I put in my witness statement my rota for the last few month sor do I have to get the full paperwork from them (from the electronic payroll), because it is constructive dismissal it is up to me to prove this? would the court listen to me if I do not have the back up from the electronic payroll?. I have sent recorded letters and emails requesting these things but they just holding things back
  4. Still waiting for any answers? I have turned this offer down because this is an insult but where do I go from here, and I am self representing, Any one please gis a clue?
  5. Can some one advice on next step, have been offered without predudice £500.00 today??? by respondent,
  6. Hi Marie, Thank you for your advice, I have just about calmed down after being furious for quite some time now, I am not going to alert them but the lies that are in that bloody grievance really did get to me, anyhow moving on from that could you please give me some more advice? They have also omitted alot of the things that have happened and also sent me a copy of the rota which was requested from me as they broke the 11 hour rest break on lots of occasions forcing me to work 16 and 17 hour shifts with less than 7 hour rest breaks, funny enough the copy of the electronic rotas they have
  7. It is addressed to the same area manager that I sent my email and letter to, and no minutes for her grievance is included
  8. Do you know what? I have just re-looked at the letter and it looks like a typed letter that has been sent as an email but is not an actual email in proper email format???? if you get what I mean???
  9. no letter inviting me to a grievance hearing, I recieved a phone call from them to invite me to the grievance hearing, they did however sent me there minutes from the grievance meeting but not any response to the hearing,
  10. It was written to my area manager, regarding mainly my line manager but had some other things involved, very long story, yes it was sent in a recorded letter and also an email.
  11. Yes I raised it in writing and a greivance meeting was heard, there was no written response or any response for that matter.
  12. I am in the middle of taking my ex employers to ET and I have received case documents from respondent today which has included a grievance against me which I have never seen before!! It has taken me 3 hours to calm down . This grievance has been placed by my line manager and dated apparently before the grievance I had raised in work regarding her and her behaviour (amongst other things). There is so many false accusations in this I don’t know where to start grrrrr, she has accused me of swearing and is suspicious that I was drinking on my shifts and was asking her for painkillers all the t
  13. Hi honeythief, Dont let this take over your life (I am taking my ex employer to tribunal), I know how much this can effect you as it has effected my mental health as well, all I can say to you is you really need to tell your GP about how you feel and let them help you. You should fight this even though it is draining, do not let some sad little people walk over you and win. This is a great website with some great advice (on which I am relying upon), also do not have any mis-guided loyalties to your ex employers which I dithered over because they do not have any loyalties to yo
  14. Madari, Thanks alot lol, glad to know its not just my familly that Im boring to death ha ha, will take it on board though, Thanks for all the feedback cos I need it so much xx
  15. Thank you so much you are an angel lol xxx, I got carried away with myself (soz)
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