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  1. Thank you. I think you're right. Thank you to citizenB, I did mention the FCA in my email so perhaps that helped kick their butts into gear?
  2. I just thought I'd post an update. I did send an email to the bank yesterday evening. I received a phone call from a lady this afternoon saying that they had a tracked down the naughty salesman and his line manager is going to have a talk with him. She also credited my account with £75 as an apology I was not expecting that, and they moved quicker than the speed of light. I wasn't expecting a response for weeks. I am shocked and happy that I emailed now. Thank you for your responses, I thought I'd post this incase anybody might be wondering of the outcome.
  3. Hi everyone. This is my first post I hope I'm posting it in the right place? I had an incident with the Halifax recently and I'd like to get a few opinions on how to complain about it. I entered a branch with my little boy to ask about opening a bank account for him. The man I spoke to took us into a side room to talk about it. He very quickly sidetracked the conversation into talking about Halifax insurance options. I didn't ask about insurance, but he was telling me about it anyway. I politely told him that I wasn't interested in any insurance, to which he replied "You can't afford not to, imagine getting home today to your house being burnt down, imagine your sons toys and clothes all being burnt" He told me I couldn't afford to take the risk and that I needed Halifax home insurance. I told him firmly that I wasn't interested. His first response was "Imagine if you died, who would take care of your baby?" I instinctively responsed "My mum would" he carried on his irritating pitch with "Well, is she rich?, you need our life insurance" It was a very akward situation, in order to stop him I told him that I would discuss life insurance at home with my family. A few days later he rang me and started to badger me again about the insurance. He told me to come back in to buy some. I didn't. I don't know much about this sort of thing. Did this man break any rules when he did this? Or are the banks allowed to use scare tactics to try and sell insurance? I am intrigued to hear other peoples thoughts on this? It was very irritating and rude I think for him to be so graphic. Is it worth a complaint? Thank you for reading, any views would be very much appreciated
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