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  1. The employer (whether its the agency or the restaurant) can dismiss without notice so what's unfair about the OP leaving without notice? If the employer wants security then they should offer security of tenure in return.
  2. What's the difference, in employment law, between bullying and harrasment?
  3. Wow again. Well done - I'm sure your Christmas will be a lot merrier than it looked a couple of days ago
  4. Wow! I'm really really pleased both that you're getting paid and that I said something that helped! (I nearly didn't bother because it seemed to be not that helpful)
  5. I don't think its particularly any help but, even if it wasn't signed, its illegal to withhold payment for that reason under the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations
  6. He gets a mention here from a couple of years ago: http://www.employeemanagement.co.uk/blog/2011/09/employment-tribunal-unfair-dismissal-sex-discrimination/ But he isn't in the register of barristers at the bar standards board: https://www.barstandardsboard.org.uk/regulatory-requirements/the-barristers%27-register/ And he doesn't seem to be in the law society's database of solicitors either: http://www.lawsociety.org.uk/find-a-solicitor/?view=solsearch Perhaps he's a JP?
  7. She's definitely being scapegoated and the letter giving notice of intention to appeal has been sent. The appeal grounds are; She wasn't allowed to present a full defence The panel's finding was that her performance wasn't good enough. That being the case they should have implemented the performance process rather than going straight to disciplinary sanction Unfairness and other irregularities
  8. Does this relate to the unsecured element of Together mortgages or is it all unsecured lending?
  9. It's difficult to be positive about things going forward though. This whole disciplinary was, at best, misconceived and quite possibly an attempt to effect my wife's removal. Either way, it is clear that she has no support from the new management who seemingly want her out. We also still have no idea where this came from or why my wife was targeted so its difficult to see how she can protect herself from something like this happening again in the future
  10. I agree that the outcome wasn't as bad as we'd feared but there are a number of things that still concern me: She was acquited of the charges brought against her yet was still sanctioned. This is like being charged with murder then, at the end of the trial, the jury find you not guilty but the judge sends you to prison for 2 years for robbery. There is nothing wrong with her performance, which the panel tacitly admits by making no comment about what needs to improve or by when. The only place that there are any allegations of anything are in the investigators report and she's been
  11. Although she had permission to bring the solicitor with her, the solicitor didn't think it appropriate for her (the solicitor) to go to the disciplinary so she took a colleague instead. We have yet to go back to the solicitor with the outcome.
  12. The disciplinary was yesterday and the first thing that was supposed to happen was the investigator talking through his report to the panel. This was something that we were well prepared for and felt confident that we could destroy his credibility when asking questions. Unfortunately, it didn't happen because he didn't turn up and, when he was contacted, he refused to turn up to defend his report at any time. The meeting was adjourned while the panel decided what to do. The decision was to dismiss the investigators report and tell my wife that she would not be losing her job. The heari
  13. I'm sorry you feel like that. I'm not arguing and value your input but your response suggested that perhaps I hadn't made myself clear. I wasn't after advice in particular but for experienced people's views of a process that I think is at best unorthodox. It seems that I'm wrong and this sort of thing is normal
  14. I really don't understand why you think you're only getting edited highlights - see posts 51, 52, 53 & 54 above. The report is the outcome of the investigator's investigations. It was informed using the notes of the interviews that have now been amended
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