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  1. Please also note that my record with work is excellent, no latenesses, no absences, great work rate, etc. the penalty of dismissal was too harsh as the allegation against me was without evidence. Also the fact the security guard wrote a statement which was not correct at all. There was no evidence to suggest that I tried to steal the drinks nor does my record at work reflect any bad history in relation to this or any other type of behaviour. I just think they went by what security guard wrote without taking into consideration my version. At the disciplinary I did not show them the medical note
  2. Hi, I have an appeal next week against my dismissal for gross misconduct at work. The initial allegation was for attempted theft of drinks from work canteen. I work at a place where we have a free canteen, I have been working their for 20 months with out any problems against me, the procedure is that when u take a drink and you are going to the car park u have to report to the security who is in a hut just as you go to the car park. Either u don't take drinks to the car park or u leave them with the security and can collect them when u come back. Anyway on the 9th of March I did wh
  3. Ok, I have the same tort. I've been working in the company for 18 months and have never had any problems relating to this or anything else as I always follow company policies
  4. Thanks. Also the security guard should've made me sign the security book to say that an incident occurred and reported it straight away to my supervisor in the warehouse which he didn't. I personally see nothing wrong in what I did but it's alwsys good to get a view from a neutral person.
  5. Hi, can some advise me pleAse advise me?! I have been suspended from work cuz of alleged theft which I am concerned bout?! I work for a company where we have a free canteen, we are not allowed to take any thing off the company premises or to the car park. Last week I took a drink from the canteen at break time and was going to my car to get my cigarettes and come straight back in to the smoking shelter. Whilst I was walking past the security officeI showed the drink to the guard and says I'm just going to get my cigs and can't me straight back, I've done this many times before. He told
  6. Anyway I'm grateful for your time and advice. As I can see this from another perspective now.
  7. I understand what you are saying. I have to look at this professionally. Anyway he only wrote this one complaint about me. My supervisors and managers know that this will never reoccurr as it stopped straightaway the night I was told not to say anything. He even stated that in the letter too. I just hope these factors go for me. I don't see this as gross misconduct and I'm hoping my managers will have the same view. The only reason I'm saying he shouldn't of complained is cuz he should've just spoken to me first. It would never had come this far. That's my point.
  8. I've learnt that you should never get too close to people at work or consider them friends. It's a horrible experience for me at the moment. I just want the matter dealt with. If they decide to sack me then that would be unfair. I've done a lot for this guy in and out of work. It's sad times. Peopl are difficult to deal with.
  9. I didn't even accuse him about taking drugs I just asked him. I would expect the same from him if it was the other way around. I would deal with matters informally first of all and it usually works. We have problems with people at work everyday, if I start writing complaints everyday I would probably get sacked. My main concern is do you think this is a sackable offence considering all the info.
  10. I have recommended that myself and my colleague can still work together and all we need to do is sit down and talk. There is no reason that anyone should be getting dismissed for this. A same incident occurred a few weeks ago when two employees nearly had a fight. One of the workers went straight home and next day went to the main manager and says he felt like he was being bullied and requested a week of for stress. Nothing more happened. Where as in my case the company are following procedure for some reason.
  11. I have a excellent record at work, no previous problems, excellent attendance and the supervisors regiulary acknowledge the work I do as we work in a pressurised environment. I work through my break times most nights. I am a very good worker. So I just don't know where this will go. I should've received some sort of letter but I haven't yet.
  12. It was just the one time it happened. I says in my meeting that if he had approached me and said listen I'm having some personal probls so please leave me alone then I would've fully respected that and not says a word to him. I've apologised and said that I had no intentions whatsoever of causing any problems. Also I pointed out in the meeting that when supervisor approached me to tell me to stop I fully did. I just tort a good night sleep would be the remedy cuz for most things it is. This guy I think has just taken it to personal. The witnesses he has stated in his letter have refused to mak
  13. I was saying things like don't be taking drugs,(mcat) cuz ur a father now. Which he put in the letter as wel. But because he put in the letter he felt he was being BULLIED I got suspended straight away, with pay. When I went to meeting I jus says that he was probably having a bad day at work.i just don't wana get sacked over this petty incident.
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