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  1. Thanks for the input/advice. Essentially I think my daughter has two choices, and I don't particularly like either of them: a. Shut up and put up with it, or b. Leave. I suppose high unemployment has always made it easy for bad employers. Thanks again.
  2. She signed a contract on her first day but was not given a copy, I have told her to ask for a copy but I think she finds it difficult to stand up to her manager.
  3. Hello, my daughter recently started a new job (5th Nov) however all is not well. She has become quiet and subdued because although she needs the job she is being bullied (Imo) by a manager. In short, she was told to report to work half an hour early for a week for training, she was told this was not optional and that she would not be paid for the extra time, she was advised by another worker not to ask for payment for the extra time because she would be sacked. She has been told she must be available on facebook in the evenings in order to receive any instructions for work the following day. A few days ago the manager said my daughters results were not good enough and she was removed from her colleauges and put in a room on her own for the day, she works in telesales by the way. There's more but I'll leave it there, I don't want to bore anyone. I suspect when lots of people are unemployed it's easy times for bad employers. I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts or advice, I'm getting quite upset about her situation myself. Thanks in anticipation.
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