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  1. Just advice on defaults - it says I defaulted by 94 pounds but only 55 was due not 94 and i paid immediately when I was made aware. I did not set up the account in my name, the agency must have gave them my name. Its not a dispute to pay it - my brother has no capacity to deal with bills, I paid it when I was made aware of it, Its only just the default im concerned about. I tried writing to them with proof of title deeds with life rent situation, proof of brothers brain damage, copies of my bank statements to show I had funds to pay the debt at time of default and an explanation
  2. Hello, I just wondered if anyone has any advise. I will try keep this brief 1. I own a bedsit flat (inherited from mothers estate) and my brother is named as a life renter. 2. Brother had accident 3 years ago and is now brain damaged (I am his only relative) 3. Brother needs 24 hour care so cannot live in the flat 4. I rent out the flat through an agency and use the proceeds to pay for care to help him. 5. Flat was vacant for a 3 month period last year 6. I receive a debt collector letter (in my name) to my home address for the gas/elec costs of £94 7.
  3. I can't remember when i took it out exactly i will need to recheck that but there is about £400 added on in late payment fees etc since I last made a payment in 2012. I was hoping to just set up a payment plan for £30 or so per month then after a few months offer a final settlement to clear it... I have managed to escape quite a few debts but don't feel confident that I could challenge this one. so I should go with the box 4 option then? do I put my husbands income on it too or just my SMP? If its just my SMP I'm not sure how to work out my share towards bills on the outg
  4. they provided the signed credit agreement... It is my debt, all goods got delivered to my home and signed for by me as well. I just wondered what the difference was between box 1 and box 4 when admitting the claim. I really don't want to goto court and happy to pay in instalments. return date is tomorrow - i left this late to last minute
  5. aww i just don't want to goto court again over another bill embarrassed to be in this situation to be honest I was made redundant in 2012 and only just this year getting back on track.. I always paid my debts until I lost my job, when I wrote to them all... - firstly the prove it letters and then those who proved it i wrote back to say i couldn't afford to pay... (some were written off as they couldn't prove it) This one is for a catalogue (VERY) just under £2000, Capquest taken me to court, summons delivered by Stirling park They proved I owed the debt with original docu
  6. Hi, Can someone explain the difference between box 1 or box 4? box 1 - admit liability for claim and make written application to pay by instalments and box 4 - admit liability for claim and apply for time to pay under consumer credit act 1974 the paperwork looks very similar? Which would be the best one to submit? I owe the debt, they have proved i owe the debt, i want to pay it off but can't pay in one lot. I would rather not have to attend court if possible, hence why i want to admit and make offer to pay. Just confused re the 2 options for making a
  7. There were another 2 or 3 cases called when I went but no-one turned up to defend thus degree was granted for them.. i just kept disputing although in court the debt was established as not statute barred because it was a recurring contract. I basically submitted as much photo evidence as possible to prove their breach of contract for failed performance... thats when they started communicating re settlement outwith court. good luck
  8. it was taken out around 2003/2004 was paid regular until lost my job in 2012. I have been receiving discount offers from many debt collection agencies regarding other debts lately ranging from 20-40% off. The Cabot one is my largest debt. I wondered if these companies are offering and sending to the last known address they have for me because they are unsure or my whereabouts (I am no longer on the electrol roll as I got married and my name changed) Im keen to sort all my finances out now im getting back on track.
  9. I requested it from original lender in 2012 when i was made redundant and in a bit of a financial mess, they sent me a copy of my signature on the credit agreement. I ignored them since.. Im now back on track with work and all priority bills, I have had 2 court summonds this year from other unsecured crediters and managed to settle 1 at a lesser amount and the other i have applied for a time to pay based on my income/outgoings.. I was worried about this one because of the amount outstanding. I wanted to show the letter incase other people who are currently in arrangement with Cabo
  10. hoping this letter has attached correctly. I previously sent a letter requesting original agreement which they sent me. that was 2012 when it was last paid. I have not communicated since. Was going to take them up on the offer as im not sure why it would be unenforcable unless they are unsure this is my address to serve court papers?
  11. Just wanted to post that I received a "special offer" from cabot saying any payment I make on Black Friday they will triple it to reduce balance i.e. I pay £100 they reduce balance by £300. It's an old unsecured credit card last paid in 2012 which defaulted on credit report in 2013. Thought this info may be useful to anyone currently negotiating with them that did not get this offer
  12. No problem The original debt claimed was just under £2000 + fees and costs They made an offer to settle with me for £1000 But they agreed to settle for £400 Many thanks for all help
  13. I know someone who works at CAB she says that Scott and co have been failing to send information about DAS with letters to people and could be breaking the law. Sorry to hear of the problems you are having I know that there are funeral plans you can pay up, we did this for my granny and it cost just ten pounds a month
  14. Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I received a letter from their solicitors prior to the date of hearing (after showing the photographic evidence of their failures) they were seeking to settle for £1000, I refused but offered to settle it for £400 to save me going to court again and they accepted this offer I paid and they sent me a letter to say it was discharged. Hope all goes well with your case
  15. The proof as far as I understand it is where both sides can tell the whole story and then judge decides the outcome - Im not totally sure but that's what i understand it as..... hoping someone here can advise what i need to do now... do i need a solicitor to represent me at a proof?
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