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  1. Thank you so much andyorch! You have guided me along paths I never knew existed ha ha! I shall wade through this lot. Many thanks again
  2. Hi everyone Hopefully I am in the right place but couldn't find a section to suit this .... I am really annoyed. My Hive heating set up is broken. After 3 or 4 calls to Hive including 2 resets of the system etc etc (an hour on the phone each time), they have conluded over the phone that my hardware is broken. Now for a start, no engineer has seen it to confirm something is broken - I don't think it is, I think it is on the blink due to an update they did of the system over Christmas. There is no signal between all three components at the same time. Initially the Hub was offline
  3. Just to add in here, that I have been sent a letter by Chandlers stating that debit card payments incur a £1 fee for EACH payment you make. My instalments were £3.40 weekly, so thats a hike of nearly 25% fees ON TOP OF the court order. The only free way of paying is by cheque, but then there's postage. You can send cash in the post by recorded delivery or by bankers draft, but these incur costs. So I sent them this letter: (use it if you like) Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to you to complain about the charges levied by your firm in accepting payment of my outstanding ba
  4. I think yours is a particularly complicated case and so would not attempt to give you advice here. This is a crucial time to get an in depth calculation of your possible entitlements and your options. This will determine how and when you step out of the business. In short, claiming benefits whilst previously self-employed is fraught with issues. There are also tax implications. Do make an appointment now to see a good benefit advisor and get a good look at your choices going forward. Terry
  5. I agree with previous answer. I would try and compromise thereby showing a willingness to adapt by requesting a financial settlement such as an Essential Car User Allowance? Say 120 quid per month for life? This might help you get and maintain a vehicle and would certainly be cheaper for them. Don't forget you have to sign an amendment to changes of t and c's, how far will they go to get your signature? The ball's in your court. Also is there a reason why you have a van? Do you carry equipment etc that you could not easily carry in a car? This might point to insurance issues if your ne
  6. Yeah except most students don't have mortgages and are approaching 50! I'd never pay it off again, so it is different to other students who mostly have mummy and daddy.
  7. I completely agree Flumps, we have to feedback to govt about how these private firms are performing. It is our benefit money that they are trying to get off of us that is paying for their services! Also the point about cv's and degrees: it is my bugbear that it is considered that you are ok because you have a degree. Granted you seem more attractive to employers whereas those with difficulties educationally are obviously more disadvantaged and should get more support. But... Why oh why is it that I can't get to sit down with an advisor or someone (anyone!) who can tell me based on m
  8. Same here Leemack. I can't tolerate the injustices anymore and the often consequential loss of life I've seen over this sort of thing. And everyone throws blame at everyone else and not at the people at the top making money directly out of the misery caused (Atos and govt pals for example).
  9. I can only think of self-employment as being the only exclusion to a single person working over 37 hours on £210 a week (below min wage that is) and not getting WTC.
  10. I know Leemack but he won't have any of it. I drafted a letter for him to sign of complaint about the way he has been not kept informed, long delays (they lost a sick note and he had to get another one) and other problems (like not phoning him back on time) and he wouldn't sign it and has just had enough and feels better with JSA (as he feels not labelled as "sick" anymore). Terrible stigmatism of claiming sickness benefits some people hold onto especially as he was a mental health nurse before getting ill.
  11. Have you tried the online calculator on the HMRC tax credits website? It can work out 2009/10/11 etc based on your new information as well as the original wrong information, so you can get an idea of both scenaios and the difference between them. It'll give you an idea of what's going on. It also states what should be done with the SMP amounts. I would try that to throw some light more on the subject.
  12. They had given him £200 recently and said repeatedly that the claim is "clerical". Despite letters, calls etc they cannot say when the DM will reach a decision. Their screens show the claim as closed. He can't take anymore of it and has given up against my advice.
  13. I have put in a complaint about one private "training provider" contracted to the JCP as they turned up 1 hr late at the venue and sent the admin girl who looked quite shaken and admitted she knew nothing about the course for the day. She was hoping someone else from her office would "rescue" her. There was anger in the room as many of the participants just needed a cv and was told the day was to get them sorted with one. There were no computers at the venue and the admin girl said that they just talk about how to do a cv all day but do not give help with using a computer. If the claimants did
  14. Well there is a difference in that if you were earning £210 a week in full-time work, you could claim Working Tax Credit!
  15. Yeah Rae, have a crack at it. I've never heard of anyone successfully being under the Permitted Work rules ok though and was advised by benefit advisors not to just incase they say you are capable of work and migrate you onto JSA. It's a catch 22 or just a catch in my opinion.
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