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  1. Hi dx100uk, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm in Scotland. Regarding arresting my wages, I have so little in my account (and get paid so little) that there's nothing to arrest. Thanks for suggestion, though. Anyway, how shall I proceed?
  2. Dear forum, I've been recently receiving summary warrant letters (one of them has been handed-in in person) from Scott&Co sheriffs claiming I owe over £1300 in Council Tax. This is amount that would cover more than 12 months CT for the property I've been staying in for just 4 months! The truth is, I haven't paid (I'm the sole person responsible for CT) CT because I work too few hours and can't get any benefits as I'm non-UK (I don't even pay the rent right now due to lack of sensible income, got a very understanding LL). I've looked through posts on the forum but it's no
  3. Hi dx, Thanks for a quick reply. As I wrote above, they should've taken out 1/3 of £800 as I'm moving on the 10th this month. No, they haven't informed me. They just, I believe, forgot to cancel DD.
  4. Hi floks, I think it's a reasonably simple issue (or so I hope). I have had set up by the property agency a direct debit for my rent of £800 from my account. It's been going smooth until today. The agency DD'ed the full amount - however, I'm moving out of the property 10th of this month. The agency, of course, knows about it as they have themselves informed me long time ago I had to move out as the landlord is sellling the property. I had in this bank account less than £800 so it shows right now that my balance is negative. I guess,
  5. Got a MAN letter regarding appointment but the letter has arrived a few days after the appointment had been scheduled (perhaps Easter's got something to do with it). The Ingeus adviser thinks this is not true, since 'it could not have taken 10 days' for a 2nd class letter to arrive. Those are no signed for letters... how am I to prove that this is what actually happened - that is, I got it after the scheduled appointment?
  6. I have produced a formal letter of notification of repair which clearly itemized what needed to be done as well as included pictures. This letter was sent to the agent signed for and a few days later I also emailed the letter to a number of people in the organisation (maintainance manager, supervisor of maintance, etc.) to make them aware of the issues in no uncertain terms. I think i was generous because they had almost two months to come up with, at least, a detailed plan of the repair actions. Sadly, this 'professional' agency hasn't replied to the letter of notifcation of repair and my
  7. Hi P, Thanks a lot, that was helpful. However, what baffles me, all those guidelines are recommendations. My understanding is that recommendations are not lawful regulations, that is cannot be enforced. In other words, technically, the agent can shrug their shoulders, and say 'whatever'?
  8. hi Stu, Thanks for your reply. I have made the agent aware, twice. I am about to send the agent a formal letter. I do not have contact details to the landlord. The heating is fully electric throughout the house. There is no radiator in the kitchen whatsoever. I have just checked temperatures: - in the kitchen: 12°C during day time, temperature outside 4°C, - in the living room 12°C during day time, temperatures outside 4°C - in the bedroom - there is a fixed radiator but it is too small and inefficient - after 60 minutes having the radiator set to max, the temperature climbe
  9. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding provision of heating in Scotland. I am renting a private accommodation and, as per usual, agent seems not to care, even though has been informed (emailed twice, now I am intending to send them a formal letter) the heating does not work properly. I have no boiler and only electric heating in the whole flat. Problems: 1) the radiator in the living room does not operate, tried all the switches that there are and it will not budge. (There is a small, fixed electric fireplace in the living room but it is only on/of
  10. Do 14 days holiday mean that in calendar year I can take 14 separate days off? Also, do those 14 days include Saturday and Sunday or only working week days?
  11. Hi there, I have a question about what to do about Housing Benefit being overdue. I've rented a room in a flat but found a flat with a cheaper room in the same city and decided to move in there. Because of this, the council said I need to fill in a new form and submit a new lease as well - all because 'change in circumstances'. I did that mid-October. In between moving to a new flat there was a week before I could move in to the new flat so, due to courtesy of my friend, slept at his couch (apparently this caused a partial overpayment). I don't think that this should bear a
  12. Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply. To clarify the matter, what I know is that the LL is sort of an acquaintance of the tenant residing at the property. The LL is apparently doing some education related stuff abroad (I don't know for how long). The tenant mentioned that the LL would infrequently crash in the living room and, apparently, it happened only once in the last year. How should a clause incorporated to the lease look like to explicitily forbid a living in LL? I don't mind him crashing once or twice a year for a couple days but anything more is not a deal I'm looking for, especia
  13. Hi Lea, thanks for a very detailed reply, it is much helpful! I agree about the deposit scheme, though I'm not particularly worried about it as I can try to enforce it when the tenancy has already started. I know that the LL is not registered with the council. Again, It doesn't worry me that much for, as afar as I understand, it doesn't invalidate the lease agreement whatsoever (or am I wrong to a certain extent?). What, according to you, would be the most substantial aspects to be incorporated into the lease to protect my interests?
  14. Hi guys, I have been served the following, ultra brief tenancy agreement and am not sure where do I stand with it (questions at the bottom). Here's the wording of the lease: ---Start Lease 1. The Tenant pays deposit of £____. 2. Rent must be paid on the first of every month. 3. Rent is £____ per month; bills not included yet. 4. The Tenant must notify the Landlord within 24 hours of entry of any disrepair or defect of appliances and report failure of appliances. 5. The Tenant agrees not to sublet the property in whole or part. 6. If the Tenant
  15. Quite possibly the relation between Ingeus and Remploy is that of the latter being a sub-contractor. But then, can you explain what does that work like from a legal point a view? Why signing a contract by sub-contractor with a contractor gives the former a legal permission to access all the data that it wants? It doesn't add up (but I'm not a lawyer). For example, if X contracts to Y, (and then Y to Z, etc.), then Z now has access to data? This would be crazy, as any business would gain a permission to access data by virtue of signing a contract! The other thing is I've never been in a
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